Railway World Volume 36 (1975)

John F. Clay and J.N.C. Law. The supremacy of the Premier Line. 182-7.
Primary aim was to summarise the excellent performance which the superheated George the Fifth class achieved on the LNWR.

No. 425 (September)

D.R. Carling. Locomotives of 50 years ago—1. A review of types introduced or under construction in the Railway Centenary period. 350-3.
"Taken on the whole 1923 was not a year of any marked progress or development". This was Carling's assessment of the state of affairs in Britain in 1925, but added that progress had taken place in the preceding years and would take place in the subsequent period. There was more development in locomotives manufactured for export.

G.M. Kichenside. On bogies, birdcages and buffets: 150 years of railway carriages. 354-9.

L.F.E. Coombs. Some breaks with convention: alternatives to traction with the Stephenson style of steam locomotive. 360-4.

I.F. Finlay. Great Britain's first railway stamps. 365.

John A. Lines. The Raven Pacifics of the NER: Locomotive Portraits—14. 371. illus.
Illustration of locomotive in photographic grey; leading dimensions, detail differences (final three had Cartazzi trailing axleboxes); main tests on locomotives and general performance and duties; sole rebuilding (No. 2404 with Gresley boiler) and withdrawal dates.

No. 426 (October)

Norman Harvey. The King's Cross—Cleethorpes expresses. 390-3.

North Road museum. 397

D.R. Carling. Locomotives of 50 years ago—1. Eight-coupled and ten coupled designs feature in foreign building. 398-401.

Michael R. Bonavia. The last years of the LNER—2. 402-4.