Electronic source book:

Steam locomotives & railways

Basic building blocks:

(1) abstracted magazine articles: especially from Backtrack; LMS Journal; Locomotive Magazine, Journal Institution Locomotive Engineers, etc

(2) books & their contents, authorship

(3) biographical information

(4) information about specific locomotive types: e.g.: LNWR.

(5) locomotive manufacturers: e.g. Sentinel

(6) other electronic sources

See also Mission statement.

REA=Railway Engineering Abstract (used on some material from Steam Locomotive Development)
Titles/honours, etc not relevant to authorship of materal indexed are not recorded. KPJ, as an old grey beard has great respect for reverent gentlemen, but this not extend to their thoughts on railway matters. Similarly only professors of railway engineering history are noted by their professorial titles: KPJ is much too old to bother about such conventions: they have their port and claret.