Taff Vale Railway


Barrie, D.S.
The Taff Vale Railway. Oakwood Press.


Taff Vale Rly. West Yard, Cardiff Docks

This was the only Welsh railway to build locomotives in quantity, and was the oldest company in Wales. West Yard works dated back to the mid-1840s and at first it was of modest size, coping with the maintenance of little more than a dozen locomotives. This state of affairs rapidly altered and at the end of 1863 the stock had risen to fifty-one many of the older locomotives having been scrapped by this time, and an endeavour was made to bring some order into locomotive affairs.

Up to this time no less than nine locomotive builders had contributed five different types, with very few alike. It is no wonder there had been a succession of locomotive superintendents up to 1846 when Henry Clements took over.

The first locomotive built at West Yard was really a rebuild of a 0-4-2 named Cardiff built by Sharp, Roberts in 1841. lt was converted to a double frame 0-6-0 with cylinders and wheels the same size as the original, namely 14" x 18" and 4' 6" diameter, respectively. A few years after its rebuilding it was recorded as a new locomotive and as such has always been acknowledged as No. 1 of 1856.

Works plates were fixed to each locomotive but there is no evidence forthcoming that any works numbers were shown on any locomotive. (Lowe)


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