Private Owner Wagons & Tankers Index [mainly pre – 1948]

`Compiled by Joe Greaves

Apology from KPJ: converting Joe's rtf file into acceptable html format has been difficult and much work still needs to be done to make the information more accessible.

This index alphabetically lists references in books to private owner railway wagons and tankers by company name. Each company is listed by an abbreviation of the book’s author and its page number. Coal Merchants who ran wagons are also included. Most of the references include either a photograph or drawing of the wagon.

It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every private owner wagon built, merely of those that have appeared in books since 1969. Where there is only a description of the wagon or notes about the owner, but no photo or drawing, the reference has * next to it. Some of these [IP1/147 particularly] are as little as just a name with no location or any other details.

Locations of the companies are included unless it is obvious from the name on the wagon. If there is no location listed, particularly with the Welsh wagons, the name is the location (please check with an atlas).

In Bill Hudson’s first two books (BH1 & BH2), his index lists wagons by plate (ie photo) number rather than page. In this index, they are by page number. Wagons shown in the prefaces are listed by Roman numerals, eg BH2/vi. For his third & fourth volumes (BH3 & BH4), there are no page numbers so the references are to plates not pages.

Richard Tourret’s books are listed as RT, then RT2. There is no ‘RT1’.

Entries are usually by surname or place, for example ‘City of Nottingham’ is under ‘N’ not ‘C’ (but North, South, East or West are under N, S, E or W.) If there is likely to be any uncertainty, the name may be listed twice, eg, Griffith Thomas is under ‘G’ and ‘T’. ‘The’ at the start is ignored, eg ‘The Lothian Coal Co. Ltd’ is under ‘L’.

Comments in [ ] brackets are added by the compiler for clarity (he hopes!) Names in italics (eg [‘ROSSINGTON’] refer to the actual lettering on the wagon compared to the company name (in this case Rossington Main Colliery Co. Ltd) but this hasn’t been done in every instance.

Book Title



Oil On The Rails by Alan Coppin

9 780902 35173


The Modeller’s Sketchbook of Private Owner Wagons Book 1 by A G Thomas



The Modeller’s Sketchbook of Private Owner Wagons Book 1 by A G Thomas



The Modeller’s Sketchbook of Private Owner Wagons Book 1 by A G Thomas



Private Owner Wagons for the Ince Waggon & Ironworks Co. by A J Watts



Private Owner Wagons: Volume 1 by Bill Hudson

0 902888 70 6


Private Owner Wagons: Volume 2 by Bill Hudson

0 902888 71 4


Private Owner Wagons: Volume 3 by Bill Hudson

0 86093 206 0


Private Owner Wagons: Volume 4 by Bill Hudson

0 9512793 0 0


Private Owner Wagons by Bill Hudson [Oakwood Series X57]



British Carriage & Wagon Builders & Repairers 1830 – 2006 by Chris Sambrook



Private Owner Wagons of the Forest of Dean by Ian Pope

1 899889 09 4


Private Owner Wagons of Gloucestershire by Ian Pope



Private Owner Wagons of Bristol & District by Ian Pope



Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company by J.Hypher & C&S Wheeler

1 870754 34 4


Private Owner Wagons from the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Co., Ltd. by Keith Montague



Private Owner Wagons: A First Collection by Keith Turton

1 899889 12 4


Private Owner Wagons: A Second Collection by Keith Turton

1 899889 14 0


Private Owner Wagons: A Third Collection by Keith Turton

1 899889 16 7


Private Owner Wagons: A Fourth Collection - Welsh Anthracite by Keith Turton

1 899889 19 1


Private Owner Wagons: A Fifth Collection by Keith Turton

1 899889 22 1


Private Owner Wagons: A Sixth Collection by Keith Turton

1 899889 25 9


Private Owner Wagons: A Seventh Collection by Keith Turton



Private Owner Wagons: An Eighth Collection by Keith Turton



Private Owner Wagons: A Ninth Collection by Keith Turton



Coal Trade Wagons by Len Tavender

0 9510987 1 3


Private Owners on the Cambrian by Mike Lloyd

978 0952726715


Private-Owner Wagons (Specialist Booklets No.11) by Peter Matthews



British Goods Wagons from 1897 to the Present Day [1969] by R.J. Essery, D.P. Rowland & W.O. Steel (?)

7153 4739X


Petroleum Rail Tank Wagons of Britain by Richard Tourret

978 0 905878 09


British Railway Private Owner Tank Wagons by Richard Tourret

978 1 00298179



Each book listed above is an essential purchase for any modeller, historian or enthusiast with an interest in the thousands of privately owned wagons in use on the railways from 1853 to 1948. I hope these notes will give users of this index a better idea of what each of them covers.

All the books by Ian Pope and Keith Turton (which are published by the Lightmoor Press) contain far more than just photos of wagons with some basic details. Both authors try to put the wagons and owning companies into the context of the times in which they were built and used, and these books will be of value not only to enthusiasts and modellers, but also to social historians and in many cases family historians too. They are now the definitive source of information about private owner wagons and coal merchants before 1948.

All Keith Turton’s books also give details of any available models of the wagons described, a useful but potentially expensive feature for those of us of a weak constitution.

Bill Hudson’s Volumes 1 – 4 primarily have a detailed introduction and are then large photograph albums laid out in regional order, with (usually) one wagon to a page. There are very informative captions with history, dimensions, dates and specifications which will be of use to modellers and historians alike.

His 88 page 1996 Oakwood Press book is an excellent overview of the history and constructional details of private owner wagons with some splendid photos, drawings and statistics and could be considered the prototype of the current Lightmoor series. There are a number of wagons not featured elsewhere, although the page numbering is ‘economical’ to say the least. It is also the book which I had the most difficulty obtaining, but worth the trouble when I finally located one.

John Hypher & C & S Wheeler’s book is a broad history of the BRC&WC which has a number of photos of wagons but with fairly brief captions and no dimensions or livery details. Most of the photos are the same as those in the other books listed along with the ‘JH’ references, but there are one or two wagons not featured elsewhere.

Peter Matthews’ book is similar to Bill Hudson’s Oakwood volume but in just 48 pages and being 23 years older, has less information in it. It is still well worth buying however, for example on pages 20 – 23 are drawings showing the differences between pre-1923 and post 1923 RCH wagon specifications.

Keith Montague’s book has a very good history of the GRC&W Company and two excellent indexes by both wagon name and location. There are a few drawings, and more than 665 photos, nearly all of which have basic dimensions and livery details. It’s worth noting that a lot of the photos used in this book also appear in the others as they are the official GRC&WC views of their products.

A. G. Thomas’s three books, each of around 40 pages, have no page numbers and are simply accurate first hand sketches of wagon sides with basic livery and location notes, typically five to a page. There are no dimensions given and the company names run in alphabetical order, but there are some rarities here that are not featured anywhere else. I have not tried to make up page numbers for them in this index as you shouldn’t need them.

A.J. Watts’ splendid 190 page volume, published by the Historical Model Railway Society (HMRS) in 1998, is similar to the Lightmoor standard and layout. Pages 182 – 183 contain a detailed listing of the amalgamations of hundreds of collieries into dozens of larger companies during the late 1920s up to 1937. These are not indexed here but will be of interest to students of the coal industry.

Chris Sambrook’s marvellous book, again from the Lightmoor Press, is the definitive work on its subject. For this index, the wagons listed are mainly shown in photos from the makers’ advertising material so there are few dimensions or details, but that is not the reason for the book and they are included here for completeness.

Bob Essery & friends’ 1969 144 page work is an overview of goods wagons just as its title suggests, so it includes both private owner and railway company wagons. Subsequent research will perhaps have superseded some of the information, but this is the father of all the books indexed here and is certainly still worth hunting for.

Oil on the Rails (HMRS, 1999) covers the history of the oil companies, their depots and the wagons they used both pre-and post Nationalisation. There are a good number of tanker photos (plus many of early road-going tanker lorries) and tables of details, and a number of drawings of tanker wagons old and recent, all of which make for an interesting and useful book.

Mike Lloyd’s excellent book for the Welsh Railways Research Circle has a mixture of photos, information and drawings for most of, if not all, the owners in its area. It covers owners domiciled on the system as well as those from further afield whose wagons were used on it. It was a most illusive book and consequently very expensive when one finally turned up.

Coal Trade Wagons has no photographs but dozens of very detailed drawings of wagons with history and statistics for the owners. There is a fascinating and very detailed history of private wagon development, use and movement too. It was almost impossible to find and then very expensive, but worth it.

Richard Tourret’s 64 page softback British Railway Private Owner Tank Wagons is the only book here to feature colour photographs and has a nicely varied selection of wagons, small and large from around 1881 to 2000.

Finally, his monumental 304 page Petroleum Rail Tank Wagons of Britain is the definite book on the subject, but it also covers those used for many other liquids from 1870 to 2009. With 688 photos and 125 drawings and sketches, it is to the same standard as the Lightmoor books and of similar layout. There is a potted (but detailed) history for each company and its wagons. At £33.00, it’s expensive but well worth every penny. I have included details of all the owners shown in the book in this index, right up to 2009. The book has no index of its own, but it runs in alphabetical order so this is a minor point.

My intention is to allow the index user to find published details of any private owner wagon knowing just the company or owner’s name. I hope it will also help family historians to find details of relatives who were coal merchants. Perhaps it might be of use to model manufacturers too. I know there are several wagons here I’d love to see in 4mm scale ready to run form.

Users of the electronic version can press ‘Ctrl’ & ‘F’ at the same time, type in the name they are looking for and click ‘Next’ to find every example of it within the index.

Many of the older books listed are long out of print, but the compiler has managed to buy copies of all of them via the internet and from specialist booksellers and auction sites during 2009 – 10. It is suggested that anyone interested try the same method to obtain them, or ask at their local library of course.

Please be careful before buying any of the books on the strength of a reference marked with an asterix [*]. Some of them are still detailed paragraphs, but others are literally the owner’s name and nothing else. If there is no asterix, you will almost certainly find a photo or drawing of the wagon on that page, but I can’t accept responsibility for disappointment caused by errors or ommissions.

If the page number in any reference doesn’t make sense, please add a ‘0’ to it (eg 9 becomes 90). My keyboard had a duff ‘0’ on it and although I think I’ve found every missing one, there are bound to be a few that escaped.

The compiler welcomes corrections & amendments. Please e-mail them to

J. C. Abbott & Co. Ltd [Birmingham] BH3/67 BH3/Appendix 1 CS/65 KT1/13 KT8/151*
M. Abbott & Co. [London] KM/39
Charles Abell [nr Atherstone, Warks] KT8/9
Aberbeeg Colliery [Aberbeeg] – see also Budd & Co. KT6/32
Abercrave Colliery [Swansea] KT1/15 KT4/61 KT4/178
Abercriban Quarries Co. [Pont Sticill, nr Merthyr] KT7/11
Aberdare Graig Coal Co. Ltd [Aberdare] KM/39
Abergrave & International Collieries Ltd [‘ANTHRACITE’] [Swansea] AT1
Aberpergwm Collieries Ltd [Glyn Neath, Glamorgan] AW/141 BH3/105 IP1/170 KT4/79
Aberthaw & Bristol Channel Portland Cement Co. Ltd ["DRUID" Brand’] [Aberthaw] BH1/103
Accrington Colliey Altham – see Hargreaves Colliery Co. Ltd
Aces [Fish Docks, Grimsby] BH1/22
Ackton Hall Colliery [Featherstone nr Pontefract] AT2 BH1/23 BH2/ii KT6/11
Adams & Son [Southsea] AT2
W. A. Adams [London, then Birmingham; wagon builder] [drawings of two of the wagons he built, c1850] LT3&4
William C. Adams [Birmingham] AT1
C. Addicott & Son [Weston Super Mare] KT8/10
Addingham Co-operative Society Ltd [Yorkshire] BH3/2
Adler & Allan [London] AT1 KM/39
Edward Adlington [‘G’, ‘JG’, ‘UG’] [Worcester] KM/101 KT6/13
Admiralty Naval Store Dept. [Various] [Tanker] RT51
A G C – see Ashton’s Green Collieries
Edward T. Agius & Co. [Southampton] KM/39
Thomas Ainge & Co. [Cheltenham] IP2/63*
Air Ministry [Various] [Tanker] RT52
Airedale Collieries Ltd [‘AIREDALE’] [Castleford] BH3/57 CS/169 KT7/11 LT42
W. Aitken & Co. [Torquay & Dartmouth] KT6/16
John Ake & Co [Earlsheaton, Yorks] BH3/21
Albion Coal & Cannel Co. [Manchester]
– see also Thomas Duxbury & Co. KT7/45 KT9/75
Alcester Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd [Worcs] AT3
R.E. Aldridge [Berkeley Road, Gloucs] IP1/111 IP2/210
W & H.E. Alexander [Tetbury, Gloucs] IP2/147*
Alexander Transport Co. Ltd [Glasgow] [Tanker] RT55
Algeco (UK) Ltd [London] [Tankers 1960s – 70s] RT56
Allan Lindsay – see under ‘L’
S.W.& J. Allaway [Lydney area, Gloucs] IP2/231*
John Allbutt & Co. [Worcester] BH4/29
W. Alldridge & Sons [Birmingham] KT8/10
S. Allen [Birmingham] KM/39
Allerdale Coal Co. Ltd [Workington] KT6/17
Allerton Main Colliery [Kippax, Leeds] BH5/6
Alloa Coal Co. Ltd [‘ALLOA’, & ‘BANNOCKBURN’] AT2 LT41 PM/41
Allsop’s Lager Beer [Burton on Trent] [van] CS/100[tiny photo] PM/16
Amalgamated Anthracite Collieries Ltd [also ‘A A C’] [Swansea] BH5/22 KT4/91 KT6/173 KT7/143
F. Ambrose [Penybontfawr] ML26*
Thomas Ames [Rishton nr Blackburn] AW/58
Amman Iron Co. [Garnant, Wales] KM/40
Ammanford Collieries Co. Ltd [nr Pantyffynnon] AW/140 BH2/120 KM/40 KT4/41 KT7/151*
Amoco (UK) Ltd [Milford Haven] [Tankers 1968 on] AC95 RT59
Anderson & Co. [Whitstable] AT3 BH4/1 KT7/14
Andover Co-operative Society Ltd AT3
D. Andrew & Sons [Brigg] AT1
B. R. Andrews [Liphook & Southampton] AT1
Anglo American Oil Co. Ltd - see also Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd
[London] [Tankers] AC83 BH3/93 BH5/68 PM/46 RT133
Anglo-Mexican Petroleum Products – see Shell Mex & BP Ltd
Anglo-Persian Oil Co. Ltd [London] [Tankers] BH2/106 RT85
Annesley Colliery Co. [Notts] AT3 BH2/79
Ansley Hall Nuneaton Colliery [nr Nuneaton, Warks] AT3
Antelope Coal Co. [Cardiff] KM/40
P. Anzaney [Cardiff] KM/40
Appleby – Frodingham Steel Co. Ltd [Lincs] AT3
   30 ton steel plate internal use wagon PM/26
   25 ton steel hopper internal use wagon PM/27
Appleby Iron Co. Ltd [Frodingham, Lincs] JH/38 KT5/11
M. A. Appleton [Feltham] KT7/16
C. H. Appleyard & Son. [Mirfield nr Huddersfield] BH5/85*
A.R. – see Archibald Russell Ltd [under ‘R’]
Arenig Granite Co. Ltd [Bala] BH4/40
Wm. Cobbett Arkell [Fairford, Gloucs] IP2/140*
Arlesey Co-operative Society Ltd [Beds] AT1
The Arley Colliery Co. Ltd [Warwickshire] BH4/30 KT1/16
Robert Armstrong [Unknown] [Modern tanker] RT2/back cover
Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth & Co. Ltd [Manchester] KT9/8
Arniston [‘ARNISTON’] [nr Edinburgh]
– see also The Lothian Coal Co. LT38 LT40 RE/56
John Arnold & Sons
[Wickwar & Chipping Sodbury, Gloucs] IP2/217
Arnold's Sands Limited [Leighton Buzzard] AT1 KT5/13
E. Arnott [Aberdare] KM/40
Arthur & Edward [nr Cinderford, Gloucs]
– see also Crump IP1/60
Ascon Coke – see British Mineral Corporation Ltd
G. Bryer Ash [Weymouth] KM/40
Ashburnham Collieries [nr Pembrey, S. Wales] KT4/59
Ashton Vale Iron & Coal Co. [Bedminster, Bristol] IP3/9*
Ashton’s Green Collieries [‘A G C’] [St. Helens] AW/59
Asiatic Petroleum Co. Ltd – see Shell Mex & BP
Askern Main Colliery [Norton, nr Doncaster] KT8/11
Asquith & Tompkins [Stratford on Avon] KM/41
Associated Chemical Companies Ltd [Wakefield] [rectangular tanker] RT61
Associated Coal Consumers Ltd [London] KT9/9
Associated Ethyl Co. Ltd [Amlwch, Anglesey] [Modern tanker] RT61
Associated Octel Co. Ltd [Amlwch, Anglesey] [Modern tankers] RT62 RT2/37 RT2/63
Astley & Tyldesley Collieries Ltd [‘A.T.] [Lancs] BH3/1
Atherton – see Fletcher Burrows & Co.
Atkinson & Prickett Ltd [Hull] AT1 KT2/13 KT6/171
C. H. Atkinson Ltd [Liverpool] KT2/11
Nathaniel Atrill [Chesterfield] BH3/60 KT5/15
Austin & Co.
   [Cambridge] AT3
   [Cirencester] IP2/131*
C.A. Austin [Kemble, Gloucs] IP2/144*
The Austin Motor Company Ltd [Birmingham] BH2/86
Avan Hill Colliery Co. [Briton Ferry, Wales] KM/41
The Avon India Rubber Co. Ltd [Melksham, Wilts] KM/41 KT6/18 PM/37
Avon Malleable Iron Foundry Co. [Bristol] IP3/10*
Avon Tyres [Melksham, Wilts] KT6/19
   – see also The Avon India Rubber Co. Ltd
F.L. Ayliffe [Dursley, Gloucs] IP2/202
C.& G. Ayres Ltd [Reading] BH4/15 KM/viii KT1/17 KT7/137 KT8/151* IP1/121
   [part view of box van – AP2/front cover]

B. A. Collieries Ltd [‘B A C’] [Nottingham] AT1 AT3 KT1/19 KT7/139 LT53
B. & B. G. Collieries Ltd [Loughor, S. Wales] AT2 KT5/35
Babbington [‘BABBINGTON’] [Notts] – see B. A. Collieries Ltd
Backworth Collieries Ltd [Northumberland] AT1 BH4/87
E. Bacon & Co. Ltd [Grimsby] [on fifth page of AT1] AT1 AT2
Edwin W. Badland [Birmingham] KM/41 KT9/14
Baggeridge Colliery [Worcs] – see Earl of Dudley
Bagley & Co. Ltd [‘BAGLEY’] [Knottingley nr Wakefield] BH5/46
Bagnall Oil Co. Ltd [Manchester] [Tanker] RT65 RT2/7
Bailey Bros. [Newark] BH1/vi
A. G. Bailey [Ashford, Kent] AT1
Charles Bailey [Newnham, Gloucs] IP2/234*
F. Bailey & Co. [Barton Station, Hereford] KM/41
Jas [James] W. Bailey [Hyde Road Sidings, Manchester] AW/61
P. Bailey & Co. [Oldham, Lancs] AT1 AT2
E. Baily & Son, Ltd [Bristol, Frome, Warminster] KM/42 KT4/27 IP3/113
William Baird & Co [Cavell, nr Kilsyth, N. Lanarkshire] [Tanker] RT66
   – see also Hopetoun Collieries
Bairds & Dalmellington Ltd [nr Ayr] LT55
Baker & Kernick (Wagons) Ltd [Cardiff] KT1/120 KT9/17
Baker Brothers [Reading] AT2
John Baker & Bessemer Ltd [nr Rotherham] KT6/21 KT7/157
John Baker & Sons [nr Bristol] IP3/10*
J. B. Balcombe [Aberystwyth] ML6
Baldwin [Bristol & Birmingham] – see Lowell Baldwin under ‘L’
I.W. Baldwin & Co. [Ruardean, Gloucs] IP1/82 KM/42
Lowell Baldwin Ltd – see ‘L’
Baldwins Ltd
   Bryn nr Port Talbot KM/43
   Cwmavon KM/43
   Panteg Steel Works, Wales KM/42
   Swansea [box van] KM/43
Robert Balfour Ltd [Barrow in Furness] BH2/21
Balgonie [Fife] AT2
C. Ball [Chinnor, Oxon] KM/43
Bamfurlong & Mains Collieries [also Cross Tetley & ‘C T’] [nr Wigan] AW/75
W. Banbrook [Thame, Oxon] KM/3
A. R. Banks & Co. [‘BANKS’] [West Bromwich] KT5/17 KT6/173* KT8/154*
Joseph Banks [Hillhouse, Huddersfield] BH5/83*
Reginald Clare Banks [‘R.C. Banks’] [Newport] KT6/22
Edward Bannister & Co. [Grimsby] AT3 AW/124
Bannockburn – see Alloa Coal Co. Ltd
P. Bar & Sons [Pinner, Middlesex] AT1
Barber Walker & Co. Ltd [S. Yorks/Notts area] KT3/12 KT5/177
Bentley Colliery [Yorkshire] AT1 AT2 KT3/12
Harworth Colliery [Notts] BH1/27
Bargoed Coal Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KM/43 KT3/61
Barkby Jolliffe & Co. Ltd [Sheffield] KT3/9
Barker & Kernick [Cardiff] IP1/105
Barker & Lovering [Cardiff] IP1/104
James Barker [Great Harwood, Lancs] AT1 AT3
William Barnard [Worcester] KM/44
J. Barnett & Co. [Dymock, Gloucs] IP2/236
The Barnsley British Co-operative Society Ltd KT3/39
Barnsley Coal Supply Co. BH1/24
Barnsley District Coking Co. Ltd KT2/20
Barnsley Main Colliery [also Collieries Ltd] AT2 KT5/18
R.F. Barradell [Leckhampton, Cheltenham] IP2/63
John Barrell [Cheltenham] IP2/63* IP3/125*
Osman Barrett [Mitcheldean, Gloucs] IP1/162* IP2/231* IP3/122*
The Barrow Barnsley Main Collieries Ltd [Barnsley] AT2 BH3/22
Barrow Colliery [nr Barnsley] KT7/17
Tankers BH2/50
Barrow [Hematite Steel Co.] [Barrow In Furness] BH2/23
Barry Rhondda Colliery Co. [Pontypridd] BH4/41
J.A. Bartlett [Ealing] BH4/2 KM/44
W.H. Bartlett [Lustleigh, Devon] KM/44
Barton & Co. [Wrexham] KM/44 ML32
Bassetts Ltd [possibly Etruria, Stoke on Trent] AT1 BH5/75[part view]
Bassil King & Co [Bournemouth] KM/104
Bath & Corsham Freestone Quarries [Corsham, Wilts] KM/45
Bath Coal Co. [Bath] IP1/147*
Bath Gas Light & Coke Co. [Bath] KM/45
Bath Stone Firms Ltd
   Bath KM/45
   Portland KM/45
Archibald Bathgate & Sons [Liverpool & Garston] AW/57 KT9/19
S. J. Baverstock [Newbury] AT1
Charles Bazzard & Son [Briton Ferry, Wales] KM/45
B B – see Blundells
B.B & H Ltd – see Burt, Boulton & Haywood Ltd
B C – see Bredbury Colliery Co. Ltd
B&C – see Brentnall & Cleland
Beachim & Balmont [Bristol] IP3/21*
Charles & Frank Beadle [Erith, Kent] KM/45 LT13
Harry Howell Beak [Kemble, Gloucs] IP2/144 KM/46
L. Beard & Son [Hungerford, Somerset or Berks(?)] AT1
Beattie [‘BEATTIE’] [London] AT1 BH5/24
E & F Beattie Ltd [‘KOBO’] [Manchester] BH5/73 KT9/21
Beaumont & Co. Ltd [Ipswich] AT1
E. Beckett & Co. [Willesden Green, London] AT1 KT8/15
Borough of Bedford Electricity KT3/10
Bedwas Coke [British Benzol & Coal Distillation Co. Ltd]
Bedwas, Wales] BH1/104 KT2/14
Bedwas Navigation Colliery Co. [Bedwas, Wales] IP1/125 KT2/14
   Tanker KT2/16
Bee, Bingham & Co. Ltd [Doncaster] CS/23[tiny photo] KT7/19 KT9/155
Beeby & Son Ltd [Peterborough] KT8/48
Beili-Glas [Swansea] – see B. & B. G. Collieries Ltd
J. Belcher [Cheltenham] IP2/63*
R. B. Belcher [Moreton, Gloucs] IP2/120*
Bell Brothers Limited [Port Clarence, North East England] BH2/12
   [c1922 steel hopper wagons] CS/174
Bellamy & Bendall [Cheltenham] IP2/64
Amos Benbow [Birmingham] AT1
G. Benbow & Sons [Birmingham] BH3/69 JH/13
William J. Bendall [Cheltenham] IP2/64 KM/46
Benjamin & Co. Ltd [Bath] KT1/132 KT3/120
Thomas Benjamin [& Son] [Chipping Sodbury, Gloucs] IP2/228*
Bennett & Carter [Borough Green & Wrotham, Kent] AT2
George Bennett & Son [Ossett, S. Yorks] BH3/23
John Bennett & Co. Ltd [Cam & Huntingford, Gloucs] IP2/199 KM/46
Bent Colliery Co. Ltd – see Hamilton Palace Colliery
Bentley Colliery – see Barber Walker & Co. Ltd
Issac Bentley & Co. Ltd [Manchester] [Tanker] RT66
Benzol & By-products Ltd. Crigglestone nr Wakefield AT3 KT8/60 BH2/108
   Surrey BH1/25 [Tanker] RT66
Benzole Producers Ltd [‘BENZENE’ & ‘BENZOLE’] [London] [Tanker] RT66
   – see also National Benzole Company Ltd
Berkeley Farmers Association Ltd [Berkeley, Gloucs] IP1/146*
Berril & Co. [Bristol] IP3/21*
Berry & Son [Oxted, Surrey] AT1
Berry Hill Collieries [Stoke on Trent] AT3
Berry Wiggins & Co. Ltd [Whimsey nr Cinderford, Gloucs, Kingsnorth Hoo in Kent & Stratford, London]
[Tankers] AC85 AC87 IP1/165 RT67 RT2/27
Bersham Colliery Co. Ltd [Wrexham] AT1
Berthlwyd Colliery [Gowerton] AT1 BH2/121
Bessey & Palmer Ltd [Great Yarmouth] AT1 BH1/63 KT3/15
Bestwood Colliery [Nottingham] KT1/20
Bestwood Iron Works [Co. Ltd] [Nottingham] AT1 KT7/21
James Beswick Ltd [Manchester] AT3 KT3/16 KT5/177*
T. Beswick & Sons [Buxton] CS/24 KT3/6 KT8/153*
A & H Betts [London] KT9/22
David Bevan & Co. [Cardiff] KT8/16
T. Beynon & Co. Ltd [‘N A’] [Newport & Cardiff area] AW/160, AW/178* KT3/73
B.I & C.C. Co. [Nantyglo & Blaina] KM/47
Bibbington Ltd [Buxton] AT1
Frank Bibby Esq. [Newmarket] [horse box] JH/12
J. Bibby & Sons Ltd [Liverpool] [Tanker] KT6/24 RT71
Bickershaw [Wigan] AW/176
Bickershaw Colliery [‘BICKERSHAW’] [Leigh, Lancs] AT3
Bidford & Mickleton Co-op Society Ltd [Mickleton, Gloucs & Bidford on Avon, Warks] IP2/121*
Bignall Hill Colliery [Audley, Staffordshire] ML32*
A.C & S. Billings [Cheltenham] IP2/66 KM/47
J. H. Billington Ltd [Chester] ML32
Martin W. Billington [Cloughfold, Lancs] KT9/23
John T. Bingham & Co. [Tunbridge Wells] CS/97
Bingley Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd BH2/ii
Binley Colliery [‘BINLEY’] [Coventry] AT3
Birch Coppice Colliery – see Morris & Shaw Ltd
John Birch & Co. Ltd [Rochdale] AT2
Birchen Grove Colliery [Lydbrook, Gloucs] IP1/146*
Birchenwood Colliery Co. Ltd [Kidsgrove, N. Staffs] KT2/18
Bird & Son Ltd [Grangetown & Cardiff] [Tanker] RT71 RT2/43
Bird Brothers [Bristol] IP3/21*
A.H & S Bird [Trowbridge] KM/47
F. Bird & Co. [Bristol & Salisbury] IP3/22* LT43
Birkacre Colliery Co. Ltd [‘BIRKACRE’]
[Coppul nr Wigan] AW/62
Birkenhead Corporation Gas Works KT9/24
Birkenhead Gas Works AT1
Birley Colliery [‘BIRLEY’] [nr Sheffield] – see Sheffield Coal Co.
Birmingham Co-operative Society Ltd [‘BCS’] KT5/21
Birmingham Corporation KT8/151*
City of Birmingham Electricity Supply Dept KT2/19
City of Birmingham Gas Department AT1 CS/125 KT1/23 KT2/126 KT5/163 KT7/140 KT8/151
[Steel hopper wagon] CS/72
Birmingham Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd KM/47 KT3/38 KT5/21
Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd [Smethwick]
[Van] CS/26 JH/5
[Wagon] CS/28
Robert Birmingham [Badminton, Gloucs] IP2/226*
Bispham Hall Colliery [Orrell nr Wigan] AW/63
Frederick Biss [Stoke Gifford, Gloucs] IP2/228 IP3/128
Bitrin Scientific Roads Ltd [‘BITRIN’] [Shipley]
[Tanker] BH3/24 RT227
B L F – see Buxton Lime Firms Co. Ltd
Black & Reoch [Rotherham] BH2/48
Black Park Colliery [Chirk & Ruabon, nr Wrexham] AW/142 AT3 ML32 PM/16
Black Rock Quarries Ltd [Portishead] AT3
Thomas Black Ltd [Sheffield] AT1 BH2/48 KT3/17
Blackman, Pavie & Ladden Ltd [London] AT3 BH1/76 KT5/24 KT7/147
Alfred Blackmore & Co. Ltd [London] AT2 KT1/30 KT7/149*
Blackpool Co-operative Society Ltd AT3 BH4/74 PM/34
Blackwell – see also New Hucknall
and Blackwell Collieries Ltd AT2
Blaen-cae-Gurwen Colliery Co. [nr Brynamman] KT4/99
Blaen Graigola Colliery Co. [Pontardawe] KM/49 KT3/18
Blaenavon Co. Ltd [S. Wales]
   Steel hopper KM/48
   Wagons KM/48
Blaendare Company Ltd [Pontypool] KT8/17
The Blaengarw Colliery Ltd [Swansea] KM/49
The Blaenmawr Colliery Co. Ltd [Port Talbot] KT6/25
Blagden Waugh & Co. [London] [Tanker] BH2/119 RT73
Blaina & Raven Anthracite Collieries Ltd [Pantyffynnon] KT4/75
Blainscough Colliery Co. [Coppull, Lancs] AT2 AW/66
F. H. Blair & Son [Trowbridge] AT3
Blairhall Colliery – see The Coltness Iron Co.
William Blake [Hereford] AT1 ML33*
H. [Henry] Blandford & Sons [Dursley, Gloucs] IP1/112 IP2/202
Blidworth Colliery [‘BLIDWORTH’] [Notts]
– see also The Newstead Colliery Co. Ltd AT3 BH1/2 KT1/6
John Savile Blindell [Pontypool] KT9/25
Bliss & Son [‘Bliss Tweed Mills’] [Chipping Norton] KM/50
Blundells – Pemberton Collieries [‘B B’]
[Pemberton, Wigan] AW/64
Joseph Boam Ltd [Leicester] BH4/24
S.G. Bobbett [Frant, East Sussex] KM/50
A. Bodell [Birmingham] BH2/88
Bognor Coal & Transport Co. Ltd [Bognor Regis] AT1 KM/50
The Bold Venture Lime Co. Ltd [nr Clitheroe, Lancs] BH4/73
Bolsover Colliery Co.[Notts & Derbys] AW/125 BH1/3 BH2/48 BH5/88 KT1/31 KT5/164
F. J. Bonner / Mason & Toogood [Guildford, Surrey] KT7/22
Bonvilles Court Coal Co. Ltd [Saundersfoot, nr Tenby] AW/143 KT4/102
Booth & Fosdick [Ipswich] BH2/v
Booth & Mitchell [Ipswich] KT9/26
William Henry Booth [Ipswich] KT9/27
Borough of Islington Electricity Works [London] BH4/7
F. Bosley [Didcot] KM/50
William J Bosley [Didcot] KT6/180
Boston Coal Co. Ltd [Hull] KT8/19
The Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd
[Fleetwood, Lancs] BH1/52
Edmund Boughton [Gloucester & later elsewhere]
[Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]
Edward William Boult Monks [Fishponds, Bristol] IP3/60
Bourne, Fisher & Co. [Wigan] AW/65
H. Bourne [Wigan] AW/68
Bovey Pottery Co. Ltd [Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbott] PM/37
John Bovey & Co. [Cardiff] KM/51
W. H. Bowater Ltd [Birmingham & elsewhere] KT2/21
Bowden Bros [Exeter] KM/51
Bowditch & Buckley [Cardiff]
– see also J. R. Buckley & Co. CS/44
John Godfrey Wienholt Bowen [Llanidloes] ML12*
T & R. W. Bower Ltd – see Allerton Main Colliery
E. Bowks [Bowles?] & Sons [unknown] IP1/147*
Edward Bowles [Cirencester] IP2/131*
R. Bowran & Co. Ltd [Newcastle-on-Tyne] [Tanker] RT74
Bowring Petroleum Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT74
C.T. Bowring & Co (Fish Oils) Ltd [Grimsby] [Tanker] RT75
Bowson – see The New Bowson Coal Co.
A. Boyce [Gloucester] [wagon ownership unknown] IP2/61*
William A. Boyle [Bridgend] KM/51
Walter Boynton [Moortown, Lincs] AW/128 KT5/26
B.P. – see British Petroleum Co. Ltd
B.Q.C. & Co Ltd – see British Quarrying Co. Ltd
B.R.T & E. Co. Ltd [London]
– see also Berry Wiggins & Co. Ltd IP1/167
Brace & Presswell [Swansea] KM/51 KT4/145
Bradbury Sons & Co. Ltd [‘BRADBURY’]
[London, Southampton, Cardiff] AT2 AW/179* BH2/109
CS/75 KT2/22 KT7/frontispiece KT9/28[distant view]
W. Brader [Swansea] KM/51 KT4/146
Bradford & Sons Ltd [Yeovil] KT8/157
Ledger of wagon movements 1927 – 31 KT8/16
City of Bradford Co-operative Society Ltd AT3
Henry Bradshaw [London] KM/52
Braich-Y-Cymmer [nr Pontypridd] AT3/front cover
Cornelius Brain & Son [Mitcheldean, Gloucs] IP2/231*
Thomas Brain [Cheltenham] [Wagon ownership unknown] IP2/107*
Braithwaite, Heslop & Co. Ltd [Swansea] KM/vii KT1/34 KT4/146
Bramley & Son [Bletchley] – see also Albert Bramley KT6/27
Albert Bramley [Fenny Stratford & Oxford] KM/52 KT6/26
Bream Grove Iron Ore Co. [nr Lydney, Gloucs] IP2/231*
Breconshire Coal & Lime Co. [Builth Wells & Llanidloes] ML34*
Bredbury Colliery Co. Ltd [‘B C’] [Stockport] AW/62
Bredisholm Colliery [nr Drumpeller nr Glasgow] PM/40
Breedon & Cloud Hill Lime Works [Worthington, Leics] AT3 KT1/35
A. E. Breeze [Welshpool] ML28*
Brentnall & Cleland [‘B&C’] [London] JH/26 KT1/37 KT6/165
Brereton Colliery [nr Hednesford] ML34*
Bretby Colliery [nr Swadlincote, Derbys] KT6/28
Abel Bricknell [Oxford] KM/52
Henry Briggs, Sons & Co. Ltd [‘BRIGGS’] [Normanton, Yorks] AT3 BH5/17 KT2/24 KT3/61 KT6/171
Richard Briggs & Sons Ltd [Clitheroe] AW/67 BH2/24 KT9/29
William Briggs & Sons Ltd [Arbroath; Dundee] [Tanker] AC32 RT75
A. C. Bright [possibly Hawkwell, Gloucs] IP1/163*
F.S. Brightmore [Doncaster] BH2/51
Bristol & West of England Coal Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/22*
Bristol & West of England Wagon Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/22*
Bristol & West Tar Distillers Ltd [Bristol] [Tanker] RT78
Bristol & District Co-operative Society Ltd AW/142 IP3/23
Bristol Malago Vale Collieries Co. Ltd
[Bedminster nr Bristol] IP3/23
Bristol Mineral Co. IP3/127*
Bristol Rail Traffic & Electric Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT78
Bristol Railway Coal Association IP3/25*
Bristol Rolling Stock Co. Ltd IP3/25*
Bristol Steam Navigation Co. Ltd IP3/25*
Bristol Sublimed Lead Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/113*
Bristol Waggon Works Co. Ltd IP3/25
Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works Co. Ltd CS32[awful photo]
Britannic [Cardiff] KM/53
British Benzole & Coal Distillation Ltd – see also Bedwas Coke
   [Tanker] RT79
British Bitumen Emulsions Ltd [Hamilton] [Tanker] RT78
British Bitumen Refineries [London] [Tanker] RT79
British Coal Co. [Bristol] IP3/26*
British Dyestuffs Corporation Ltd [Huddersfield] [Tanker] KT6/29
British Ethyl Corporation Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT80
British (Guest, Keen, Baldwins) Iron & Steel Co. Ltd
[possibly Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil] CS/44 KT2/99
[British Hydrocarbon Chemicals [1970s big tanker] PM/45]
British Insulated & Helsby Cables Ltd [Prescot, Lancs] KT5/34
British Mineral Corporation Ltd [Ascon Coke] [London] BH1/75
The British Oil & Cake Mills Ltd [BOCM] [Bristol]
– see also J. Robinson & Co. Ltd [Tanker] IP3/79 RT81
British Oil Marketing Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT81
British Petroleum Co. Ltd [‘B.P.’] [London] [tankers] AC83 PM/47 RT81 RT89 &c RT2/13 RT2/32 RT2/41
RT2/44-45 RT2/60
British Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd [BPCM]
[various English locations] [Van] BH2/87 KT8/20
The British Potash Co. Ltd [Oldbury] [Hopper wagon] JH/24
British Quarrying Co. Ltd [‘B.Q.C.’] [N. Wales, Shrops, Gloucs]
– see also John Arnold & Sons & also Thomas Lant IP2/219
IP2/219 KT8/21 ML8*
British Rail [Many locations] [Tankers, various] RT94 &c RT2/29
British Railway Traffic & Electric Co. [‘BRT’] [London]
[Tankers of many types] RT99 &c RT2/56
British Soda Co. [Rookery Bridge, nr Sandbach, Cheshire ] AT3
British Steel Co. [Sheffield] [Tankers, not illustrated] RT108*
British Tar Products Ltd [Cadishead nr Manchester]
[Tanker] KT8/25 RT109
British Taroleum [Port Clarence, Teeside] [Tanker] RT108
British Wagon Co. [B.W.Co.] [Radstock] BH4/16 IP1/147*
Briton Ferry Chemical Co. [Briton Ferry, S. Wales] IP1/147*
I. B. Britton [Bristol] IP3/26*
Broadoak Colliery Co. Ltd [‘BROADOAK’]
– see B.& B.G. Collieries Ltd
Brodsworth Main Colliery Co. [nr Doncaster] AT1 BH5/16 KT5/38
Bromley Gas Consumers Co. [Kent] [rectangular tanker] RT109
Bromley Colliery [‘BROMLEY’] [Pensford nr Bath AT3
Brooke, Simpson & Spiller Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT2/10
William Brook & Sons
[Slaithwaite & Honley nr Huddersfield] BH5/85*
William Brookbanks [Cheltenham]
[Wagon ownership unknown] IP2/107*
Samuel Brookman [‘S. BROOKMAN’] [Bristol] IP3/27 KM/53
James Brooks [Oldham] AT3
Brookside Johnstone Ltd [Derby] PM/37
Brotherton & Co. Ltd [Wakefield] [Tankers] AC74 AC87 KT3/20 RT109 &c
Broughton & Plas Power Colliery Co. [Wrexham] KM/53 ML34
R. J. Broughton [Ryhall, Rutland] KT5/40
Brown Bayleys Steel Works [Sheffield] [post-1948] PM/27
George Brown & Sons [Kidderminster] [Lime wagon] KM/53
John Brown & Co. Ltd [Rotherham] KM/177 KT3/25
W.H. Brown & Co. [London] [Tanker] RT2/39
Broxburn Oil Co. Ltd [nr Edinburgh] [early Tankers] RT11 RT112 RT2/16 RT2/30
A. Bruce [unknown] [Creosote tank] IP1/147*
Brunner Mond & Co. [Winnington, CLC] Tanker BH2/38
   Steel Wagon BH4/75
   Wagon BH2/39
Bryant & Co. [Hove & Burgess Hill] KM/54
C. W. Bryant & Co. [Bristol] IP3/30
G. Bryer Ash [Weymouth, Bath & Bournemouth] IP1/134 KT1/39 KM/40
   [Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]
Brymbo Steel Co. Ltd [nr Wrexham] KT8/154*
   Steel hopper wagon [same photo] JH/6 KT5/40
Brynamman Collieries Ltd KT4/72
Brynhenllys Anthracite Colliery Ltd [Swansea] KT4/104
Brynkinalt Colliery [Ruabon] – see W.Y. Craig & Sons Ltd
Brynna Collieries Ltd [Swansea] KT3/26
Buchanan & Brown [Gloucester] IP2/12
W. L. Buchanan [Gloucester] IP1/135 IP2/11 KM/54
Buckley Junction Metallic Brick Co. [Buckley, Flint.] KT8/26
J. R. Buckley & Co. [Cardiff] KT7/23
Budd & Co. [Cardiff] AT1 IP1/125 KM/54 KT6/30 KT8/155*
Budd & Tom Ltd [Exeter] KM/55
H. C. Bull & Co. Ltd [London] KM/55 KT1/41
Bullcroft Main Collieries Ltd [nr Doncaster] AW/129 KT2/28
   ‘BULLCROFT’ 20T steel wagon BH5/54
T. Bullock & Co. [Cirencester] IP2/131*
Burden Tar Co. (Bolton) Ltd [Tanker] RT113
Burgess & Co. Ltd [Swansea] KM/176 KT4/147
John Burgum [Birmingham] KM/55 KT9/31
Henry Burlingham & Co. [Evesham, Gloucs] IP2/121 KM/55 RE/55
Burmah Oil Trading Ltd [Edinburgh] [Tankers] RT113
M. C. Burnby & Son [or just ‘Burnby’] [Sheffield] BH2/52
The Burnden Tar Co. (Bolton) Ltd [rectangular tank wagon] PM/45
   [Tanker] RT2/43
Thomas Burnett & Co. Ltd [Doncaster] CS/37 KT3/108 KT9/33
The Burnley Coal Dealers Association Ltd BH3/2
Burnley Collieries – see The Executors of John Hargreaves [under ‘H’]
Burnley Corporation Gas Department KT2/30
Burnyeat Brown & Co. Ltd [Cardiff] AW/144 IP1/147* KM/55 KT3/96
– see also United National Collieries Ltd
Burr & Gibbons [Southall, London] AT2 BH3/94 KT8/27
Burrell & Co. (Radlett) Ltd [Radlett, Herts] KT6/33
H.R. Burrows [East Croydon] KM/56
Thomas Burrows [unknown] IP1/147*
Burt, Boulton & Haywood Ltd [‘B.B & H Ltd’] [London & elsewhere] [Tanker] AC89 KT6/33 RT114 RT2/42
E. Burt & Son [Kingston on Thames] KM/56
Walter Burt [Bournemouth] KM/56
Burton on Trent Co-operative Society Ltd KT1/41
Neville Burton [Middleton – but which county unknown] AT1
Ronald Burton [also George R H Burton] [Cardiff] KT7/94
Edward Burtt [‘Burtt Gloucester’] [Gloucester] IP2/13 KM/56
W.J. Busby & Son [Camp Hill, Birmingham] KM/56
Busby’s [West Kensington] AT3
J.M. Buston [Dursley, Gloucs] IP2/206
The Bute Hematite Iron Ore Co. [Llantrissant] KM/57
Bute Merthyr Collieries Co. [‘BUTE’] [Cardiff] KM/57 KT2/31 KT5/171
The Bute Works Supply Co. [Cardiff] CS/38
A. Butler [Pangbourne] KM/57 KT6/36
A. Butler & Co [Henley on Thames?] AT1
Thomas Butler [St Leonards Station, Edinburgh] AT2
W. Butler & Co. (Bristol) Ltd Rectangular tanker AC97 BH2/122 IP3/31 RT115
Wagon IP1/137 IP2/15 IP3/31 KM/57
John M. Butt [Gloucester] IP2/15*
T. Butt & Son [Stroud, Gloucs] IP2/159
Butterley [‘BUTTERLEY’] [Derbys] Steel wagon CS/40 PM/14
   Wooden wagon [no details] BH1/vi
J. Butterworth [Oldham] BH3/3
Buxton Gas Dept AT3
Buxton Lime Firms Co. Ltd [‘B L F’] [Peak Forest, Derbys] BH4/57 BH5/60
   – see also ICI
J T Buxton & Sons [Clacton on Sea] AT2 BH1/65
B W & Co. – see Barber-Walker & Co. Ltd
The Bwlch Colliery Co. Ltd [Hirwain [or Hirwaun?] nr Aberdare] KM/58
C.W. Byford & Sons [‘BYFORD’] [Clare, Suffolk] AT2 BH4/introduction
H. P. Byrne [Totton, Hants] LT47

Cadbury Bros [Bournville] CS/26 KT8/29
Joseph Cade & Co. Ltd [London] KT1/121
Cadwallader [Liverpool] BH5/84*
Caeglas Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Llanelly] KT3/27
Caepontbren Colliery Coal Co. [Pontyates nr Kidwelly] KT5/182*
Caerbryn Anthracite Colliery Co. Ltd [Llandebie] KT4/46
Caerbryn & Empire Collieries Ltd [Swansea] AW/145 BH2/123 KT4/106 KT7/151*
   – see also Cwmgwrach
Cafferata & Co. Ltd [Newark on Trent, Notts] AT1
CAIB (UK) Ltd [Woking, Surrey] [Modern tankers] RT116 RT2/44-45 RT2/59
Cain Bros. [Wallasey & Birkenhead] KT1/42
The Cainscross & Ebley Co-operative Society Ltd [Gloucs] IP2/181
Calor Gas [Unknown] [LPG tanker, 1950s] RT116
Cambrian Coke Co. [also ‘C.C.C.’] [Briton Ferry] KM/59
Cambrian Collieries Co. Ltd [‘CAMBRIAN’] [Cardiff] KM/58 KT6/37 KT8/155*
Cambrian Mercantile Syndicate Ltd [Ystalyfera] KM/60 KT4/63
Cambrian Navigation – see Cambrian Collieries Co. Ltd
The Cambrian Wagon Co. Ltd [Cardiff] AT2 CS/43 KT2/99 KT3/45 KT7/151* PM/23 PM/41[steel wagon]
Cambridge Gas Co AT2
F[?].B. Cameron & Co Ltd [London] [IP3/50 shows one wagon in a goods train with no further details]
Camerton Collieries [nr Bath] BH5/20 KM/60 KT3/27 PM/8
Camlin & Sons [Shottermill, county unknown] AT1
Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd [Workington, Cumbria] BH4/88 KT9/39
Q. M. Camroux & Co. [Shepherd’s Bush] AT1 KT8/33
Canderigg Collieries [nr Larkhall, S. Lanarkshire] – see Jas Nimmo & Co. Ltd
Candy & Co. Ltd [Newton Abbot] KM/61 KT7/24
Cann & Glass [Swansea] KM/61 KT4/148 KT7/151* KT5/181*
Cannock & Leacroft Colliery [Cannock] AT3
Cannock & Rugeley Colliery [‘CRC’] AT1 AT2
Cannock Chase Colliery Co. Ltd [‘CANNOCK CHASE’] KT2/34 KT5/171 KT8/152*
Cannock Old Coppice Colliery - see T. A. Hawkins & Sons Ltd Cannop Colliery [‘CANNOP’] [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/56 KM/61
Carburine Motor Spirit – see Gas Lighting Improvement Co. Ltd
R. Carder & Co [Lancaster] AT1
Cardiff Navigation Colliery [Ynisarwed nr Swansea] KT8/35
Cardiff Steam Coal Collieries Co. Ltd KM/110 KT2/36
   [Tanker] RT117
Cardigan Mercantile Co. Ltd [Cardigan, Wales] KM/61
Carless, Capel & Leonard – see also ‘NACCO’
[‘STANDARD PETROL’ & ‘CARLESS PETROL’] [London] [Tankers] RT117 RT2/back cover [modern]
Carlisle Corporation Gas Works [rectangular tanker] RT119
Carlton Collieries Association [West Riding] AT3 BH1/28 KT7/25
Carlton Iron Co. Ltd [Ferryhill nr Durham] KT7/32
Carlton Main Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Barnsley] AT1
Carnforth Hematite Iron Co. Ltd [steel wagon] BH4/85
Carnforth Iron Co. Ltd [steel wagon] BH4/86
Carpenter & Sons [[Tiverton, Devon] AT3 KM/62 KT6/42
J.T. Carpenter [Coates Station, Gloucs] IP2/146
Carr Bros & Co [Leiston, Suffolk] BH5/79
R. J & M. Carr Ltd [Bradford] AT3
James Carter & Sons Ltd [Clitheroe & Blackburn] AW/70 BH4/76
Matthew W. Carter [Laisterdyke, Bradford] BH2/53
Carway Collieries Ltd [Swansea] AW/139 KT4/45
Thomas Cash & Co. Ltd [Birmingham] KT8/36
Castrol Ltd [London] [Tankers] RT118
E. Catchpole & Sons [Rotherhithe] [tanker] CS/101[tiny photo] RT120
Cathay’s Coal Supply [F. Williams] [Cardiff] KM/62
Cattybrook Brick Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/33
Caucasian Petroleum Export Co. [Cardiff & elsewhere] AC41 AC81 RT120[same photo as AC81]
William Caudle & Co. [Sheffield] BH5/76[part view]
Cavendish House Co. Ltd [Cheltenham] IP2/66*
Caves Coals [Torquay]
– see Torquay & South Devon Coal Co. (1923) Ltd
Cawdor & Garnant Collieries [Wales] KT4/31
Cawood, Wharton & Co. Ltd [‘Cawoods’] [Leeds & Hull] KT5/41
G. R. Cawood & Co. Ltd [Leeds & London] BH5/62
‘CD’ [Tank wagon at Derby works, 1981, apparently
similar to Nottingham Corporation – see RT201] RT2/10
Cefn Mawr Anthracite Washeries Ltd [Swansea] KT4/104
Cefn Mawr & Rhosymedre Gas Co. Ltd
[Acrefair nr Wrexham] AT2
Cefn-Y-Bryn Colliery Co. Ltd [Bryn, Port Talbot] KM/62
Cefnstylle [Gowerton] KM/62
Ceiriog Granite Co. Ltd [Chirk, N. Wales]
– see also British Quarrying Co. Ltd KT8/24 ML34
Celynen Collieries – see Newport Abercarn ~
Central Coal Co. [Bristol] IP1/147* IP3/34
Central Electricity Generating Board [Various] [Tankers] RT120*
Central Silkstone Collieries Ltd [Barnsley] BH1/29
Cerebos Salt Co. Ltd [Middlewich] [Salt wagons] BH3/4
Chadborn, Son & Taylor [Gloucester] IP2/16 KM/62
Chadwick & Smith [Colwyn Bay] BH1/05
Thomas Chadwick [‘T C’] [Heywood, Lancs] AT1
W. Chaffe [Northampton] AT1
A. E. Challis [Wimbledon] BH1/77
E.A. Chamberlain [Ltd, from 1902] [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP1/127 IP2/188 KM/63
Champion Brothers [Glastonbury] AT2
Chance & Hunt Ltd [Oldbury, Wednesbury & Stafford] BH2/89 KT8/37
   Acid Tank BH2/91
   Salt Van BH2/93 JH/15 KT8/38
Henry Chandler [Swindon] KM/63
James Chandler [Lewes, Sussex] PM/39
William Chandler [London] KM/63
Chapman & Sons [Croydon & Sutton, Surrey] KM/63
Chapman, Fletcher & Cawood Ltd [Sheffield] BH1/30
Charles Roberts & Co. Ltd – see Roberts
J. & J. Charlesworth Limited [Wakefield] BH3/19 KT8/41
   [Tanker] AC7 RT120
Charrington, Gardner & Locket (London) Ltd KT1/46 KT7/145
‘CHARRINGTONS’ 21T steel wagon BH5/56
   [Tankers] RT121
Charrington Fuel Oils Ltd [London] [Tankers] RT121
Charrington, Sells, Dale & Co [London] AW49
Charringtons [‘CHARRINGTONS’] [London] BH5/25 CS/65 KT1/43 KT7/145 KT8/152* PM/13
Chatterley-Whitfield Collieries Ltd [Tunstall, Stoke on Trent] AT3 AW51 ML35
Checkland & Co. Ltd [Coleorton Colliery] [nr Leicester] BH3/7
W. Cheetham [Stockport] BH2/v
Cheltenham & Swansea Wagon Co. [Cheltenham] IP2/67*
Borough of Cheltenham Electricity Dept
[Cheltenham Corporation] IP1/130 IP2/68 KM/63
Cheltenham Commissioners IP2/68*
Cheltenham Gas Light & Coke Co. [later Cheltenham & District Gas Co.] IP2/69
Cheltenham Spa Coal & Coke Supply [Wagon ownership unknown] IP2/107*
Chemical & Metallurgical Corporation Ltd [Runcorn, Cheshire] [Tankers] KT2/38
Chester Co-operative Society Ltd AT1
Chester Railway Employee’s Coal Association [Chester] PM/36
Chester United Gas Co. KT2/41
Chesterton Chemical Co. Ltd [Stoke on Trent] [Tanker] CS/153
Chevron Oil (UK) Ltd [London] [modern tanker] RT123
Chillington Iron Company [Yate, Gloucs] IP2/222 KM/63 RE/54
Chipman Chemical Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT2/47 RT2/62
Chippenham Co-operative Society Ltd AT1
Chipping Norton Co-operative Society Ltd KT3/38 BH4/28
Chirk Castle Lime Co. [Nantmawr & Whitehurst] ML22* ML36*
Jacob Chivers [possibly Hawkwell, Gloucs] IP1/144* IP1/163*
W. Christie & Co. Ltd [London & elsewhere] [Tanker] AC89
   RT123 [same photo]
Chritchley & Keen [Cheltenham] IP2/69
Frederick Chubb [Shrewsbury & elsewhere] BH3/71 BH4/introduction KT6/44 ML36
‘The Church Street Brewery. Stroud’ [box van] IP2/163
Churchway Colliery [nr Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/144*
Cilely Collieries Ltd [Cardiff] BH4/42
Cilfrew Colliery [Swansea] KT8/47
Cinderford Crushing Co. [Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/163*
Cirencester Gas Co. IP2/133
Cities Service Oil Co. Ltd [‘CITEX MOTOR SPIRIT’]
[London] [Tanker] AC85 RT124
The City Coal Co. Ltd [London] KM/64
City Leasings [Unknown] [Tanker, one off, 1970] RT123*
R. S. Clare & Co. Ltd [Liverpool] [rectangular tanker] PM/45
Bernard Clark [Bournemouth] BH3/106
Clarke Sharp & Co. [Brighton] KT6/45 KT7/158* KT8/155*
Herbert Clarke Ltd [London KT5/44
Thomas J. Clarke [Weymouth] KM/64
W.C. Clarke [Yeovil] KM/64
W.S. Clarke [Faringdon] KM/64
Wm. Clarke & Son Ltd
   [Lincoln] AT3 KT1/47 KT6/170
   [London] KT2/114 KT6/168
Clarksons Ltd [Reddish nr Stockport] AT2
Clay Cross Co. [Derbys] AT3 KT8/48 BH5/88
Ledgers & Accounts of the firm KT8/55-56*
S.J. Claye Ltd [Long Eaton] BH3/61 CS/53 [part view]
Clayton Wagons Ltd [Lincoln] [Tankers] RT124*
Cleckheaton Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd AT1
Cleckheaton Urban District Council KT5/45
Clee Hill Dhu Stone Co. [Ludlow] KT3/33
Clee Hill Granite Co. [Ludlow] IP1/154 KT3/31 KM/64 KT5/177*
Clee Hill Quarries [nr Ludlow] KT3/29
Cleeve Coal Co. [Bristol] IP3/35
Cleeves, Ault & Fowell [CAF] – see also
Cleeves Western Valleys Anthracite Collieries Ltd KT7/144
KT9/6 [faint distant view]
E. A. Cleeves & Co. [Swansea] KM/65 KT4/23
Cleeves Western Valleys Anthracite Collieries Ltd
[Swansea & Llanelly] KT4/35 KT7/151*
Clement's Tump Colliery [Coleford, Forest of Dean] IP1/44
Clements Bros [Portsmouth, Gosport, Corsham] AT2
Clevedon Gas Co [nr Bristol] [IP3/19 has an oblique photo
including this wagon in a train, but no further details]
Cleveland Petroleum Products Co. [‘CLEVELAND’ &
‘CLEVELAND DISCOL’][London] [Tanker] RT124
The Cliffe Hill Granite Co. Ltd [Markfield nr Leicester] KT1/48
George Clifford [Bourton on the Water] IP2/123 KM/65
Richard Clifford [Moreton in the Marsh] IP3/126*
Clift & Whiting [Cheltenham] IP3/125*
Clifton & Kersley Coal Co. Ltd [Manchester] AW/69
Clifton Coal Co. [Bristol] IP3/35*
Clifton Colliery Co. Ltd [Notts] AT1
The Clifton Steam Trawlers Co. Ltd [Fleetwood, Lancs] PM/35
Cliviger Coal Co. [Burnley, Lancs] AT3
Thomas R. Clutterbuck [Gloucester] IP2/16*
Clutton Coal [Co.…? – currently unknown] [Somerset] IP1/101
Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd [Scotland] LT39
Clyne Merthyr Collieries Co. Ltd [Swansea] KT6/46
Clyne Valley Colliery Co. [Swansea] KM/65 KT3/36
Coal Agencies Ltd [Clifton, Bristol] AT1 IP3/36 KM/65
Coal Salt – see The Great Grimsby Coal Salt and Tanning Co. Ltd
Coalbrook Colliery [Loughor nr Swansea] KM/66
Coalite – see Low Temperature Carbonisation Ltd
Coalition Coal & Shipping Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KT8/57
Coalpit Heath Coal Co. [nr Bristol] IP2/228* IP3/37
Arnold Coburn Ltd [Stockport] AT2
Geo. J. Cockerell & Co. [London] –see also Rickett KT1/49
Colas Products Ltd [‘COLAS’] [London] [Tanker] RT124
Herbert S. Colborn [Bristol] IP3/39*
Colchester Gas Co. [Tanker] BH3/95 RT124
Edward J. Cole & Son [Cirencester] IP2/134
Edward R. Cole [Cirencester] IP1/137 IP2/134
King Cole & Co. Ltd [Sheffield] PM/39
R. Fred Cole [Fairford & Lechlade] IP2/140
Richard Cole [Cirencester] IP2/133* IP3/127*
S. H. Cole [Cirencester] IP2/134* IP2/136*
The Coleford Red Ash Colliery Co. Ltd [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/43
Colfix (London) Ltd [Slough] [Tanker] BH2/111 RT125
R. Coller & Sons Ltd [Peterborough] AT3
C. Collett & Sons [Bourton on the Water] IP2/125 KM/66
Collins Green Colliery [Earlestown nr St Helens] AT2 AW/73
J. T. Collins & Sons [Rochester, Kent] AT1 AT2
Colmans Mustard [Norwich] KT1/51 RE/38
Colthrop Board & Paper Mills Ltd [Thatcham] BH1/95 KT7/32
The Coltness Iron Co. [Newmains, Lanarkshire] BH4/98
W. Colwell & Son [Hove] BH5/77[part view]
Colyer & Co. [Cosham, Hants] BH4/17
Alexander Comley Ltd [Birmingham] KT1/52
Compagnie Pour La Location de Materiel Industriel [‘CLMI’] [ESSO, Fawley] [Tankers] RT125*
Compressed Coal Co. [Whitecroft, Gloucs] IP1/145*
Conduit Colliery [Norton Canes, nr Cannock] AT2 LT21
Congleton Equitable and Industrial Co-operative Society AT1
Consett Iron Co. Ltd [Consett, C. Durham] BH4/89 KT9/41 RE/67
Consolidated Fisheries Ltd [Grimsby] AT2 KT7/34
Constable Hart & Co. Ltd [Matlock & elsewhere]
– see also Derbyshire Stone Co. Ltd KT5/46
Continental Oil (UK0 Ltd [‘CONOCO’] [nr Immingham] [Modern 100 ton tanker] RT126
E. Williams Cook & Co. [Swansea] KT4/150
W. J. Cook Ltd [London] KT7/37
Cooke & Nuttall Ltd [Horwich, Lancs] AW/71
Charles Cooke [Cheltenham] IP2/71 KM/66
H. E. Coole & Co. [Bristol] IP3/39*
Coombs Wood Colliery [Halesowen]
– see also N. Hingley & Sons Ltd KT6/84
Co-operative Wholesale Societies
– see also by individual locations KT3/37 KT5/177*
Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd [‘C W S Ltd’] <<<<<<
Bristol IP3/40
London BH2/110 BH4/28 KT7/39 KT9/155 LT46-47
Margarine Works, Higher Irlam [Salford] [Tanker] BH5/70
Peterborough [advertising drawing, partly obscured] CS/55
Scotland – see Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society
Coote & Warren Ltd [London & elsewhere] BH5/71[very poor view] KT5/49 KT8/154*
KT9/28[tiny view] LT84-85*
[Peterborough] AT2 CS/56
Cope & Baker [Barton Wharf, Hereford] KM/66
Copper Pit Collieries Ltd [Swansea] KT9/42
Corker & Bevan [Swansea] KT4/151 KT5/181*
Corn Products Co. Ltd
[Trafford Park, Manchester] [Tanker] KT7/158 RT126
Cornwall [London] AT2 BH1/79
Cornwall and Moger Ltd [London] BH1/79 KT5/61
Corrall & Co. Ltd [Brighton] AT1 KT5/64
Corsham Quarrying Co. [Corsham, Wilts] KM/66
Cortonwood Collieries Co. Ltd [Wombwell nr Barnsley] AT3
Cory Brothers & Co. Ltd [Cardiff & London] AT1 BT4/43 KM/67 KT4/106 LT49 RT127[Tanker]
Wm Cory & Son Ltd [London] BH5/26 AW/178* KT7/147
[‘CORY’S MOTOR SPIRIT’] [Tankers] RT127
Cosy Fires – see J. B. Scholes & Sons Ltd
The Country Gentlemens’ Association Ltd [Letchworth] AT1
Courtaulds Ltd [Flint] AT2
Coventry Collieries – see The Warwickshire Coal Co. Ltd
B. Cowburn & Son [Bradford] BH3/25
Cowham & Shearer [Louth, Lincs] KM/67
Edward Cox [Cirencester] IP2/136*
Herbert Cox [Farnham] KT9/43
Coxon Davies & Co. [Cottingham, (probably) nr Hull] AT1
C.R.C. – see Cannock & Rugeley Colliery
W. Y. Craig & Sons Ltd [Chirk nr Wrexham] [‘BRYNKINALT COLLIERY’] AT3 ML35
Crampin Coal Supply Co. Ltd [Grimsby] KT6/47
Alexander Crane [Gloucester] IP1/115 IP2/17 IP3/123*
Crane & Company [Bristol] IP3/119 KM/67
Craven Brothers & Co. [Sheffield] [early] LT18
Craven Dunnill & Co. Ltd [Ironbridge, Shrops] KT8/58
Crawshaw & Warburton Ltd [Dewsbury, Yorks] KT2/42
Crawshay Brothers [Cynfarthfa, Merthyr Tydfil] KM/68 PM/15
‘A Q’ wagon [meaning unknown] BH5/59
Henry Crawshay & Co. Ltd [Cinderford, Gloucs]
– see also Lightmoor IP1/34 IP2/231* IP1/160
Minute books 1908 – 1917 IP1/172 – 181
Cribbwr Fawr Collieries Ltd [Port Talbot] BH1/106 KT6/48
Crichton’s Oil Co. Ltd [Newcastle] [Tankers] AC76 RT128
Crigglestone Colliery [Wakefield] BH2/54 KT8/59
Crippins Bryn Hall Colliery Co. [‘CRIPPINS’] [Wigan area] AW/72
Critchlow & Sheppard [Cheltenham & Cleeve] IP1/136 IP2/72 KM/69
Croft Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd [Croft, Leics] KT3/37
Crook & Greenway [Cheltenham] IP2/74 KM/69 LT12
Crook & Thompson Ltd [Blackburn & Hoghton] AW/74
Ezra Crook [later Crook & Greenway] [Cheltenham] IP3/125*
Crooke & Co. [London] KM/70
James Cropper & Co. Ltd [Kendal, Cumberland] AT1
Crosby Ironstone [Scunthorpe] AT1
Joseph Crosfield & Sons [Warrington]
[‘Perfection’ Soap] BH2/25
[Tankers] RT128 RT2/11
Cross Hands Colliery [Llanelly] KM/70 KT4/25
James Cross [‘J C’] [Bury & Rochdale] AT1 AW/69
Cross Tetley – see Bamfurlong & Mains Collieries
Crow, Catchpole & Co. Ltd [London & Rotherhithe]
Tanker photo & wagon drawing KT7/38
Albert Crowther [Gloucester] IP2/19
Crumlin Valley Collieries Ltd [Pontypool] KT3/61
Crump Meadow Collieries Co. Ltd [‘CRUMP’]
[Forest of Dean] IP1/30 IP1/60
H. & E. Crundall Ltd [Dover & London] KT6/50
Crynant Colliery Co. [nr Neath] KM/70 KT2/43 KT4/180
[NB – KT8/153 refers only to J A Jebb, a director of this colliery]
Crystalate – see Wallace Spiers & Co. Ltd
C T – see Bamfurlong & Mains Collieries
Culpan [‘CULPAN’] [Middleton, Manchester] AW/76
Cumberland Granite Co. [Embleton] BH4/90
Cumberland Tarred Slag Ltd [Workington] [Tanker] RT130
Cwmgwrach & Empire Collieries Ltd [Swansea]
– see also Caerbryn ~ AW/146 KM/71 KT4/106
Cwmllynfell Anthracite Collieries Ltd
[nr Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen] KT4/73
Cymmer Colliery – see George Insole
Cwmteg Anthracite Colliery Co. Ltd
[nr Brynamman, Swansea] KT2/44 KT4/180
Cwmtillery [Abertillery]
– see also Lancaster’s Steam Coal Collieries Ltd KT3/51
C W S Ltd – see Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd
Cynon Colliery Co. Ltd [‘CYNON’] [Port Talbot] KM/71 KT8/61

Dalton Main Collieries Ltd [Rotherham] AW/126 KT9/43
James Dangerfield [Gloucester] IP2/20
Alfred Danks Ltd [Gloucester] IP2/19*
P. Dannatt [Hull] BH3/26
Darfield Main Colliery [‘DARFIELD’] [nr Barnsley] KT8/63
Darkhill & Ellwood [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/44 KM/71
Darton Main Colliery [Barnsley] BH2/60
J. W. Darvell [Chorley Wood, Herts] KT7/40
Darwen & Mostyn Iron Co. Ltd [Mostyn, Flintshire] AT1
Dashwood & Partners Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT131* RT2/46
Davey, Thompson & Adler [London] KT9/48
David & Sant Ltd [Parkend area, Gloucs] IP1/151
Davies & Attwater [Cirencester] IP2/136* IP3/127*
Davies Brothers [Crumlin, Caerphilly] KM/71
D. Davies & Co. [Cardiff] [‘Ocean Steam Coal’] KM/71
D.M. Davies [Theale, Somerset (?)] KM/71
Edward Davies [Machynlleth] KM/72 ML20
Evan Davies [Penrhiwceiber, Rhondda] KM/72 ML6*
Griffith Davies & Son [Aberdowey] ML6*
J.L. Davies & Co.Ltd [London] BH4/4
Joseph Davies & Son [Rock Ferry, Birkenhead] BH5/28
N. Davies [Oswestry] ML23*
Richard J Davies [Chester] KT6/180
Wm D. Davies & Co. [Llanelly] KM/72 KT4/152
W. R. Davies & Co. [Liverpool] KT8/65
John Davies Rogers [Four Crosses, Wales] ML8*
Davis & Co. [Market Lavington, Wilts] KM/72
D. Davis & Sons [‘DF’] [Cardiff (?)] KM/73
David Davis [‘DA’] [Cardiff (?)] [Early dumb buffered wagon] KM/73
F.J. Davis [Aylesbury] KM/vii
G. Davis [Swindon] IP1/119
A. G. Dawbarn [‘AGD’] [London] KT8/67
Dawson Bros [Swindon] KM/73
Arthur Day [Swindon] KM/73 KT8/68
Edward Day [Stratton Station, Wilts] KT8/68
George Day [Foss Cross, Gloucs] IP2/130 KM/73
R. Dayus [Worcester] KM/74
D. C. – see Desford Colliery
D.C.A. – see Doncaster Collieries Association
D.C.L. – see The Distillers Company Limited
Dean Forest Central Collieries Ltd [Blakeney, Gloucs] IP1/146*
Dean Forest Coal Co. [Lydney] IP1/71 IP3/122
[Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]
Dean Forest Consolidated Iron Co. [Unknown] IP3/122*
Dean Forest Hematite Co. [unknown] IP1/136*
Dean Forest Navigation Coal & Fuel Co.
[Whitecroft, nr Lydney, Gloucs] IP1/42 KM/74
Dean, Waddington & Co. Ltd [Blackburn] AT1
Dearne Valley Colliery Co [nr Barnsley] AT3
Dechmont [‘DECHMONT’] [Newton, Scotland] LT38
John Delaney [Horton in Ribblesdale, later Settle]
– see also Settle Limes Ltd KT8/70
Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries Co. Ltd [‘DENABY’]
[Conisborough, S. Yorks] BH4/61 KT2/47 KT5/173 KT7/149
Denby Colliery (Drury-Lowe Ltd)
[Denby nr Ripley, Derbys] AT1
Denby Grange Collieries [Wakefield] AT3 BH2/6 KT1/54
The Denton Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Manchester] BH3/5
Derby Co-operative Provident Society Ltd BH2/80 KT3/39
Derby Working Men¹s Coal Co. Ltd KT5/66
Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Electric Power Co.
[Spondon, Derbys] KT7/41
The Derbyshire Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd
[New Whittington nr Chesterfield] CS/64 KT3/108
Derbyshire County Council [Cromford & elsewhere] BH4/51
Derbyshire Fumeless Coke [Banbury]
– see also H.O. White KMvii
Derbyshire Stone Co. Ltd
– see also Constable Hart & Co. Ltd AT3
Desford Coal Co. [‘D.C.C.’] [Leics] LT30-31
Desford Colliery [‘D C’] [Leics] AT2 KT1/55 LT30
R. Deveson & Co. [Ramsgate] AT2
Dewsbury Corporation [‘night soil’ wagon] BH3/27
Diamond Anthracite Mine Co. Ltd [Ystalyfera, Wales] KM/74 KT1/56 KT4/15 KT4/177
Henry Diaper (Bulk Liquids) Ltd [Liverpool] [Bogie tanker] RT2/26
W. B. Dick & Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] BH5/69 RT131
J. Dickenson [Stroud, Gloucs] IP2/160 KM/74
Dickinson & Cox [Stroud, Gloucs] IP2/162
Dickinson & Prosser [Stroud, Gloucs] IP2/160 KM/74
Dickinson, Prosser & Cox [Stroud & Chalford, Gloucs] IP1/113
John Dickinson & Co. [Watford] AT2
Digby Colliery Co. Ltd [Notts] BH4/53 KT3/40 KT8/152*
Dillwyn Colliery [nr Brynteg, Glam.] AT1 KT4/111 KT7/151*
Dinham, Fawcus & Co. Ltd [London] KM/74 KT3/41
Dinnington Coke [nr Rotherham] KT5/68
Dinnington Main Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Rotherham] AT1 BH2/55 CS/155[tiny photo] KT5/66
The Direct Coal Supply Co. [Gloucester & Cheltenham] KM/75
IP2/front cover
The Distillers Company Limited [‘DCL’] [London]
[Tankers] RT2/front cover RT2/56 RT2/back cover
Distillers MG [Unknown] [Modern tanker] RT2/32
Walter J. Dixon [Southampton] KM/75
Dolphins Coal & Coke Co. Ltd [Tetbury, Gloucs] IP2/147*
Doncaster Collieries Association [DCA] AT1 BH1/31
Douglas Bank Colliery [Wigan] AW/175
Dovercourt Bay Co-operative Society Ltd [Harwich]
– see Harwich, Dovercourt & Parkestone Co-op Society
George E. Dowding [Patchway, nr Bristol] IP2/230* IP3/128*
Dowdings Ltd [Little Easton, Derbys] BH5/79
N. Dowell [Prestatyn] PM/42
Dowlais Iron Co. [‘DOWLAIS’] [Merthyr Tydfil] IP1/163 KM/75
Thurston Dowler [Honeybourne, Gloucs] IP2/119
Dowlow Lime & Stone Co. [Buxton] KT9/50
Edwin Draisey [Acton] KM/76
Drake & Mount [Bracknell, Berks] AT1
‘Druid’ - see Aberthaw & Bristol Channel Portland Cement Co.
Drury-Lowe Ltd – see Denby Colliery
William Duck [Stratton, Wilts] IP1/119
Dudley & Gibson [Bristol] IP1/136 IP3/41 KM/76
Duffryn Aberdare [Aberdare] KM/76
Duffryn Amman Anthracite Colliery Co. [Glanamman] AW/148
Duffryn Amman Colliery Co. (1912) Ltd [nr Glanamman] KT4/112
Duffryn Rhondda Colliery Co. Ltd [also D R] [Port Talbot] KT2/50
Dulais Anthracite Collieries Co. Ltd [Onllwyn] BH5/21 KM/77 KT4/113 KT7/151*
Corporation of Dundee Gas Dept AT1
Dunkerton [Coal Factors or Collieries Ltd, Bath] AT2 BH1/96 IP1/101 IP3/87 PM/36
James Durnford & Son Ltd [Bristol] BH1/97 IP3/44
Dursley Coal Co. [Gloucs] IP2/207
Dussek Bitumen Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT131
Dutton Massey & Co Ltd [Birkenhead] AT2 BH3/6 KT9/50
Duxbury Park Colliery [‘DUXBURY’] [Adlington, Lancs] AW/77
Thomas Duxbury & Co. [Manchester] KT7/43

Eaglesbush (Hughes Vein) Colliery Co. Ltd [‘EAGLESBUSH’] [Neath] KM/77 KT9/54
Eales & Roberts [Long Buckby, Northants] KM/77 KT2/53
Earl Fitzwilliam’s Elsecar Collieries Co.
[‘ELSECAR’] [nr Rotherham] AT3 BH3/28 KT8/72
Earl of Dudley [‘E D’] [West Midlands & Worcs] KT6/51 PM/35
Philip Earl & Co. [Cardiff] AW/147 IP1/147* KM/37 KM/77 KT1/124
East Ardsley Colliery [nr Wakefield] –see Henry Briggs, Sons & Co.Ltd
East Cannock Colliery Co. Ltd [‘E C C’] [Hednesford] AT1 KT6/55 KT8/155*
East Downshire Steam Ship Co. Ltd [Dundrum, N. Ireland] PM/18
The East Glamorgan Coal Co. [unknown] [Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]
East Walbottle Coal Co. Ltd [Newcastle on Tyne] BH4/91
Easter Hematite Iron Ore Co. Ltd [Milkwall, Gloucs] IP1/157
Easter Iron Mines [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/157 KM/78
Eastern United [Cinderford, Gloucs] – see also
Henry Crawshay & Co. Ltd AT2 AW/150 IP1/65
Eastern Valleys Black Vein Collieries Ltd [nt Pontypool] AW/148
Eastwoods Ltd [London] AT3
Thomas A. Eaves [Birmingham] AT1
Ebano Oil Co. Ltd [Grangemouth] [Tanker] RT131
Ebbw Vale Co. [nr Bream, Gloucs] IP1/163*
Ebbw Vale Collieries [‘EBBW VALE’] [unknown – may be the same as Ebbw Vale Co.] AT2
Edward Eastwood [Chesterfield] BH4/52
E.C.G.D. – see Edinburgh Corporation Gas Dept
Eccleshall Industrial & Provident Society Ltd [also
Sheffield & Eccleshall Co-operative Society Ltd] BH2/57
Eckersley Bros [Uttoxeter] KT2/53
Eckington – see J & G Wells Ltd
The Economic Coal Co [Kidderminster] KM/78
Frederick Rosevere Edens [‘F. EDENS’] [Oxford] KM/78 KT9/55
James Edge [also J E][Manchester] AW/80 BH4/77
E.W.F. Edgwick [Tewkesbury] KM/78 IP2/111 IP3/126*
Edinburgh & Leith Corporation Gas Commissioners [‘E & L. C. G. C.’] [Tanker & Wagon] AW/121 RT131 RT2/19
Edinburgh Collieries Co. Ltd [Wallyford] AT1 AW/120 BH4/96
Edinburgh Corporation Gas Dept [‘E. C. G. D.’] AT2
Edmunds Brothers [Llantwit Fardre nr Pontypridd] KM/79 KT9/57
Bernard Edwards [later ‘& Brown’] [Gloucester] IP2/21
Edward Edwards [Bristol] IP3/45*
Lewis Edwards [Towyn] ML27*
Silvester Edwards [Weston Super Mare] KM/79
W. H. Edwards [Dudley] AT2
William Edwards [Oswestry] ML23*
The Eifionyd Farmer’s Association [Pwllheli] ML27* PM/42
The Either Side Brake Co. Ltd [London] AT1 KM/79
E & L. C. G. C.
– see Edinburgh & Leith Corporation Gas Commissioners
Eland Sweet [Fishponds, Bristol] IP3/100
Elders Navigation Collieries Ltd [Cardiff] KM/79 KT2/54 KT5/170
Eliott & Co [Plymouth] KT6/180
Ellerbeck Collieries Co. [Adlington, Lancs] AW/78
Benjamin Elliott & Sons Ltd [Lepton nr Huddersfield] BH2/59
Ellis & Everard Ltd [Bedford, Leicester etc] AT2 KT5/70
Joseph Ellis & Sons Ltd [Leicester] AT3
Joseph J. Ellis [Nailstone Colliery, Bagworth] KM/79 RE/54
Harry Ellison Ltd [Cleckheaton] KT6/164
[rectangular Tanker] AC73 RT131[same photo]
Ellistown Colliery [Leics] KT5/76
Elsecar [nr Rotherham]
– see also Earl Fitzwilliam’s Elsecar Collieries AT3
Ely Gas Co. Ltd AT2
Reginald Emanuel [Newport, Mon.]
– see also James & Emanuel Ltd KT9/86
Thomas G. Emanuel [Newport, Mon.]
– see also James & Emanuel Ltd KT9/86
Embling & Son [Challow] KM/79
Emlyn Anthracite Colliery Ltd [Penygroes nr Swansea] BH1/107 KT4/115
Empire Collieries [Neath] AT1
Enderby Granite Quarries [Leics] KM/80
English Beet Sugar Corporation Ltd, Cantley [Norfolk] [Tanker] KT6/174
English China Clays Ltd [St Austell, Cornwall] BH4/18
English Welsh & Scottish Railway [‘EWS’] [Various locations] [modern tanker] RT132
England’s Glory Matches – see S.J. Moreland & Sons
George Eskins [Gloucester] IP2/21*
William H. Essery [‘ESSERY’] [Swansea] KT4/153 KT9/6
Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd [also Anglo American, Pratts, Royal Daylight etc] [London]
   [Tankers] AC59 AC92 PM/43 RT133&c RT2/11 RT2/24 RT2/48 RT2/57 RT2/61
   1957 35 ton tanker RT31 RT2/28
   1958 35 ton tanker RT32
   1966 bitumen tanker RT2/33
Evans & Bevan Ltd [Neath] AT3 BH1/108 KM/80 KT4/121 KT5/181* KT7/151* ML36
Evans, Adlard & Co. Ltd [Winchcombe, Gloucs] IP2/116
D. Evans [Llanymynech] ML12*D. Robert Evans & Hughes [Swansea] KM/80
Harry D. Evans & Rogers [Llanelly & Swansea] KM/80 KT4/154 KT7/151*
John Evans [Newtown, Powys] BH5/29 ML23*
Richard Evans [Machynlleth] ML20*
W. Evans [Whitney-on-Wye] KM/81
A. T. Everitt & Co. [West Kensington, London] KT1/57
Samuel Evers & Sons [Stourbridge] KM/81 KT2/58
Eveson [Barnsley] AT3
G. J. Eveson [Stourbridge] CS/68* KM/81
Evesons (Coal) Ltd [‘EVESON’] [Birmingham] BH3/72 CS/70 KT2/58 KT3/113 KT5/174 KT8/152*
A. Evinson [Kelty, Fife] AT2
Thomas Excell & Co. [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/190*
The Executors of John Hargreaves Ltd – see Hargreaves
Exeter Gas Light & Coke Company
Exhall Colliery [nr Coventry] KT5/78 KT8/154*

John Facer & Son [Luton] AT1 KT1/58
W. Fairclough [Blackpool] BH1/53
J. Fairweather & Son [Peterborough] AT1
Falcon Wagon & Coal Co. Ltd [Cardiff] AT3
Falk Salt [Salt Union] [Winsford CLC] [van] PM/11
T.W. Farmer Jnr. [Shoreditch] BH1/80
The Farmers, Lime, Coal & General Supply Co. [sic]
[Welshpool] ML28*
John Farmiloe [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/190*
W & J. Farish [Chester] KM/81
A.C. Farnworth & Sons [Preston] BH4/78
W.D. Farrar [also ‘FARRAR’][Cheltenham, Stroud,
Cirencester, Leckhampton etc] IP2/78 IP2/132 KM/82
   [Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]
William D. Faulkner [Stratfotd on Avon] KM/82
F B – see Fountain & Burnley Ltd
Fear Bros Ltd [Staines] KT3/42 KT7/141
Featherstone Main Collieries [Wakefield] KT9/78 [small views]
Felinfoel Brewery [nr Llanelly] KM/82 KT3/62
Felinfran Colliery Co. Ltd [Swansea] AT2 KT2/76
Felixtowe Railway & Pier Co. [‘F.R & P. Co.’] KM/81
Arthur Fellows [Rotherham] BH4/63
Ferens & Love Cornsay Colliery & Brickworks
[Cornsay, County Durham] CS/118 [small part view]
Fernhill Collieries Ltd [‘FERNHILL’] [Cardiff] AT3 AW/151 KM/82 KT/3/frontispiece KT8/75
Ffrith Colliery Company [Ffryth] ML36*
Field [Bristol] IP3/45*
Field & Mackay [Ludlow] AT1 KT3/33
George Field & Son [Lower Sydenham, London] BH4/5
W.R. Field & Co. [Newent, Gloucs] IP2/236*
Fielding & Platt [Gloucester] IP2/22
The Fife Coal Co. Ltd [Leven] BH4/99
Fina [London] [Tankers, from 1948] RT156&c
E. Finch & Co. [unknown] IP1/147*
H. Finch & Son [Andoversford, Gloucs] BH5/29 IP2/127 KM/82
William J. Finch [Andoversford, Gloucs] IP2/128
Firbeck Colliery [‘FIRBECK’] [nr Rotherham] AT3
Firestone Tyres – see Milner Thomas & Co. Ltd
J.D. Firmston & Co. [Richmond, Surrey] BH4/6
The First Garden City Ltd [Letchworth] KT1/58
Fishponds Coal Co. [Bristol] IP3/45*
Fisons Fertiliser [[Unknown] [Modern tanker] RT2/32
FLEETWOOD FISH – see The Clifton Steam Trawlers Co. Ltd
Fleetwood Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd [Lancs] KT9/58
Fletcher Burrows & Co. [‘ATHERTON’]
[Atherton, Lancs] AW/60 KT8/78 LT32
W. Fletcher & Son Ltd [‘FLETCHER’]
[Leeds & Bradford] KT9/59
Flimby Colliery Co. [Cumbria] BH5/20
A.J. Flint – see Trent Oil Products Ltd
Flockton Coal Co. Ltd [Wakefield] BH1/32
Florence Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [Longton, Stoke on Trent] BH2/96
Flour Mill Colliery Co. [Forest of Dean] IP1/146*
Flower & Sons, Ltd [Stratford on Avon] KM/83 KT3/43 KT5/177* KT8/153*
A. Flowers & Co Ltd [Portsmouth] BH4/19
Forbes, Abbott & Lennard [possibly Kingston, Kent]
[c1887 acid tank wagon] RE/102
P.A. Ford [Lechlade, Gloucs] IP2/142*
B.J. Forder & Son Ltd [Hampshire & Bedfordshire] – see also London Brick Co. & Forders Ltd KT9/61
S. H. Fordham & Co. [Baldock, Herts] KT5/80
Forest Coal Co. [Forest of Dean, Gloucs] IP2/231*
Forest of Dean Coal Co. [unknown] IP3/122*
Forest of Dean Coal Merchants listed from 1876 – 1939
[NB – this is purely a list of names and locations
of those not dealt with individually elsewhere in
the book] IP1/107
Forest of Dean Iron Co. [Parkend, Gloucs] IP1/159*
The Forest of Dean Iron & Steel Co. Ltd [unknown] IP1/162*
Forest of Dean Mining Co. Ltd [Parkend area, Gloucs] IP1/146*
Forest of Dean Stone Firms [Gloucs, unspecified] IP1/151* IP3/122*
Forest Rock Granite Co. (Leicestershire) Ltd [nr Whitwick] AT2
Forest Steam Coal Co. [Gloucester] IP1/43
Forrest & Co. [Southport] AW/82 KT9/64
Fosdick [Ipswich] AT1 BH5/71[distant view] KT9/28[ditto]
Foster & Co. [Emsworth, Chichester Harbour] KT9/65
Foster Bros. [Carlisle] PM/38
Foster Bros. [Gloucester] IP2/22*
Foster Yeoman Ltd [Wells, Somerset] AT1 BH3/107
E. Foster & Co. [London] BH1/81 KT6/58 KT7/159*
John G. Foster [Montpelier, Bristol] IP3/46*
S.G. Foster [Thame] KM/83
Fothergill Brothers [Exeter] [Tanker] BH2/124
Fountain & Burnley Ltd [‘F B’] [Barnsley] AT3
BH5/72 [poor view]
John Fowler & Co [Burchill nr Hereford] IP1/147* KM/83
Thomas Fowler [Cheltenham] IP2/81 KM/83
W. Fowler [Norwich] BH5/86*
Fox [‘FOX’] [Samuel Fox & Co. Ltd] [Derby] AT2 BH1/6 LT42
F. Fox & Partners [Derby] BH1/6 KT5/81 KT7/154
Foxes Bridge Colliery [nr Lydney, Forest of Dean] IP1/32 IP2/231*
Foxfield Colliery [Dilhorne nr Cheadle] ML37
Frampton Haemetite Mining Co. [Yate, Gloucs] IP2/222 KM/84
Henry Francis [Ridgmont, Beds] KT6/64
Franklin [‘FRANKLIN’] [Bedford] AT3 CS/60
H. Franklin & Son [Biggleswade, Bedfordshire] KT2/60
KT8/152* KT9/149
Charles Franklin [Bedford] KT3/44 KT8/153*
Ernest Franklin [Culham, Oxon] KM/84
Fraser & Co. [Woodgrange Park, London] KT9/66
Fraser, Ricketts & Co. [Liverpool] KM/84
Freightliner Heavy Haul [Humberside & elsewhere]
[Modern tankers] RT161*
Fremlin Brothers [Maidstone] [Box van] CS/82 KM/84
The French Anthracite Co. [Swansea] – see also Caerbryn KM/85 KT4/47
Bernard T. Frost [Witney, Oxon] IP2/141 KM/frontispiece KT6/64
W. H. Fryer [Milkwall, Gloucs] IP1/163* IP2/231*
Alfred J. Fudge [Bristol] IP3/46*
Herbert J. Fudge [Bristol] IP3/47*
H Fulcher [Norwich] BH1/66 PM/32
Fulton & Co. Ltd. [London] AT1 KT2/61
Furnace Hill & Renshaw Park Collieries
[‘RENISHAW PARK’] [Eckington nr Sheffield]
AT3 [under ‘R’]
Fussell Bros [West Ealing, London] KT8/80
Sidney Fussell [Bitton & Warmley, nr Bristol] IP3/119*

‘G’ – see Edward Adlington
Isaiah Gadd [later ‘& Co. Ltd’] [Wokingham, Berks] KM/85 KT6/66
Container [‘Lift Van’] for wagon mounting [1897] RE/92
J. W. Gadsden & Co. Ltd [Vauxhall nr Birmingham] KT8/81
S. M. Gael & Co. [Bristol] IP3/47*
C & F Gaen [Port Talbot] KM/85
Gamman Son & Carter [London] KM/85
Gann & Brown [Whitstable on Sea] AT1 KT6/69
C. E. Gardner [Norwich] AT2 KT2/64
W. T. Garlick & Co. [Bristol] IP3/47*
Garston & District Co-operative Society Ltd
[Garston, Lancs] AW/81
Garswood Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [also ‘Garswood Hall’
& ‘Park Lane Wigan’ & others] [Wigan] AT2 AW/97 KM/85 KT8/81
Garth & Co. [Rhiwderin] KM/86
Garth Collieries Ltd [Swansea] AT3 KT6/70
Garth Merthyr Colliery [Maesteg] PM/13
W. H. Garton & Co. [Grantham] BH5/80
Gas Company [‘GAS COMPANY’] [Penistone]
– see Penistone & District Gas Company
‘Gas For Economy’ – see Birkenhead Gas Works
The Gas Light & Coke Co. [Southall, London] BH3/96
Gas Lighting Improvement Co. Ltd [also Glico]
[‘CARBURINE MOTOR SPIRIT’] [London] [Tankers] RT161 RT2/18
Henry John Gasson [Rye, Sussex] [Tent manufacturer] KT9/67
G. Gay & Sons [unknown] IP1/147*
GCG – see Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Colliery Co. Ltd
Gedling [Colliery] [Notts] – see Digby Colliery Co.
Frank Gegg & Co. [Cirencester] IP2/137
E. R. Gell [King’s Norton, Birmingham] KM/frontispiece KT6/71
Gellyceidrim Collieries Co. Ltd [Swansea] KM/86 KT2/65 KT4/178
Gellyonen Collieries Ltd [Swansea] KM/86
General Coal Supply Co. Ltd [‘GENERAL’] [Grimsby] AT2
General Electric Rail Services [‘GERS’] West Wales]
[modern tankers] RT163
General Petroleum Co. Ltd [[LT&SR area] [Tanker] AC83 RT163 [same photo]
General Refractories Ltd [Sheffield] AT1
George & Matthews [Wolverhampton] KM/86 KT6/72
P.[erveur] V. George [Gloucester] IP2/24*
T. George & Sons [Gloucester] IP2/23 IP3/124* KM/86
W.C. Gethen [Hereford] IP1/133
Gething & Grice [London] BH5/63
H. Gilbert & Son [Birmingham] BH4/31
W. Gilbertson & Co. Ltd [Pontardawe] AT1
Gilwen Colliery [Swansea] KM/87 KT4/62
Gittings & Sons [Barton Station, Hereford] KM/87
G K B [Jersey Marine, GWR. S. Wales] AT2
Glan-Garnant Colliery [Garnant, Wales] KM/87 KT1/59 KT4/179
Glanamman Anthracite Collieries Ltd [Swansea] KT4/127
Glasbrook Brothers Ltd [also John Glasbrook] [Swansea] AT1 KM/87 KT7/46 RE/57
Glascote Colliery Co. Ltd [Tamworth] AT3
Glasgow Iron & Steel Co. Ltd [Wishaw] AT1
Glass Houghton & Castleford Collieries Ltd [nr Pontefract] AT3 BH5/78 [part view] KT8/85
Glebe Colliery [Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent] ML37
Glenavon Garw Collieries Ltd [‘GLENAVON’] [Port Talbot] AT3/front cover AT3 KT6/72 KT7/157* KT9/154
Glengarnock Chemical Co [nr Glasgow] [Tanker] RT2/16
Glenhafod [Port Talbot] BH1/109
Glico Petroleum Co. Ltd – see Gas Lighting Improvement Co. Ltd
GLM [Aberdare] LT53
GLOBE 3A [Tanker] – see Corn Products Co. Ltd
Gloucester Co-operative & Industrial Society Ltd IP2/25 IP3/124*
Gloucester Co-operative Society Ltd KM/88
Gloucester Corporation [Corporation of Gloucester] IP2/28
Electricity Dept IP1/130 IP2/29
[The] [Gloucester] Direct Coal Supply Co. IP2/30
[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]
Gloucester Foundry Ltd IP2/33
Gloucester Gas Light Company IP1/129 IP2/34 KT1/61
Gloucester Highways Board IP2/36*
Gloucester National Filling Factory IP2/36*
Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd CS/83 IP1/147*
IP2/36 KM/88 KT3/111 LT25-26
– Employees’ Coal Club KT2/36*
Gloucester Railwaymen’s Direct Coal Supply Association IP2/40
Gloucester Urban Sanitary Authority IP2/36*
Gloucester Wagon Company Ltd KM/87
Gloucestershire Council IP2/42
Glovegrove [‘GLOVEGROVE’] [Wirksworth, Derbys] BH5/81
James Glover Ltd [Bingley] BH2/ii
Glyncoch Colliery [J & D. W. John] [Glamorgan] AT1
Glyncoed Collieries Ltd [Llanelly] BH2/125
Glyncorrwg Colliery Co. Ltd [Briton Ferry, then Cardiff] KM/88 KT2/67 KT4/181
Glynea & Castle Coal & Brick Co. Ltd [Llanelly] Bh2/126
Golden Valley Paper Mills [Bitton, S. Gloucs] IP3/120
Goldendale Iron Co. [Stoke on Trent] AW/52
Goldthorpe Colliery [nr Rotherham]
– see also Henry Lodge Ltd AT2 AW/127 KT8/88
Gollop & Ridler [Lydney, Gloucs] IP1/145* IP2/231*
Goodland(s) Ltd [Taunton] BH4/introduction IP1/147*
Goold & Son [Oxford] KM/88
Goold Bros [Soudley Furnace, Forest of Dean, Gloucs] IP2/232*
Alfred Goold & Co. [Forest of Dean, Gloucs] IP2/232* IP3/122*
W.T. Goolden & Co. [London] KM/88
Goole Co-operative Society Ltd AT1
John Gore [Cardiff] KM/88
Gortac Ltd [‘GORTAC’] [Manchester] AT3
John Gosling [Gloucester] [wagon ownership unknown] IP2/61*
D. V. Gostick [Bradford] KT5/89
Gould & Baker [Bristol] IP3/47*
Gow’s [‘GOW’S’] [London] PM/33
Graham [Cardiff] KM/89
W. Graham-Yooll & Co. [Leith] [Tanker] RT163
Graham’s Navigation [Cardiff] AW/152
Graigola Merthyr Colliery Co. Ltd [Swansea] AT2 KT2/69
Granophast – see British Quarrying Co. Ltd
Granville, Smith & Co. [Bristol] IP3/47*
The Graphite Oils Co. Ltd [‘TRUMULSION’]
[Grimsby] [Tanker] RT163
Grassmoor Colliery Co. [Chesterfield] AT1 BH4/54
John Walter Gravenell [Tewkesbury]
[wagon ownership uncertain] IP2/113
Gray Brothers [London] AT1
G. H. Gray [Enfield, Middx] AT1
Robert Gray & Co. [Birmingham] KT8/89
M. & W. Grazebrook Ltd [nr Dudley, W. Mids] BH4/32 CS/85* KT6/77 KT8/155*
Greasboro’ Coal Co. [Rotherham] AW/130
Great Barr Colliery Co. Ltd – see Hamstead
Great Central Railway [‘G C’]
[built by the Ince Wggon Co for the GCR] AW/172
The Great Grimsby Coal Salt and Tanning Co. Ltd
[Grimsby] AT2 BH4/64
Great Grimsby Co-operative Society Ltd KT3/39
Great Mountain Collieries Co. Ltd [Llanelly] BH2/128 KT4/39
KT5/181* KT9/150
Great Western Colliery Co [Lydney, Gloucs] IP2/232*
Great Western Colliery Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KT3/61 KT8/89
Great Western Iron Co. [Soudley, Gloucs] IP1/161
Great Western Railway [Tanker to Diagram DD3] RT165 RT2/21
The Great Western Railwaymen’s [sic] Coal Association
[Tondu] KM/89
Great Wheel Prosper China Clay & Stone Co. Ltd
[Roche, Cornwall] KT9/68
Green, Holland & Sons [London] KM/90
George Green [Aberystwyth] ML6*
J.R. Green & Co. [Oxford] KM/90
Greenhill Colliery Co. Ltd [Ochiltree, East Ayrshire] PM/40
Gregory & Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/47*
Cyril Gregory [‘GREGORY’] [Kentish Town, London] KM/90 KT7/48
Gresford Colliery Co. Ltd [Wrexham] BH3/73
Victor Grey & Co. [Ltd] [Swansea] BH5/80 IP1/124 KT4/155
‘The Greys Brewery. Henley on Thames’ [box van] IP2/163
Griff Collieries [‘GRIFF’] [Nuneaton] AT3 BH4/28 KT1/62
Griffith Davies & Son [Aberdowey] ML6*
Griffith Thomas [Onllwyn & Swansea] KT4/139
Ernest Griffith [Chester] KM/90
Griffiths [Liverpool] AT3
Griffiths & Jones [Oswestry] ML23*
A.E. Griffiths [Dymock, Gloucs] IP2/236 KM/90
William Griffiths [Llanelly] KM/90
Maurice Griffiths Williams [Duffryn] ML8*
Richard Griffiths [Llandinam] ML9*
Grindley & Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] KT7/49
H. Grist & Co. Ltd [Woodchester, Gloucs] IP2/185
J. Grist & Co. [Dudbridge, Gloucs] IP2/185 IP1/147*
Matthew Grist [Woodchester, Gloucs] IP1/136 IP2/185 KM/91
Groby Granite Co. Ltd [nr Leicester] AT2
Walter Grocock [Gainsborough] – see Walter Boynton
Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds Ltd [Cwmbran Colliery, Newport]
– see also Patent Nut & Bolt Co. Ltd KM/91 KT8/123
W. A. Guinness [Rathbone Rd Sidings, CLC, Liverpool] BH5/30
Gulf Oil (GB) Ltd [London] [Tankers, old and new] AC94 RT165 RT2/33[Milford Haven] RT2/59
Oliver J. Gullick [Bristol] IP3/48
S.P. Gunn & Sons [Okehampton] KM/91
Gurnos Anthracite Collieries Co. Ltd [Swansea] KT4/21 KT8/156
Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Colliery Co. Ltd [also G C G] KT4/87
Gwaunclawdd Anthracite Collieries Co. Ltd [Abercrave] KT4/67
Gwendraeth Anthracite Collieries Co. Ltd [Swansea] KM/91 KT4/50
Thomas Gwilliam [Shortstanding nr Coleford, Gloucs] IP3/122*
H.A. Gwinnell [Cheltenham] IP1/134 IP2/83

Haagensen Watt & Co.[Hull] BH5/85*
J. Hackett & Co. [Birmingham] KT9/69
John Hadfield & Sons [Sheffield] [Tanker] BH2/61 RT167
Hafodyrynys [Pontypool] AT3
Haigh Moor Coal Co. Ltd [Crigglestone] BH3/30
Haine & Corry [Gloucester] IP2/43
George Hale & Co. [Birmingham & Dudley] KM/91 KT2/71
T. L. Hale (Tipton) Ltd [Dudley Port, later Tipton] KT7/50
George W. Halford [Honeybourne, Gloucs] IP2/119*
Halifax Industrial Society Ltd AT1 BH5/40
Hall & Co. [Croydon] BH3/98 BH4/introduction KT6/78
Hall & Son [Yate, Gloucs] IP2/223*
Hall & Sons (Coal Ltd) [Macclesfield & elsewhere] KT3/45
Hall, Lewis & Co. [Cardiff] BH5/72[poor view] CS/87 KM/91
D. G. Hall & Co. Ltd [Newport, Mon.] AT2
F. J. Hall Ltd [Lichfield] AT1
Henry Hall & Son [Blackpool] AT3
H. Hector Hall [Clifton, Bristol] IP3/50*
Herbert Hall & Son [Cradley Heath] BH2/95
W. Hall & Co. Ltd [unknown] IP1/147*
Wynn Hall [Ruabon] KM/92
Hall’s Collieries Ltd [‘HALL’S’] [Swadlincote, Derbys] AT3 KT1/63 KT7/140 KT8/152*
Halstead Co-operative Society Ltd [Halstead, Essex] AT3
Hamilton Palace Colliery [nr Rothwell, Leeds] AT2
R. T. Hammond [Swansea] KT4/156
Hamstead Colliery [Birmingham] AT1
Hanks & Gwinnell [Cheltenham] IP2/83* IP3/125*
T. S. Hanson [Blyton nr Gainsborough, Lincs] BH5/84*
Hanwood Colliery [nr Shrewsbury] ML37
Happerfields [unknown] IP1/147*
Hard Stone Firms Ltd [Bath] KM/92
Alfred Harding [Gloucester] IP2/44*
Benjamin Harding [Swindon] KM/92
Fred Hardisty [Blackpool] BH2/26
Josiah Hardman [Milton, Staffs] LT46
The Hardwick Colliery Co.Ltd [‘HARDWICK’]
[nr Chesterfield] AT2 BH3/62 KT3/60 KT9/70
Hardy & Co. [Kew Bridge, London] KT9/73
Thomas Hardy Ltd [Stalybridge, Lancs] KT9/74
John Hare & Co. [Bristol] [rectangular tanker] IP3/51 RT167
Hargreaves Fuel Oil – see Charrington Fuel Oils Ltd
Hargreaves Colliery Co. Ltd [Accrington] AT1
James Hargreaves & Sons [Leeds] BH2/62
The Executors of John Hargreaves Ltd
[Burnley Collieries] [Burnley] AW/82 BH3/7
W. Harper & Sons [Kilburn, London] AT3
Walter Harper [Dawley, Shrops] KT8/92
Harpers [Southampton] KM/92
The Harrington Coke Ovens [Ltd, of Lowca] BH2/27
Harris & Co. [Woodchester, Gloucs] IP2/187 KM/92
Harris Deep Navigation [Cardiff] KM/92
Harris, Jenks & Co. Ltd [Cardiff] – see Roberts, Jenks & Co. Ltd
Alfred G. Harris & Co. Bristol] IP3/51*
S. H. Harris & Co. [Cheltenham]
[Wagon ownership unknown] IP2/107*
Harrison & Camm Ltd [Rotherham] CS/90 KT9/157*[wagon order records, 1861 – 1866]
George K. Harrison Ltd [Stourbridge] KM/93
J.& C. Harrison [‘J & C. H’] [London & Cardiff]
– see also Harrisons (London) (1931) Ltd CS/92 KM/93 KT5/90
J. K. Harrison & Co. [St Pancras & Marelebone [sic] ] AT2
T. Harrison & Sons [Hollinwood] BH2/29
William Harrison Limited [Brownhills nr Walsall] AT1 AT2 KT8/93
Harrisons (1931) Ltd [Swansea] AT1
Harrisons (London) (1931) Ltd [London & Cardiff] KT5/90
Harrods [London] AT2
David Harry & Bros. [Llanelly] AW/149
W.H. Hart & Co [Malvern Wells, Worcs] KM/93
W. T. Hartley & Son [Leeds] KT7/52
Hartnell & Son [Taunton & Bishops Lydeard] BH1/98 IP1/117
The Harts Hill Iron Co. Ltd [Brierley Hill]
– see also N. Hingley & Sons Ltd KM/93 KT6/86
T. H. Harvey [Plymouth] BH5/84*
Harwich, Dovercourt & Parkestone Co-op Society [Essex] KT8/96
George Harwood [Birmingham] KT2/74
Harworth Colliery – see Barber-Walker & Co. Ltd
Haslers [Dunmow, nr Braintree, Essex] AT3
Hatfield Main Colliery [Doncaster] BH2/63 KT1/64
Hathway [Ryeford, Gloucs] IP2/180
Haunchwood Colliery Co. [Nuneaton] AT3 BH3/74 KT2/75
Haverhill Urban District Council AT2
A. J. Hawkins & Son [Richmond, Surrey] BH2/112
Joseph Hawkins & Sons Ltd [nr Cannock]
[Cannock Old Coppice Colliery] ML38
T. A. Hawkins & Sons Ltd [Cannock] [COCC, as above] AT1 BH2/94
Hawkwell Colliery & Hawkwell Tinplate Works
[nr Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/144*
Haydock Colliery [St Helens] AT3 KT5/94
William Hayes [Northwich] KM/94 LT10
Enoch Haythorne Ltd [Heckmondwike] BH3/31
Hayton Refineries (1932) Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT168
Hayward [Colchester] AT3
Haywood & Barton? [name unclear] [Patchway, nr Bristol] IP2/230
Haywood Colliery Co. [Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/144* IP3/123*
H. Hazell [Streatham] KM/94
Samuel Healing & Sons [Tewkesbury] IP2/113 IP3/126* KM/94
Heath [Ipswich] AT3
Samuel Heath Junior [Crewe] KM/94
John Heaton [Ramsbottom & Manchester] AT3 BH3/8 KT6/79
Henry Heaven [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/190 KM/94
Hedleys [Raglan Colliery nr Tondu] KM/94
Heenan & Froud Ltd [Worcester] CS/93
Helwith Bridge Roadstone Quarry Co. [Settle] BH2/64
Hemsworth Colliery [‘HEMSWORTH’] [nr Wakefield] AT3
Thomas H. Henderson [Swansea] CS/157[tiny photo] KT4/71
Hendersons Welsh Anthracite Collieries Ltd [Swansea] KT4/77
Hendy & Company [Bristol] IP3/52 KM/95
Hendy Merthyr Colliery Co. Ltd [Clydach, Swansea] AT3 KT2/76
The Hensall Sand Co. [nr Goole] BH1/33
Hereford Coal Co. [Hereford] KM/95
Hereford Corporation Gas Works KM/95
South Herefordshire Agricultural Co-op – see ‘S’
C. H. & J. Hewitt [Bristol] IP3/54*
Arthur Heyden [Minsterworth, Gloucs] IP2/234*
Alick Grant Heyward [Bristol] IP3/54*
Harry Heywood & Son [Middleton Jct, L&Y Rly] BH3/9
Samuel Hibbert & Sons [Oldham] KT6/80
Hickleton Main Colliery Co. [‘HICKLETON’]
[Thurnscoe, nr Barnsley] AT3 AW/130 BH4/65 KT5/97
Alfred Hickman Ltd [nr Wolverhampton] [steel hopper] PM/17
George J. Hicks [father] [Lechlade, Gloucs] IP2/142 KM/95
Matthew Hicks [son] [Lechlade, Gloucs] IP2/142
J & R Higginbotham [Manchester & Stockport] AT1
J.P. Higginson & Co. [Birkenhead & Liverpool] AW/83 KM/95
Montagu Higginson & Co. Ltd [‘HIGGINSON’]
[Liverpool] AT2 [under ‘M’] BH4/79 KM/95 KT6/9
James P. Higgs [‘J.P. Higgs’] [Badminton, Gloucs] IP2/226
High Meadow Coal Co. [Darlington] IP2/232* IP3/123*
Highland Bitumens Ltd [Culloden Moor] [Tanker] RT168
Highley Mining Co. Ltd [nr Kidderminster] AT1 KT1/66
KT8/152* ML38
Hill, Craig & Co. [Balerno, Edinburgh] CS/98
Charles Hill [Tetbury, Gloucs] KM/96 IP2/148
Henry Hill [Luton] AT2
R. Hill & Son [‘HILL’] [Harwich] AT1 BH5/30
R.W. Hill & Son [Marylebone] KT9/36
Robert W. Hill [also R. W. Hill Jnr] [Dursley, Gloucs] IP2/208
Hillcrest Oil Co. [Clayton, Manchester] [Tanker] RT168
Hillhouses Co-operative Society Ltd [Huddersfield] AT1
Hillier’s Bacon Curing Co. Ltd [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP1/127
E. H. Hillman & Co. Ltd [Weston Super Mare] AT1
Wm Hillyard [Thrapston, Northants] KT3/46
Hinchliffes [‘HINCHLIFFES’] [London] AT3
Hinckley Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd [Leics] AT1
Hinckley Urban District Council [~ Gas Works] [Leics] BH3/75
BH3/Appendix 2
Hindley Green Collieries [nr Wigan]
– see John Scowcroft & Co. Ltd
D. Hinds & Co. [Swansea] KM/96
N. Hingley & Sons Ltd [Netherton, nr Dudley,
Halesowen] KM/97 KT6/80
Hinton & Horne [London] KM/97
T. A. & L. A. Hipkins [Stourbridge] AW53
C. F. Hipwood & Son [Gloucester] IP2/44*
Samuel Hipwood [Gloucester] IP2/44* IP3/124*
Hird, Hastie & Co. [Glasgow] [Tanker] RT168
Hirwain Aberdare Steam Coal Co. Ltd [Aberdare] KM/97
Hirwain Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [Aberdare area] [c1875] LT19
H.M. Office of Works [Shepherds Bush] AT1
W. L. Hobbs Ltd [Dyserth, Denbighshire] AT1
Hockaday & Co. [Newport, Monmouthshire] KM/97
Richard Hodgens [also ‘HODGENS’] [Swansea] KM/97 KT4/156
E. G. Hodgkinson [Chesham] KT2/125
Hodgson & Co. ]Liverpool] AW/85
G. H. Holford [Lydney, Gloucs] IP2/232*
Read Holliday & Sons Ltd [Huddersfield]
   Tanker KT6/87
   Wagon KT6/88
John Hollins [Chepstow] IP1/123 KM/97
Holly Bank Coal Co. Ltd [Cannock Chase, Staffs] BH3/76 KT3/47 KT5/177*
Holly Bank Colliery [Wolverhampton] AT2
Holly Bush Colliery – see E. D. Williams
Holmes [Swansea] KM/98
Holmes Bros [Lydney, Gloucs] IP3/123*
Holmes, Harper & Neame [Stroud, Gloucs] [box van] IP2/163
Fredk G. Holmes & Co. Ltd [Northfleet] BH1/99
Simeon Holmes [ Lydney] – see Nags Head Colliery
W. Holmes [Stroud, Gloucs] IP2/163
F.J. Holpin [Berkeley Road, Gloucs] IP1/111 IP2/210
Holt, Winter & Co. Ltd [Chesham, Bucks] KT7/53
Homelight Oil Co. Ltd [‘HOMELIGHT’]
[Cardiff & elsewhere] [Tanker] AC49[tiny view] AC81 RT168
Hook Anthracite Colliery Co. Ltd [Llangwyn] KT4/128
George Hooper [Cheltenham] IP2/83
Hopetoun Collieries [‘W B & Co. Ltd’] [nr Edinburgh] AT2
[Twechar, Kilsyth nr Glasgow] PM/40
D.J. Hopkins [Swansea] KM/98
Hopton-Wood Stone Firms Ltd [Wirksworth, Derbys] BH4/55
JH/13 KT9/80
Horlick’s Malted Milk [‘HORLICK’S’] [Slough] [van] PM/14
Horne & Hinton [London] KM/98
Horwich Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd [Lancs] AT2
H. Hotson [Elm Bridge Station, Cambs – W&U Tramway] BH4/25
Houghton Colliery Co. Ltd [‘HOUGHTON’] [nr Barnsley] AT3
R. Howard & Co. [Cirencester] IP2/138*
H. R. Howes & Co. Ltd [London] AT1
Howland & Son [Thame, Oxon] KM/frontispiece
Alfred Hoyle & Sons [Huddersfield] AT2
Joseph Hoyle & Son [Huddersfield] BH2/65
"H.P." Sauce Works [Aston Cross, Birmingham] PM/35
Hucknall Colliery Co. [nr Nottingham] BH4/56 LT50
Hucknall No1 Colliery [Notts] AT1
Huddersfield Corporation Gas Dept AT1
Huddersfield Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd AT1
Hudson Brothers [Llantrisant] BH4/44
A.P. Hudson [Worcester] KM/98
Isaiah Hudson & Son [Leagrave, Beds] KT7/54
John Hudson & Co. Ltd [London] KT5/100 [Tanker] RT169
William Hudson [Worcester] BH3/78
Hudsons [London] AT1
Hugginson & Co. [Tetbury, Gloucs] IP2/148*
Hughes & Cann [Llandore] KM/99
Hughes, Lloyd & Clare [Oswestry] ML23*
Richard Hughes [Fowey, Cornwall] AT3
Robert Hughes [Portmadoc] ML27*
Hull Corporation Electricity Department BH3/32
Hulton [‘HULTON’] LT32*[mention]
[Bolton] AW/84
[Huyton Quarry, nr Liverpool] AT3 AW/84
Humbert Coal Co. Ltd [Hull] BH3/33
Humble & Ramskir Ltd [Doncaster] KT7/55
John Humphries [Towyn] ML27*
Hunt & Winterbotham Ltd [Cam nr Dursley, Gloucs] IP2/200
Hunt Brothers [Castleford] [Acid Tank Wagon] BH2/67
Thomas Hunter Ltd [Rugby] CS/96
Hunting & Co. Ltd [Peterborough] AT1
Huntley & Cockram [Bristol] IP3/55
Huntley & Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/55*
Huntley & Palmers Ltd [Reading] KM/99 KT6/frontispiece KT6/89
Hurst, Nelson & Co. Ltd [Motherwell] AT3 LT55
[Early 8 wheeled bogie tanker] RT170
[Early Tanker, owner unknown] AC80
A. Hutchings [Stratford on Avon] AT3
J.H. Hutt & Sons [Cholsey, Oxon] KM/viii
Thomas Hutton [West India Docks in London] KT6/90
J. Huxley & Co. [Oswestry] ML23*
C. J. Hyslop [Church Stretton] KT3/48

I. C. & A. Ltd – see Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd
I.C.I. Ltd (Lime Division) [Buxton area] KM/99 KT8/97
John Idiens & Sons Ltd [Ashton-under-Hill, Gloucs] IP2/115*
Ilkeston & Heanor Water Board AT1
George William Imber & Co. [Bristol] IP3/55*
Imperial Chemical Industries
[Billingham] [rectangular tanker] BH2/13
[Haverton Hill LNER] [Tanker] RT2/26
United Alkali Co. Ltd [Fleetwood] [Hopper] JH/38
[Widnes] [Tanker] KM/99 RT170&c RT2/inside cover
RT2/8 RT2/29
Imperial Chemical Industries (Alkali) Ltd
[Cheshire Lines Committee, Winnington Cheshire] AT3 BH5/48
Imperial Chemical Industries, Salt Division
[Winsford, Cheshire] [Salt wagons] KT2/78 KT8/101
Imperial Milk Supplies Ltd [believed to be Shropshire area]
[GWR 6 wheel tank wagons] PM/44
Imperial Smelting Corporation Ltd [Avonmouth] [Tanker] IP3/115
Improved Metallurgy Ltd [Avonmouth]
– see Imperial Smelting Corporation Ltd, above
I M S – see Imperial Milk Supplies
Ince Waggon & Ironworks Co. Ltd [Wigan] AW/86
Larger wagons AW/88 CS/103
Tanker RT172
Ind Coope Ltd [Burton on Trent] [Tanker] PM/46
Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd [‘I. C & A. Ltd’]
[Burton on Trent] BH5/47
George Insole [Porth, Rhondda] LT5
Instone [S. Instone & Co.] [nr Doncaster] AT2 BH1/34
International Anthracite Colliery Co. [Abercrave, Wales] KM/100 KT1/125 KT4/178
International Colliery [nr Swansea] KT1/15 KT4/61 KT4/178
Ipswich Gas Co. KM/100
Ipswich Sugar Beet Factory Ltd [Tanker] KT5/102
David Isaac [Landore, Wales] KT4/158
Isleworth Coal Co. [Middlesex] KT9/83
Borough of Islington Electricity Works [London] BH4/7
Itshide Ltd [Petersfield, Hants] BH3/99
Itters Brick Co. Ltd [Peterborough] AT1
Izal – see Thorncliffe Colliery

Jackson Brothers [Gloucester] IP2/44*
Jackson Brothers [Knottingley nr Wakefield] BH5/46
Jackson Bros (Sandbach) Ltd AT3
G. Jackson [Lydney, Gloucs] IP2/232
Norman Jackson [Batley] KT6/90
W. R. Jacob & Co. [Liverpool, the biscuit company] KT7/56
James & Emanuel Ltd [Newport & Cardiff] IP1/125 KM/101 KT9/83 ML38*
James & Scholey [Gloucester]
[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]
J. James & Co. [Exeter] BH4/23
R. T. James [[unknown] IP1/147*
W. H. James [Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/110
William James [Derby] BH2/81
Edgar Jarrett & Co. [also ‘JARRETT’] [Bream, Gloucs] IP1/77 IP2/233 IP3/87 KM/101
Basil Jayne & Co. [Abergavenny, Newport] KM/101
Jaynes & Scholey [Gloucester] IP2/44*
J.D & Co. [Bargoed] KM/101
Jeayes Kasner & Co. [Bushey, Herts, & Shepherd’s Bush] KM/101
J. A. Jebb – see Crynant Colliery Co.
J E [Manchester] – see James Edge
J. W. Jeens & Son [Gloucester] IP2/45 KM/102
Samuel Jefferies & Son [Dudbridge & Stroud] IP1/128 IP2/183 IP3/127*
J. B. Jeffery & Co. Ltd [London] AT1
Jeffree & Co. [Cardiff] KT7/57
T. Jenkerson & Sons [Milford Haven] KT3/92
John Jenkin-Jones [Aberystwyth] ML6*
Jenkins & Jones [Johnstown, Ruabon] CS/104
Jenkins & Scale [Cardiff] KM/102
David Jenkins [Briton Ferry] KM/102
Sydney Jenkins [Cheltenham] IP2/85
Wm. A. Jenkins & Co. [Swansea] KT7/58
William Jenkinson [Oswestry] ML23*
Jeram & Co. [Portsmouth] KM/102 KT6/92 KT8/155*
Jet Petroleum Co. [Unknown] [Tankers] RT172*
‘JG’ – see Edward Adlington
James Jobbins [Gloucester] IP2/46*
P. H Johnson [Rotherham] CS/128
Richard Jolley [‘R J’] [Wigan] AW/89
Jones & Co. [Malvern] KM/103
Jones, Ferguson & Co. Ltd [Cardiff] AT2
Charles William [C.W.] Jones [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/191
Chris Jones & Co. Ltd [Cardiff] AT3
David Jones [Pencader & Llandyssul] KT3/49
David Jones & Sons [Cawdor & Garnant] KM/103
David Jones & Sons [Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen] KT4/31
E.G. Jones [Swansea] BH2/127
Edwin Jones & Co. Ltd [Southampton] AT1
Elizabeth Meredith Jones [Blaenau Ffestiniog] PM/42
Evan W. Jones [Port Talbot] KM/104
H. Jones [City Station, Norwich] BH5/80
John Jones [Portmadoc] ML27*
Morris Jones & Sons [Towyn] ML27*
Peter Jones [Aberystwith] KM/104 ML6
Thomas Jones [Tila Coch Colliery, Pontypridd] [very early] RE/18
Thomas D. Jones [Glanamman] KT4/158
Thomas Parry Jones [Newtown, Powys] ML23*
W. F. Jones & Co. [Cathay, Bristol] IP3/55*
William Jones & Son [Pontrhythallt] KM/104
William Arundel Jones [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/191*
Henry Jordan & Co. Ltd [Cheltenham] AT2 IP2/85 IP3/125*
[Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]
Joseph Smith Reeves [Bilston, W. Mids] KT8/130
Judd, Budd Ltd [also ‘JUDBUD’] [London] AT1 KT6/93
Alfred Jukes [Birmingham] KM/104 KT8/102
Jury Brick Co. [Chichester] AT1

The Kalchester Manufacturing Co. [Manchester] [Tanker] BH2/30
John Kay [Manchester] AT1
Sir John L.L. Kaye, Bart – see Denby Grange Collieries
H. Keen [Chesham] KT2/125
Keighley Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd KT3/39
Kelly [possibly Newport, Gloucs] IP1/147*
Thomas Kenny & Son [Hull] BH1/35 KT6/97
James Kenworthy & Co. Ltd [Huddersfield] AT3
John Kerkin [Morriston, Swansea] KM/104
Kerol Disinfectant [Newark] – see Quibell Brothers Ltd
C. Kerry & Sons [Stratford in London] KT9/87
Kestell Bros [Cardiff] KT7/59
E. T. Ketteringham [King’s Lynn] PM/32
Ketton Cement [Rutland] – see also Thos W. Ward Ltd KT7/134
J. C. Kew Ltd [Newark] AT1
G & W Keyte [Chipping Camden] IP2/121*
Kidnalls & Nags Head Collieries [Lydney, Gloucs]
– see Nags Head Colliery
Kilnhurst Forge [Leeds] AT1
Kimberley Beddoes & Co. Ltd [Oldbury] AT2
Kimmins, Drew & Co. [Dudbridge, Gloucs] IP2/184*
King Cole & Co. Ltd [Sheffield] PM/39
B. G. King [Bristol] IP3/55*
Bassil King & Co [Bournemouth] KM/104
Giles R. King [Dursley, Gloucs] IP2/209
H.O. King [Oxford] KM/105
Tom King [Ashton-Under-Lyne] BH2/31
Kingsbury [unknown, possibly as below] IP1/147*
Kingsbury Collieries Ltd [Tamworth] AT3 KT1/67
Kingswood Coal & Iron Co. [nr Bristol] IP3/120*
Kinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co. Ltd [‘KINNEIL’]
[Bo’ness] AT2
William Kippax Ltd [also W.K] [North Dean, L&Y Rly] BH2/68
A. Kirk [Whaley Bridge nr Stockport] KT6/97
Kirkby-in-Furness Co-operative Society Ltd
[nr Ulverston, Cumberland] AW/91
George Stone Kitson [Bristol] AT1 IP3/56
Kiveton Park Colliery Co [Rotherham] BH2/v
Knee & Co. [Bristol] IP3/56*
Knight & Co [unknown] IP1/147*
Frank Knight [Birmingham] KT8/104
John Knight [Gloucester] IP2/46* IP3/124*
S. Knighton & Son [Leicester] KM/105
E. Knott & Co [also ‘KNOTT & Co.’] [Cheltenham] IP2/86
Arthur Knowles [Gloucester] IP2/46
William Knowles & Son [Liverpool] AT1
‘KOBO’ – see E & F Beattie Ltd
Kodak – see Wallace Spiers & Co. Ltd
C. Kurtz & Son [Liverpool]
[Tanker from c1867] KM/105 KT3/21 RT11 RT172*
W. H. Kynaston [Fallowfield, Manchester] KT1/68
Kynoch Ltd [Birmingham] KT9/88

A. Lacey & Co. Ltd [Hull] BH5/31
Mrs E. Lacey [Warmley, nr Bristol] IP3/121*
Lamb Brewery Ltd [Frome, Somerset] KM/105
Lambert & Cox [Stroud, Gloucs] BH4/33 IP2/166 KM/106
Charles Lambert [also ‘C LAMBERT’ & ‘LAMBERT’]
[Stroud, Gloucs] IP2/164 KM/105
Lames & Sons [unknown] IP1/147*
Lamont & Warne [London] KT6/98
W. B. Lampard & Co. [London] KT1/68
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway [Tankers, brief notes] RT172*
Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway [L D E C]
[built by the Ince Wggon Co for the LD&ECR] AW/173
Lancashire Electric Power Co. [‘L.E.P.’] [Manchester] AT2
Lancashire Foundry Coke Co. Ltd [Accrington] AT1
Lancashire Steel Corporation Ltd [Irlam] BH4/81 KT8/105
Lancashire Tar Distillers [Preston?] [Modern tankers] RT173*
Lancaster & Co., Mitcham Ltd [Mitcham, London] KM/106
City of Lancaster Gas Works BH1/54
John Lancaster & Co.
[Nantyglo & Blaina, Monmouthshire] KM/106 KT3/72
Lancaster’s Steam Coal Collieries Ltd [Abertillery]
– see also Richard Thomas & Co. Ltd KT3/50
S. V. Lancey [Bitterne Park nr Southampton] KT8/107
Lane Brothers (Tar Distillers) Ltd [Birmingham] [Tankers] RT173
E. Langford [& ‘Edward Langford’][Stonehouse, Gloucs] IP2/178
R.S. Langford & Sons [Challow & Abingdon, Oxon] KM/107
James Langston & Son [Gloucester] IP2/46* IP3/124*
[David] Lansley [Gloucester] IP1/133 IP2/49 KM/107
Thomas Lant [Builth Wells] KT7/61 ML8*
B. Laporte Ltd [Luton] BH1/83
H. Larkham [Lydney, Gloucs] IP2/233*
A. W. Latham [Forest of Dean] IP1/145*
W. Laugharne Morgan & Co. [Swansea] KT3/58
J. P. Lawley Ltd [‘LAWLEY’] [Birmingham] AT2
Lawrence, Norman & Co. [Cheltenham] IP2/88*
A. Lawrence & Co. (Portsmouth) Ltd BH4/20 LT35
John Lawrence [Cirencester] IP2/138*
William Lawson [Sheffield] BH3/35
Lax & Wadsworth [Barnsley] BH3/contents page
L C – see Littleton Collieries Ltd
Leadbeter [Newport & Cardiff] IP1/124 IP1/137 KM/107
Leamington Priors Gas Company
[Leamington Spa, Warks] AT3 KM/108 KT1/70
Thos Lebon & Sons Ltd [‘LEBON’] [London] KT5/103 KT9/151
Leckhampton Coal Depot [Cheltenham] [Wagon ownership unknown] IP2/107*
Adam Lee & Son [Oldham] BH2/32
Leech Neal & Co Ltd [Derby] BH1/5
City of Leeds Gas Department [Tanker] RT173
Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd BH3/36
H. Lees & Sons Ltd [Ashton under Lyne] BH4/80
City of Leicester Gas Department KT5/104
South Leicestershire Colliery Co. Ltd – see ‘S’
Leighton Buzzard Sand Co. Ltd – see Arnold’s Sands
L E P – see Lancashire Electric Power Co.
E.M. Letcher [Hawkwell Colliery nr Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/144*
Letchworth Electricity Works
– see also The First Garden City Ltd AT3
Letchworth Gas Works
– see also The First Garden City Ltd KT7/140
Letricheux & David Ltd [Swansea] KT4/129
Lever Brothers Ltd [Port Sunlight] [Tanker] RT174
Frederick Levick & Co. [Newport, Monmouthshire] KM/108
Lewellin Twining & Co. [‘TWINING’] [Bristol] IP1/118 IP3/101 KM/159
Lewis [Lewis Merthyr Navigation Colliery] [Rhondda] KM/108
Lewis & Evans [Letterston, Pembrokeshire] KM/109
Lewis & Watts [Letterston, Pembrokeshire] KM/110
Lewis, Stephens & Co. [Swansea] KM/110 KT4/159
H. Lewis & Sons [Gorseinon, nr Swansea] KM/109
James Lewis [Lincoln] AT1
John Lewis [Barmouth] BH5/32 ML8
Lewis Lewis [Aberdovey] ML6*
Robert Lewis [Bristol] IP3/56*
Lifford Coal Co [Lifford, Birmingham] KM/8 KM/110
Lightmoor [Colliery Co.][Cinderford, Gloucs]
– see also H. Crawshay & Co. Ltd IP1/34 IP2/233*
Lilleshall Co. [‘LILLESHALL’] [Shropshire] AT3 KT3/52
KT8/153* ML22 [Nantmawr] ML38*
Linby Colliery Co. Ltd [‘LINBY’] [nr Nottingham] AT2 KT1/72
Lincoln Co-operative Society Ltd KT3/39
Lincoln Wagon & Engine Co. Ltd BH1/68 CS/112* KT9/89
City of Lincoln Gas Department KT5/106
Lindsay, Crookston & Co. [Glasgow] AW/122
Allan Lindsay [Partick] AT3 [under ‘A’]
Lion Emulsions Ltd [Hereford] [Tanker] RT174 RT2/31
Lisburn Mines Co. Ltd [Aberystwyth] ML6*
R.A. Lister & Co. Ltd [Dursley, Gloucs] IP2/209
The Little Mill Brick Co. [nr Pontypool] KT7/62
Henry Little & Son [Bristol] IP3/56*
Littleton Collieries Ltd [‘L C’] [nr Penkridge, Staffs] AT3 KT1/73 KT6/167
Liverpool Corporation Electric Supply KT2/79
City of Liverpool Equitable Co-operative Society Ltd BH5/42 KT3/38 KT9/93
Llanbradach – see Cardiff Steam Coal Collieries Co. Ltd
Llandebie Colliery [nr Tirydail & Cross Hands] KT4/23
Llandudno Urban District Council KT9/94
Llanelwedd Basalt Quarries – see Thomas Lant
Llanfyllin Coal & Lime Co. [Llanfyllin] ML9
Llanmorlais Wern Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Swansea] KT9/94
Llantwit House Coal Co. [Llantwit Vardre nr Pontypridd] KT9/97
Llantwit Red Ash Coal Co. [Llantwit Vardre nr Pontypridd] KT9/96
Llay Hall [Wrexham] AT1
Llay Main Collieries Ltd [nr Wrexham]
- see also Carlton Collieries Association AT2 BH3/79 KT7/28
Llest Coal Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KM/111
Llewellyn Brothers [Aberdare & Cardiff] KM/111
D. R. Llewellyn & Sons Ltd [Aberdare] KT2/80
D. R. Llewellyn, Merrett & Price (London) Ltd [London & Southampton] KT2/82
Samuel Llewellyn [Ross on Wye] IP1/123 KM/112
Lloyd & Co. [Pontardawe] KT4/131
J. Lloyd [Cheltenham] IP2/88* IP3/125*
Lloyds & Scottish Leasing Ltd [[Unknown] [Modern tankers] RT175
Llwynon Colliery [nr Neath] KT4/85
Llynclys Lime Works [Llynclys] ML12*
Loader & Munckton [Gloucester] IP2/49
Lobitos Oilfields Ltd [‘LOBITOS’] [Ellesmere Port] [Tanker] AC89 KT9/98 RT176[same photo as AC89]
Lochgelly Coal & Iron Co. [Fife] BH4/100
Locke & Co (Newland) Ltd [Normanton, nr Wakefield] BH3/37
Lockett & Judkins [Mardy (?) Colliery, Merthyr] KM/112
Lockett’s Merthyr Steam Coal Co. [Merthyr] KM/112 LT27
Wm. Lockhart [Dunstable, Bedfordshire] AT1 KT1/73
Thomas Lockwood [Stalybridge] BH2/33
Henry Lodge Ltd [Goldthorpe, nr Barnsley] AW/127 KT8/88 KT9/6
J. D. Lodwig & Co. [Swansea] AW/153 KM/113 KT9/99
Lofthouse Colliery Ltd [Wakefield] AT1
Logan Sons & Co. Ltd [Paisley nr Glasgow] AT3 BH4/102
The London & South Wales Coal Co. Ltd [Dunraven Colliery] KM/113
London & South Western Railway Coal Club [Nine Elms] [also ‘LSWR Employe’s [sic] Coal Society’ & ‘South Western Railway Servants’ Coal Club’] KM/113 KT6/104
London & Thames Haven Oil Wharves Ltd [London] [Tankers] RT177
London Brick Co. & Forders Ltd [Peterborough area] BH3/8 KT2/83 KT7/146
London County Council [Supplies Department] AT1
London, Midland and Scottish Railway [Creosote tankers] RT178
London Power Co. [London SW1] AT2
Londonderry Collieries [Seaham area, Durham] KT2/84
S. Loney & Co. [Wellington, Somerset] KM/113
Jonathan Longbotham & Sons Ltd [‘Longbotham’] [Sheffield] KT7/63
Longbottom & Co. Ltd [Sheffield] AW/132 KT1/74 KT7/149*
Longridge Gas Co. Ltd [nr Preston] AW/90
Longridge Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd [nr Preston] AW/90
Lord Bros. [Norwich] KT8/108
E. Lord [Baildon, Shipley] [Rectangualr tank wagon] RE/101
J.E.C. Lord (Manchester) Ltd [rectangular tanker] RT178
Lord, Trench & Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] AC99
The Lothian Coal Co. Ltd – see also Arniston
[Newtongrange nr Edinburgh] BH4/103 RE/56*
Love & Gittin [Monmouth] – see Primrose Colliery
William Love & Co. [Cathay, Bristol] IP3/56*
George Lovegrove & Co [Wirksworth] BH3/63
John Lovering & Co. [St Austell, Cornwall] KM/113
C. L. Lovesey & Co. [Cheltenham] IP2/88*
Low Laithes Coal Co. [Flushdyke, Wakefield GNR] KT2/85
Low Moor Co. Ltd [Low Moor (?)] KM/113
Low Temperature Carbonisation Ltd [‘COALITE’]
[London, & Darton nr Barnsley] AT2 BH4/60 KT7/64
Lowden Connell & Co. [Liverpool] BH1/55
Lowell Baldwin Ltd [Bristol & Birmingham] AT1 AT3/front cover BH1/94 IP1/99 IP3/10 KM/42 KT1/75
Lowestoft Coaling Co. Ltd KT3/53
Lucas & Co. [Bristol] IP3/56*
Lubricants Producers Ltd [Manchester] [Tankers 1957 on] RT180 RT2/33
Lubricating and Fuel Oils Ltd [London] [Modern tankers] AC93 RT181
T. Lucas & Sons [Bristol] IP3/56*
Lückes & Nash [Forest of Dean] IP1/145*
D. J. Luker [Cardiff] KT8/109
Hugh Lumley [Machynlleth] ML20
J. Lumley [Machynlleth] ML20*
Lumsden & Makenzie [Huntingtower nr Perth] LT39
Lunt Bros [Birmingham, London & Manchester] BH3/82 KT7/66
Luton Gas Co. AT1
W. Lycett [Winsford – Cheshire or Somerset uncertain] KM/114
Lydbrook Colliery Co. IP3/123*
Lydney & Crump Meadow Co. Ltd [Gloucs] – see Henry Crawshay & Co. Ltd
Lydney Coal Co. [Gloucs] IP1/108 IP3/123* KM/114
Lydney Gas Works [Gloucs] IP1/146*
Lyle & Son [Hereford] BH3/81
John Lysaght Ltd [Bristol] IP3/56*

H.J. Mabbett [Berkeley, Gloucs] IP1/111 IP2/211 KM/114
Macclesfield Co-operative Society Ltd AW/54
Borough of Macclesfield Gas Dept. BH2/35
P. MacKenzie & Co. [Wandsworth Road, London] KT9/frontispiece KT9/100
Madeley Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [Stoke on Trent] BH3/83
Madeley Wood Colliery Co. [Madeley, Shropshire] ML38*
Abraham Madge [London & Brighton] KT8/111
Magee Marshall & Co. Ltd [Bolton & Burton] [Tankers] RT181
Maidenhead Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd KT9/101
Main Colliery Co. [‘MAIN’] [Neath Abbey, Wales] KM/114 KT2/86
The Mains Coal & Cannel Co. [Blackburn] KT1/77
Major & Co. Ltd [Wolverhampton & Sculcoates (Hull)]
Tankers AC80 KT7/68 RT182
1908 8-Wheeled tanker AC90 RT183
T. Malone [Birmingham] AT3
Maltby Main Colliery [‘MALTBY’] [nr Doncaster] AT3 AW/131 CS/65 KT1/77 KT5/165 RE/59
Malvern Gas Dept AT3
Mamhole Colliery – see Manmoel Colliery
Manchester & Sheffield Tar Works Co. Ltd [Attercliffe]
[Tanker] KT7/70 KT9/151
Manchester Collieries Ltd [also ‘M C’] AT2 BH2/36
Manchester Corporation KT5/108
Manchester Oil Refiinery Ltd [Tanker] RT184
Manchester, Sheffield & Lincoln Railway
[not private owner] [hopper, c1860] LT15
Manchester Tar Distillers [Kilnhurst, S Yorks] [tanker] RT184*
Manmoel Colliery [also Manmole & Mamhole] [C. Pond]
[Newport & North Monmouthshire] KT9/103
Alfred Mann [‘MANN’] [Cheltenham] IP2/89
J. W. Mann [Chalford, Gloucs] IP2/149
Manners Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Ilkeston] BH5/74 [bad view] KT5/109
J. Manning & Sons [Cricklade, Gloucs] KM/frontispiece
Mansfield Bros [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/109
Mansfield Collieries [Notts] AT1
Rowland Manthorpe & Co. Ltd [Ipswich] KT3/54
George Mantle & Co. [Walsall & Swansea] KT4/33
Manton [Worksop] – see also Wigan Coal & Iron Co. Ltd AT1 KT3/106
David Manuel [Swansea] KM/114
Manvers Main Colliery [nr Rotherham] BH1/36 KT5/111
Mapperley Colliery [nr Ilkeston, Derbys] AT1 KT7/71
Marchowel Colliery Co. [Swansea] KM/115 KT3/18
Marcroft Wagons Ltd [Swansea & elsewhere] AT2 BH4/45
Margrave & Co. [Swansea] KM/115
Markham & Co. Ltd [Chesterfield] BH4/31
Markham Main Colliery [nr Doncaster] KT7/73
Marlborough College [Wilts] KM/115
Edward Marmont & Co. [New Town, Sharpness, Gloucs] IP3/123*
Marple & Gillott [M&G] [Sheffield] BH2/49
Marriott & Co. [Burton on Trent] KT7/74
Marriott Ltd [Witney, Oxon]
Large steel wagon KM/frontispiece IP2/141
James Marriott Ltd [Witney, Oxon] AT2
E. Marsh [Cross Keys, Monmouthshire] KM/116
Marshall [Blair Atholl] BH4/104
Marshall Brothers [South Wigston, Leics] AT1 BH5/32 KM/116
W. T. Marshall [Hull] KT3/55
Marston Hall Salt Works – see William Hayes
Martells [Luton] KT3/56
Martin [Direct Coal Supply] [Crediton, Devon] KM/116
Martin Bros. Ltd [London] KT7/75
Martin Bros. Ltd [St Austell, Cornwall] PM/10
W. Martin & Co. [Oswestry] ML24*
R. L. Martindale [Liverpool] AT1
Mason & Toogood Ltd / F. J. Bonner [Guildford, Surrey] KT7/22
E.B. Mason [Stourport] KM/116
Herbert Lewis Matthews [Newtown, Powys] ML23*
Miles Maudsley [Cathay, Bristol] IP3/56*
Mawddwy Coal & Lime Co. [Dinas Mawddwy] ML8*
Frederick Mayo [Oldland, nr Bristol] IP3/121*
M C C – see Midland Coal & Cannel Co. Ltd
Wm McElroy & Co. Ltd [London] BH4/8 KT8/112
William McEwan & Co. Ltd [Glasgow] [Tanker] RT2/64
McKay [Leeds] BH5/33
J. McKelvie & Co. [Liverpool] BH2/34
W. McMichael & Son [Oundle, N’hants] AT2
Meade-King Robinson & Co. [Liverpool & Manchester]
[Tanker] AC20[very early] AC123 RT185 [same photo as AC123]
Meadow Cliffe Colliery [Forest of Dean] IP1/144*
F. Meaker [Weston Super Mare] KM/116
T. [Thomas] Meakins & Son [Dorking] KM/116
Mearing & Son [Sutton, Surrey] KM/117
Measham Collieries Ltd [‘MEASHAM’]
[nr Ashby de la Zouch, Leics] AT2 BH1/9 KT1/79 KT9/148 PM/27
Medway Oil & Storage Co. Ltd – see also Power Petroleum
[Isle of Grain, Thames Estuary] [Tankers] KT6/107
Charles Meehan & Son [Aberystwyth] ML6
Godfrey F. Meek [Newnham, Gloucs] IP1/146*
Mein, Wooding & Co. [Barry Dock, S. Wales] KM/117
Meiros Collieries Ltd [Cardiff] BH4/46 KT3/61
John Mellor & Sons [Guide Bridge, Ashton under Lyne] BH5/78[part view]
Mells [‘MELLS’] [Frome] LT50
Melonie & Goulder Ltd [Ipswich] BH1/69
Melton Mowbray Coal Club BH2/99
Melton Mowbray Co-operative Society Ltd BH2/100
Mendip Mountain Quarries Co. [Cranmore, Somerset] AT3
The Merchant Trading Co. Ltd ["ACME"] [London]
[Tanker] RT185
Henry Merchant [Gloucester] IP2/50* IP3/124*
Elizabeth Meredith Jones [Blaenau Ffestiniog] PM/42
Guéret Llewellyn Merrett – see GLM
George Merrylees [Dalkeith, Longlevens] IP3/124*
Thomas Merthyr Ltd [Merthyr area] AW/155
John Metcalf [Accrington] BH5/85*
Metropolitan Cammell Carriage Wagon & Finance Co. Ltd
Birmingham] [2T steel wagon] CS/123
Micklefield Coal & Lime Co. Ltd [Yorks] BH3/40 KT2/27
Mid - Cannock Colliery [Cannock] KM/117
Mid - Southern Utility Company [Aldershot] LT40
Middleton Colliery [Leeds] BH3/42
Midland Coal & Cannel Co. Ltd [‘M C C’] [Rotherham] AT1 BH5/71[poor view]
Midland Coal Co. [1] [Bristol] IP3/57*
Midland Coal Co. [2] [Bristol] IP3/57*
Midland Coal Co. [3] [Bristol] IP3/57*
Midland Coal, Coke & Iron Co. Ltd
[Apedale, Newcastle, Staffs] AT2 LT22-23 ML38
Midland Colliery Wagons Ltd [London] AT2
Midland Railway [Various] [Tankers] RT185 RT2/19
Midland Railway-Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd [Birmingham] CS/125 KT3/109
Midland Tar Distillers [Unknown] [old D-shaped tanker] RT187
W. Miles [Stroud, Gloucs] IP2/168 KM/117
Milkwall Ironstone Co. [Milkwall, Gloucs] IP1/157
William Millard [Gloucester] IP2/50
Millbrook Colliery Co. [nr Crumlin, S. Wales] KM/117
Miller & Lilley Ltd [Honiton & other Devon locations] BH3/109
A. Millington [Market Harborough, Leics] AT2
The Millom & Askham Hematite Iron Co [also Millom Iron Works] [Millom, Cumberland]
- Steel hopper wagon BH4/92
Millon Co-operative Society Ltd [Cumberland] AT1
Geo. Mills & Sons [Cirencester] AT1 IP2/138 KM/118
William J. Mills [Bristol] IP3/57*
Milner Thomas & Co. Ltd [Brentford] [Firestone Tyres] KT3/57
T. Milner [Oswestry] ML24
A. H. Milton & Co. [Father] [Bristol] IP3/59*
W.W. Milton & Co. [Son] [‘MILTON’] [Bristol] IP3/59 KM/118
Frederick Minchin [Cirencester] IP2/139*
The Minera Lime Co. Ltd [nr Wrexham] AT1 ML40
Mineral Oil Corporation Ltd [London] [Tankers] RT187
Minett & Co [Wickwar, Gloucs] IP2/220*
Ministry of Defence [Various] Tanker] RT2/25
Ministry of Munitions – see also War Department
Tankers, various locations KT5/114 RT300 RT2/25
Wagons AW/174 PM/12
Wagon [20 Ton hopper] KT6/163
Ministry of Supply [Various] [Tanker] RT187 RT2/42
Minorca – see Measham Collieries Ltd
Mirfield Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd [Mirfield, nr Huddersfield] BH5/42
J.H. Mitchell & Son [London] AT3 BH4/9
T. Mitchell [Guildford] KM/119
Mitchell’s [Wombswell, nr Barnsley] AT1
Mobil Petroleum Co. Ltd ["VACUUM" & "Mobil"]
– see also Procor [London] [Tankers] RT187&c
Modern Transport Co. [Liverpool, Leeds, London, Hull] BH3/10 BH5/26 KT8/114
Moger & Co.Ltd [London]
– see also Cornwall and Moger Ltd AT2 BH2/113
KT3/110 KT5/62
Moira Colliery Co. Ltd [Leics/Derbys] AT1 KT1/80 KT5/166 KT8/152* KT9/149
‘Molasses From Home Grown Beet’
– see English Beet Sugar Corporation Ltd, Cantley
Molasses Tankers [listed by owner elsewhere in index] KT6/175
Mold Collieries Ltd [Bromfield, Mold, Flintshire] AW/154
Monckton – see New Monckton Collieries Ltd
Monks Ferry Steam Coal Co. [Chincolt, Birkenhead] AW/92
Edward William Boult Monks [Bristol] IP3/60*
Monmouth Steam Saw Mills Co. Ltd [Monmouth] IP1/131 KM/119
Montagu Higginson & Co. Ltd [Liverpool] – see letter ‘H’
Montgomeryshire Coal & Lime Co. [Llynclys] ML12*
Montpelier Coal Co. [Bristol] IP3/60*
A.E.Moody [Sharpness, Gloucs] IP1/111 IP2/212 KM/119
A. G. Moore & Co. [‘MOORE’] [Glasgow] AW/123
John Moore [Askham in Furness, Cumberland] BH5/84*
Walter Moore & Sons [London] KT1/82 KT6/167
Morecambe Electricity Department [‘MORECAMBE’] KT9/105
Moresby Coal Co. Ltd [Whitehaven, Cumbria area] BH3/11
S.J. Moreland & Sons [Gloucester] IP1/128 IP2/51 KM/120
Morgan & Son [Llanidloes] ML12*
Morgan Bros [Monmouth] IP1/122 KM/120
Arthur Morgan [Forest of Dean] IP1/145*
A.S. Morgan & Co. [Newport, Monmouthshire] KM/120
E.P & R.L. Morgan [also ‘MORGAN’] [Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/76 KM/121
Richard L. Morgan [Swansea] KT4/161 KM/121
W. E. Morgan [Welshpool] ML28
W. Laugharne Morgan & Co. [Swansea] KT3/58
Morley Corporation Gas Works Dept [Morley nr Leeds] BH5/43
Messrs Morrells [Bixslade, nr Parkend, Gloucs] IP1/146*
Morris & Griffin [Newport, Monmouthshire]
   [Flatbed wagon] RE/41
   [Slurry tank wagon] KM/121
Morris & Holloway [Hereford] KM/122 KT2/87
Morris & Shaw Ltd [nr Tamworth] AT3 BH3/85 KT6/108
Morris Bros [Camberley] AT1
Alfred Morris [unknown] CS/180[tiny photo of Stafford sidings]
Henry Morris [Clynderwen] KM/121
Henry Morris (1958) Ltd [Newport, Mon.] [Tanker] AC47 RT190
J. & M. Morris Ltd [Welshpool] ML28*
John G. Morris [Wigan] [1870s wagon] AW/175 LT46
Tom Morris [Gloucester] IP2/52 KM/122
W. Morris & Sons [Newtown, Powys] ML23*
William Morris Ltd [Newport, Monmouthshire &
throughout England] AT1 IP1/124 KT3/60
Morten & Storer [Sheffield] KT9/106
James Mortimer [Hunslett, Leeds] CS/106[tiny photo]
Mortimore [Chippenham] IP1/120
Moss Hall [Coal Co. Ltd] [Wigan]
– see also Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co. Ltd AW/93 KT8/126
Mossfield Colliery Co. [Stoke on Trent] KT6/109 ML40*
Mottram Wood Colliery Co. Ltd [Barnsley] AT3 KT1/83
[William] Moulton & Co. [Aberdare] KM/122
George Moxon & Sons [Huddersfield] BH5/27 KT7/76
Thomas Moy [‘MOY’] [Colchester] AT2 BH1/71 CS/129 KT5/116 KT8/154*
[MOY ‘Peterborough’ wagon] CS/129[tiny photo]
Thomas Mulford [Clifton Down Station, Bristol] IP3/60
F. G. Mullis & Sons [‘MULLIS’] [Clifton Down, Bristol] IP1/132 IP3/61
A. Munday [Bognor Regis] AT1
Edwin Munslow [Hereford] KM/123
Murco Petroleum Ltd [Various]
[Tanker, but shows markings only, 1968 on] RT190
J. O. Murgatroyd & Co. Ltd [London] KT7/78
Murphy Brothers Ltd [Waterford, Eire] PM/18
C. Murrell & Sons [Wimbledon] AT1 KM/123
Henry Musgrave [Armley, Yorks] BH3/45
A. Musty [Newport, Monmouthshire] KM/123
Mwrwg-Vale Collieries Ltd [Llangennech nr Llanelly] KM/123 KT3/62
Myers Rose & Co. Ltd [London] AW/178* KT7/95
Mynachdy Colliery [Randell & Co.] [Ynysybwl nr Pontypridd] KT9/107
Mynydd Maen Colliery Co. Ltd [Pontypool] KT6/111 ML40
Myros – see Myers Rose & Co. Ltd

N A – see T. Beynon & Co. Ltd
NACCO [North Walsham] [Modern tanker] RT2/36
Nadin, James & Nathaniel & Co. [unknown] [Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]
J. & N. Nadin & Co. Ltd [Burton on Trent & elsewhere] KT1/85 KT8/152* KT8/156*
Nags Head Colliery [Lydney, Gloucs] IP1/41 IP2/232* KM/98
Nailstone Colliery [nr Leicester] AT3
Nairn Gaslight Co. [Nairn, Highland Scotland] PM/41
Nantdyrus Colliery [‘NANTDYRUS’] [Treherbert, Rhondda] AW/156
J. C. Napier & Co. [Swansea] BH4/47 KT4/162 KT7/151*
Nash Bros [North Mimms, nr Hatfield, Herts] KM/123 KT6/112
Issac Nash [Belbroughton, Worcs] KM/124
W.T. Nash & Co. Ltd [Royston, Herts] BH3/100
Nasmyth, Wilson & Co. Ltd [Patricroft, Manchester] KT9/109
National Benzole Company Ltd [‘NATIONAL’ & ‘BENZOLE’] [London] [Tankers] AC101 BH2/114 CS/116 KM/124 RT66 RT191&c RT2/12 RT2/49
National Coal Board [‘N.C.B.’] [Various] LT48 [Tankers]RT195
National Coals & Coke Co. [Swansea] KM/124
National Fertilizers Ltd [Avonmouth] [Tanker] IP3/117
National Smelting Co. Ltd [Avonmouth] IP3/115
Naval Colliery Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KM/124
Naworth Collieries – see M. Thompson & Sons
William Naylor & Sons [Brighouse] CS/105[tiny photo]
NCB – see National Coal Board
John Neal [New Wandsworth LB&SC Rly, London ] AT3
Neasden Co-operative [Coal] Society Ltd KM/124 KT3/38
Neasden Great Central Employe’s [sic] Coal Club KM/124
Walter E. Neate [Calne, Wilts] KM/125
Neath Abbey Patent Fuel Co. Ltd [Swansea] KT2/88
William Neave & Son [Paddington, London] KM/125
Charles Nelson & Co. Ltd [Stockton nr Rugby] KT5/119
Thomas Ness Ltd [Darlington]
   [rectangular tanker] PM/30 RT2/18
   [Round tankers] AC89 RT197&c
Netherseal [‘NETHERSEAL’] Burton on Trent PM/36
The New Bowson Coal Co. [Cinderford, Gloucs] AT1 IP1/79 IP2/233*
New Brook Colliery Co. Ltd [Swansea] KT4/74
New Cransley Iron & Steel Co. Ltd [Kettering, N’hants] AT2 KT1/87
New Cross Hands Collieries Ltd [Llanelly] AW/157 KM/125 KT4/24
New Cwmgorse Colliery Co. Ltd [Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen] AW/158 KM/125 KT4/28 KT5/181
New Dynant Anthracite Collieries Co. Ltd [Pontyberen] AW/159 KT4/44 KT7/151*
New Fancy Colliery [nr Lydney, Forest of Dean] IP1/23
New Gorwydd [Gowerton] KM/125
New Haden Collieries [Cheadle] ML40*
New Hucknall and Blackwell Collieries Ltd [‘WELBECK’] [Notts/Derbys] AT1 AT2 BH5/19 KT1/88 KT5/168
New Ingleton Colliery Co. Ltd [‘NEW INGLETON’] [Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales] BH5/8
New Lount & Coleorton Collieries [Ashby de la Zouch] KT1/91
New Lynch Colliery [Llanmorlais]
– see also John Jay Williams KT6/154
New Monckton Collieries Ltd [‘MONCKTON’] [Royston nr Barnsley] AT3 BH3/43 PM/39 [PM states ‘Herts’ –incorrectly]
New Northern Quarries Co. Ltd [Furness] BH3/12
New Rock Colliery Co. Ltd [Chilcompton, Somerset] AT3
New Ruckwood Colliery [Taffs Well, Rhondda] AT2
New Sharlston Collieries – see Sharlston
New Wernddu Colliery [Pontardawe] AW/154 KT3/18
New Ystradowen Colliery Co. Ltd [Swansea] AW/161 KT4/131
Newark Corporation Gas Dept AT3
Newbattle – see Arniston
Newbattle & Arniston Collieries – see Arniston
Newbold & Martell [Northampton] BH2/97
Newbridge & Co. [Newport, Monmouthshire] KM/125
Borough of Newbury Gas Dept. AT1[under ‘N’]
Newcastle & Gateshead Gas Co. [Tanker] BH2/15
Newcastle Benzol Co. Ltd [Blaydon-on-Tyne] [Tanker] RT199
‘NEWCASTLE MAIN’ – see Wigan Coal & Iron C o. Ltd
Newdigate Colliery [‘NEWDIGATE’] [Bedworth, Warks] AW/54
The Newmarket Co-operative Society Ltd KT9/110
Newport Abercarn Black Vein Steam Coal Co. Ltd [also ‘N A’]
– see also T. Beynon & Co. Ltd [Cardiff area] AW/160 KT3/73
Newport Coal & Coke Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/66*
The Newstead Colliery Co. Ltd [Notts] – see also Blidworth
AT2 AT3 BH5/87 KT1/86 KT5/167 KT8/152*
Newton Chambers & Co. Ltd – see also Thorncliffe Colliery
Izal tanker BH3/34
Izal wagon BH1/47 PM/26
F. J. Newton [Rugeley, Staffs] BH5/34
N H C – see New Hucknall ~
Arthur Nichols [Mangotsfield, nr Bristol] IP3/121*
T. Nichols & Sons Ltd [Bristol] IP3/66*
Nicholson & Son [Nicholsons’ Brewers] [Maidenhead] BH3/101
Nicholson Bros & Co. [Gloucester] IP3/124*
E. Nickerson & Co. Ltd [Grimsby] AT2
Harold Nickson & Co. Ltd [Manchester & London] AT3 AW/94
Jas [James] Nimmo & Co. Ltd [nr Larkhall, Lanarkshire] AT2 [NB – AT2 has this as ‘Yorks’ – this is incorrect]
Nixon, Taylor & Cory [Cardiff] KM/126
Nixon’s Navigation Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KM/126
William Noak [Droitwich] KM/126
J. R. Noble [unknown] IP1/147*
Nook & Wyrley Collieries Ltd [Cheslyn Hay nr Walsall] KT7/80
Norchard Colliery [Lydney, Forest of Dean] AT1 CS/74 IP1/48
Norman Jackson [Batley] KT6/90
John Norris [Welshpool] ML28*
Norstand Ltd [Grimsby] AT3 KT8/117
North Amman Collieries Ltd [Garnant] KT4/34 KT5/181*
North Bitchburn Coal Co. Ltd [Darlington] KT9/111
North Eastern Railway [Various]
[Tankers – dimensions only] RT199*
North End Colliery [Tonmawr, S. Wales] KT8/118
North Rhondda Colliery Co. Ltd
[Corrwgfechan & Cardiff] KT6/113
North Sea Coaling Co. Ltd [Great Yarmouth] KT9/112
John North [& Son] [Abingdon, Oxon] KT1/92 KM/126
North’s Navigation Collieries (1889) Ltd
[Bridgend & Cardiff] AT2 KM/126 KT6/115 KT7/157*
Northampton Electric Light & Power Co. Ltd KT3/64
Northern Gas Board [Carlisle, Sunderland etc] [Tankers] RT199
Northern Ltd [Cinderford, Gloucs]
– see also Henry Crawshay & Co. Ltd AT3
The Northern Quarries Co. Ltd [Stoney Stanton, Leics]
[rectangular tanker] AC73
Northern United Colliery [Cinderford, Gloucs]
– see also Henry Crawshay & Co. Ltd IP1/67
Norton & Biddulph Collieries [Stoke on Trent] AT1 BH2/98
Norton & Co. [Llanelly] KM/127 KT4/24
Norwich Co-operative Society Ltd AT1
Nostell Colliery [nr Wakefield] BH5/17 KT2/89
A.H. Nott [Cheltenham] IP2/89*
J. S. Nott [Cheltenham] IP2/89 IP3/126
Nottingham & Clifton Colliery Co. KT3/77
Nottingham Corporation Gas Department
[‘Nottingham Corporation Gas Works’] KT7/149*
Steel wagon KT2/90
Tankers RT201
Wooden wagon AT3
City of Nottingham Electricity Department KT1/93
Notts & Derby Coke & By-Products Co. Ltd [Pinxton] AT2
NSFF Chilwell [‘National Shell Filling Facility’]
[WW1 tanker] [Chilwell, Notts] KT5/114
Nuneaton Colliery KT3/66
Nunnery Colliery Co. [nr Sheffield] AT3
Nunnery Silkstone Colliery [nr Sheffield] AT1 AT3
W. & W. Nunnery [Ellesmere] ML8
James Nurse [Oswestry] ML24*

Oakbank Oil Co. Ltd [Glasgow] [Tankers] AC90 RT201&c
RT2/9 RT2/22-23
James Oakes & Co. [various, Notts/Derbys] AT3 KT1/94
Amos Oakley [Stoke Mandeville] KT2/125
O. B. [Avonmouth] [Tanker] IP3/114
Ocean Steam Coal Company [‘OCEAN’] [Treorchy, Rhondda]
– see also United National Collieries Ltd AT3 AW/162 KM/127 KT3/99 LT34 LT52 LT84* RE/57
‘O.C.O.’ – see Olympia Oil & Cake Co. Ltd
John H. Oglesby [Scrawby, Lincs] KT5/120
Ohlson & Co. [Hull] BH1/38
Old Radnor Lime, Roadstone & General Trading Co. Ltd
[‘OLD RADNOR’ etc] [Kington, Herefordshire] IP1/135 KT8/120 ML40
Old Roundwood Collieries [Wakefield] BH1/39
Old Silkstone Collieries Ltd [nr Barnsley] AT2 BH3/47 KT3/67
W. J. Oldacre & Co. [Cleeve, Gloucs] IP2/109 IP3/126* KM/127
[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]
J. Oldfield & Co. [Llanrhaiadr] CS/73 [poor distant view]
Oldham Corporation Gas Department BH2/40
John Olive & Co. [Wagon builders]]
[Summerseat nr Manchester] AW10
Olympia Oil & Cake Co. Ltd ["O.C.O."] [Selby, Yorks]
[Tanker] RT202 RT2/27
C. W. Orchard [Bristol] IP3/66*
Ormiston Coal Co. Ltd [East Lothian] AT3
Orrell Colliery Co. Ltd [Wigan] AW/95
Osborn & Wallis [Bristol] IP3/67*
Osborne & Son [West Ham, London] KT2/92
Osman Barrett – see under ‘B’
Osman Trevor Powell – see ‘P’
Otley Gas Co. [nr Leeds] BH5/45
The Oughtibridge Silica Firebrick Co. Ltd
[‘OUGHTIBRIDGE’] [nr Sheffield] KT9/113
Owen & Hamer [Welshpool] ML28*
G. D. Owen [Cardigan] KM/127
Oxcroft Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Chesterfield] BH3/64 KT5/120
The Oxford & District Gas Co. [Oxford] AT3
Oxfordshire Ironstone Co. [Banbury]
[Specialised side dump steel wagon] KM/128
Oxted Greaystone Lime [Oxted, Surrey] KT6/181

Packer [Uffington, Berks] KM/128
John E. Page Ltd [Bedford] KT3/68 KT7/141
Palmer & Sawdye [Exeter] KM/128 KT1/132 KT3/69
Palmer Mann & Co. Ltd [Sandbach] KT3/70
Parc-Y-Bryn Colliery Co. [Port Talbot] KM/129
Park & Blaina Collieries [Pantyffynnon] AW/163
The Park Collieries [Garswood, Lancs] – see J & R Stone
Park Gate Iron & Steel Co. Ltd [‘PARK GATE’]
[Rotherham] KT7/81
Park Iron Ore & Coal Co. Ltd [Lydney]
– see also Norchard Colliery CS/74 IP1/48
Park Lane – see also Garswood Coal & Iron Co. [Wigan] AW/97
Parkend Coal Co. [Parkend, Gloucs] IP2/233*
Parkend Deep Navigation Colliery Ltd [Lydney, Gloucs] IP1/18
KM/x KM/129
Parkend Tinplate Co. [Parkend, Gloucs] IP1/159*
Parker & Probert [Birmingham] BH5/27 KM/130
G.T. Parker & Sons [Boston, Lincs] BH4/67
W.T. Parkes [Torquay] KM/130
Parkhouse Collieries Ltd [Chesterton, Stoke on Trent] AT2 BH3/86
Parkinson & Co. [Bradford] AT3 BH1/41
Parkinsons Lancashire Coals [Seacombe nr Birkenhead] AT2
Parry & Sons [Pillgwenlly, Newport, Mon.] KM/130
Parry, Son & Parry [Welshpool] ML28*
W. R. Parry [Newtown, Powys] ML23*
David Parsons & Sons [Cradley Heath] KT5/123
J. Parsons [Cirencester] IP2/139*
Partington Steel & Iron Co. Ltd [Irlam, nr Manchester] AW/96 BH4/81 KT8/105
Partridge Jones & John Paton Ltd [‘P. J & J. P.’] [Monmouthshire] AT1 KT3/70 KT8/153*
Herbert D. Partridge [Worcester] KM/130
William Partridge [Dunton Green, Kent] KM/130
Pascoe Grenfell Ltd - see Williams Foster & Co.
Thomas T. Pascoe [Swansea] AW/179* BH2/129 KM/131 KT4/163 KT9/153
The Patent Fuel Co. Warlichs Ltd [London] KM/131
Patent Nut & Bolt Co. Ltd [Cwmbran nr Newport] KT8/122
The Patent Victoria Stone Co. [Groby, Leics] KM/131
Pates & Co. [Cheltenham] IP1/113 IP3/90 KM/131
J. Patience [London] BH1/78
Pattinson & Co. [Sleaford, Lincs] BH5/81
T. Paul & Co. [Clifton Down, Bristol] IP3/69
Payne & Son [Hereford] IP1/137
E. R. Payne & Son [Parkend, Gloucs] IP1/150
F. Payne [Welwyn, Herts] AT1
J. Payne & Sons [Oxford] KM/132
P.D. [Middle Duffryn Sidings, nr Neath (?)] KM/128
Peake, Oliver & Peake Ltd [‘P.O.P.’] [London] KT6/123
Pearce & Co. [Cheltenham] IP2/92 KM/132
Pearsall Ltd [PEARSALL’S] [London] BH5/34 KT7/82
A.T. Pearse [Burford, Oxon] KM/viii
Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [also ‘P K’]
[Wigan & Warrington] AW/98 KT8/124
T. Pearson [St Albans] KM/132
Pease & Partners Ltd [nr Doncaster, & Darlington] AT1 KT2/93 KT9/114
[Tanker, Darlington] KT9/115
J. LL. Peate & Sons [with two ‘LL’s, although ML9
calls them ‘LI’] [Llanfair Caereinion] ML9
N. Pegg & Co. Ltd [London] BH5/35
Pemberton & Co. [Abingdon on Thames] KM/132
Penderyn Limestone Quarries Co [Rhondda] AT1
Penistone & District Gas Company [nr Barnsley] KT6/125
Penlan Colliery [Penclawdd, Swansea] KM/132
The Penmaenmawr & Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co.
[‘The P & T L A Co. Ltd’] [Liverpool] BH5/58
Penn [owned by Mrs Lydia Penn] [Stonehouse, Gloucs] IP2/179
Pensford & Bromley Collieries (1921) Ltd [nr Bath] AT2
Pensom & Beavis [Cardiff] KT2/118
The Pensyflog Iron Mining Co. [Portmadoc] ML27*
Pentremawr Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Ponthenry] BH1/110 KT4/52
Pentrich Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Butterley, Derbys] KT3/77
Pentwyn Black Vein Collieries Co. Ltd [‘PENTWYN’]
[Machen, Monmouthshire] KT9/116
Pentwyn Coal Co. [Cardiff] KT9/117
Pepler, Edwards & Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/70
Arthur Pepler [Bristol] IP3/71*
H. Pepler & Son [Bristol] IP1/119 IP3/71
William Perch & Co. Ltd [Rhigos Anthracite]
[Cardiff & elsewhere] AT2 AT3 KT4/132 KT7/142
Perfection Soap – see J. Crosfield & Sons
W.H. Perkins [Oxford] KM/132
C. P. Perry & Son [Birmingham] KT7/83
John Perry & Co. [Broadstairs & Ramsgate] PM/34
Peterborough & District Tar Distillers Ltd [Tanker] RT202
Peterborough Coal Co. Ltd KT5/124
Peterborough Co-operative Society Ltd AT2 BH4/26
KT9/28[tiny view]
S. H. Petley & Co. [Southampton] AT1 KT7/84
Petrofina (GB) Ltd [London] [Modern tanker] RT2/58
Petroleum Board 14-ton tankers [WW2] RT27 RT28
Petroplus Refining & Marketing Co. – see also CAIB
[Unknown] [Modern tankers] RT204*
Phillips & Co. Ltd [London] AW/50
Phillips, George & Co. [Aberdare & Swansea] KM/133
Phillips Petroleum Products Ltd [Port Clarence, Teeside]
[Modern tankers] RT204
S. J. Phillips [Crymmych Arms, Pembrokeshire] KM/133
W. Alfred Phillips [Cardiff] AW/164 KM/133
The Phoenix Coal Co. [Lydbrook, later Ross on Wye] IP1/83
Phorpres Bricks – see London Brick Co. & Forders Ltd
R.Y. Pickering & Co. Ltd [wagon builders,
Wishaw, Lanarkshire] CS/142 KT3/110
[Tanker] AC80 [rectangular tanker] RT204 RT2/9
Pilch Collard & Co. Ltd [Canterbury] AT1
Pilkington Brothers Ltd [St Helens] BH1/56 KT7/85
Pilsley Colliery [‘PILSLEY’] [nr Chesterfield] AT2
The Pinkston Oil Co. [Glasgow] [Tankers] RT205
J. W. Pinner [Boston, Lincs] BH2/101
F. W. Pinniger [Calne, Wilts] KM/133
Pinxton Collieries Ltd [Notts] AT3 KT6/126
W. Pipe & Co. [Ipswich] KT3/60
D. Pitt & Sons [Reigate, Kent] KM/133
P & J. R. – see Pontop & Jarrow Railway
P. J & J. P. – see Partridge Jones ~
P K – see also Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co. Ltd AW/99
Platt Bros & J. S. Taylor [Liverpool, Southport & Neston] AT3
Platts Moston Colliery [Manchester] AT3 [under ‘M’]
John Player & Sons [Nottingham?] [ancient end tip wagon] KM/133
William Playne & Co [Nailsworth, Gloucs IP1/126 IP2/194
Pluds Pit [Lydbrook Colliery] [Lydbrook, Forest of Dean] IP1/39
Plymouth Coal Co. Ltd [Plymouth] BH5/35
H. J. Pollard [Trowbridge, Wilts] KM/134
Polmaise [Stirling] AT2
C. Pond – see Manmoel Colliery
Pontefract Collieries Ltd AT2 KT6/129 LT52
Ponthenry Colliery Co. Ltd [Llanelly & Swansea] BH1/111 KM/134 KT4/134
Pontithel Chemical Co. [Credenhill nr Hereford] KM/134
Pontop & Jarrow Railway [‘P & J.R.’] [Jarrow area] PM/14
Pontyberem Collieries Co. Ltd [Pontyberem, S. Wales] AW/166
Poole Brothers [Bristol] IP3/72*
Poole Brothers, Galbraith & Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/72
F & E. Poole & Co. [Swansea] KM/134 KT4/167
James Poole [unknown] IP1/147*
P.O.P. – see Peake, Oliver & Peake Ltd
Pope & Pearson Ltd [Normanton, W Yorks] AW/134 BH2/69
Poppleton [Huddersfield] BH2/70
The Port Talbot Steel Co. Ltd [Port Talbot] KM/135
Porthywaen Lime Co. [Llynclys, N. Wales] – see also
Savin & Co., & Steetley Co. Ltd ML12 - 19
A. Pottinger & Co. [Cardiff] KM/135
J. Potts & Co. Ltd [Macclesfield] AW/56
James Dillon Pounsbery [‘POUNSBERY’] [Bristol] IP1/133 IP3/73 KM/135
Pountney & Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/74
Powell & Son [Windsor] AT1
Powell Duffryn [Steam Coal Co. Ltd] [Maindy, Cardiff] IP1/147*
ML42* [Tankers]RT205*
Powell, Gwinnell & Co. Ltd [Cheltenham] IP1/114 IP2/93
John Powell [Lydney, Gloucs] IP1/146*
John W. Powell [Stourport] KM/135
Osman Trevor Powell [Gloucester] IP1/105 IP2/53 KM/135
Powell’s Tillery Steam Coal Co [Cardiff] KT3/71
Power Petroleum Co. Ltd [‘POWER’, also ‘POWER PETROL’]
– see also Medway Oil & Storage Co. Ltd RT205
Alfred Pratt [Dinton, Wilts] KT2/125
‘PRATTS’] [Tankers]
– see also Anglo American Oil Co. Ltd RT135&c
Premier Oil Extracting Mills Ltd [Hull] [Tanker] RT206
Prentice Brothers Ltd [Stowmarket, Suffolk] [Tanker] BH4/27
Wm. Prestwich & Sons Ltd [‘PRESTWICH TARMACADAM’]
[Dronfield, Derbyshire] AT2 KT9/118
Thomas Price [Cheltenham] IP2/95*
Primrose [Pontardawe] –see South Wales Primrose Coal Co.
Primrose Colliery [‘PRIMROSE’] [Monmouth] AT3
Prince of Wales Collieries – see Pontefract Collieries Ltd
Prince Regent Tar Co. Ltd [Silvertown, London] [Tanker] RT206
Princess Royal Colliery Co. Ltd [Sales office, Bristol] IP3/75*
[Whitecroft nr Lydney, Forest of Dean] AT2 IP1/52 KM/136
A. Pritchard [Bristol] IP3/75*
James Probert [Worcester] KM/136
Procor (UK) Ltd [Canadian company] [Modern tankers] AC94 AC96 RT207&c RT2/front cover RT2/5
RT2/37 RT2/48 RT2/65[destroyed in a fire]
The Producers Petroleum Co. Ltd [London] [Tankers] BH2/115
AC82 RT216
Prospect & Quarmby Clough Mills – see Joseph Hoyle & Son
Prospect Iron Works [Lockwood nr Huddersfield]
– see William Whiteley & Sons Ltd
Vernon Pryce [Blaenavon, Monmouthshire] KM/136
The P & T L A Co. Ltd
– see The Penmaenmawr & Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co.
Pugh & Co. [London] BH1/84
Robert Pugh [Machynlleth] ML20
The Pumpherston Oil Co. Ltd [Glasgow] [Tankers] AC12* RT217
The Pure Cane Molasses Co. Ltd. [London] [Tanker] KT6/175
The Purified Flock & Bedding Co. Ltd
[Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP1/126 IP2/195 KM/136
Pwllbach & Tirbach Collieries Ltd [Ystalyfera] BH1/113 CS/157[really tiny photo] KT4/71
Pwllheli Granite Co. Ltd [Minffordd, GWR] AT2 BH4/48 KT8/127 ML22 PM/29
Pyman, Watson & Co. Ltd [Cardiff] AT3 [under ‘W’] CS/88 KT7/89
‘Pyramid’ brand chemical tankers – see Major & Co. Ltd

Queenborough Cement Co [Isle of Sheppy, Kent] KT6/181
Quibell Brothers Ltd [‘KEROL DISINFECTANT’] [Newark] BH1/67 [Tanker] KT9/119

The Radnorshire Coal, Lime & General Supply Co. Ltd [Knighton, Powys] KT8/128 ML42*
Radstock Coal Co. [Radstock, Somerset] IP1/117
Railease Co. Ltd [Unknown] [Modern tankers] AC96 RT218
Railton & Son [Newport, Mon.] [Tanker] RT219
The Railway & General Engineering Co. Ltd [‘R & G’]
[Nottingham] CS/150
Railway Employees’ Coal Club [St Albans City Station] BH1/85
Rainford Colliery [‘RAINFORD’] [nr Wigan] AW/99
Rainford Tar Products Ltd [Lancs] [Tanker] BH2/42 RT219
Ralls & Son [Bridport] IP1/121 KT6/132
Ramsbottom Gas Co [‘R G’] [Stubbins, Lancs] AT3 AW/101
W. Ramsden & Sons Ltd [Tyldesley, Lancs] KT5/125
Ramskir – see Humble & Ramskir Ltd
Rance & Reading [Chesham & Amersham] KT2/125
A.H. Rance [Chesham] KM/137 KT2/125
Randell & Co. [Ynysybwl] – see Mynachdy Colliery
Rangeworthy Colliery [nr Yate, Gloucs] IP2/223*
Rapps & Co. [Birmingham] KM/137 KT8/129
Raven Anthracite Collieries Ltd [Swansea] KT4/77
William Rawcliffe & Co. [Preston, Lancs] AW/103
M. A. Ray & Sons [West Wickham & Gravesend, Kent] AT1 KT3/80 KT5/179
B. Raywood & Sons [Gorleston-on-Sea] BH1/71
RB [Bilston] – see Joseph Smith Reeves [under Smith]
REA Ltd [Liverpool] BH2/43 KT7/28
Read & Son [Salisbury] AT1 IP1/92 KM/137
Read & Westmoreland [Salisbury] IP1/93
Read Holliday & Sons Ltd [Huddersfield]
Tankers KT6/87 RT220
Wagon KT6/88
Reading Co-operative Society Ltd AT1
Reading Corporation Gas Works KT2/94
Reading Gas Company BH4/21
Reading Workmens Coal Union BH5/81
Redbourn Hill Iron & Coal Co. Ltd [Frodingham] KT5/125
Redbrook Tinplate Co. Ltd [Upper Pontnewydd] [Van] PM/11
Redcliff Coal Co. [Bristol] IP3/75*
Redditch Gas Co. [Worcs] AT3
H. J. Redgate [Nottingham] AT3
Redgrave & Co. [Cardiff & Swansea] BH1/114 KM/138 KT4/167
Redline Motor Spirit Co. Ltd [London] [Tankers] RT20 RT220
Emlyn Rees & Co. [Swansea] KT4/169
W. D. Rees & Co. [W.D.R.] [Swansea] KT4/170
William Rees [Llanelly] KM/138
Reesoils Ltd [Trafford Park, Manchester] [c1912 tanker] RE/101
Joseph Smith Reeves – see Smith
Regent Oil Co. Ltd [London] [Tankers] AC91 RT222 RT2/54
Regulator Colliery [Forest of Dean] IP1/144*
Robert Reid & Co. [Raynes Park, nr London] KT6/133
Renishaw Iron Co. Ltd [‘RENISHAW’] [Derbys] AT2
Renishaw Park [Eckington nr Sheffield]
– see also Furnace Hill ~ AT3
A.S.T. Renshaw [Brockley, Somerset] KM/frontispiece KM/138
Renwick & Wilton [later ‘Renwick, Wilton & Dobson’] Ltd
[Torquay & Dartmouth] BH4/22 IP1/102 KM/138 LT49
[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]
Retread (Roads) Ltd [Hereford] [Tanker, 1958 onwards] RT224
Reynolds & Hutton [Culham, Oxon] KT1/95
R G – see Ramsbottom Gas Co.
R & G – see The Railway & General Engineering Co. Ltd
Rhigos [also Rigos] Anthracite [Cardiff]
- see also William Perch & Co. Ltd AT2 AT3 KT4/132 KT7/142
John Rhodes – see Pontefract Collieries Ltd
Rhos Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Pantyffynnon] KT4/57 KT7/151*
Rhyader Granite Quarries Ltd [Rhyader] ML27*
Rhymney Iron Co. Ltd [Caerphilly] BH2/130
Rhys & Richards [Swansea] KM/139
Abraham Rice [Gloucester] IP2/54*
Jacob Rice [Gloucester] IP2/55*
Rich, Didcot [Didcot] KM/139
Richards, Power & Co. [Swansea] KM/139
A. E. T. Richards [Tondu] KM/139
Robert Richards [Llanbedr & Pensarn] ML8*
W & J Richardson [Warrington] AW/102
Robert Rickards [Fairford, Gloucs] IP2/140*
Rickett [also Ricketts] [London] AT3/centrefold photo
Rickett, Cockerell & Co. Ltd KT1/50
Rickett, Smith & Co. AT2 BH1/86
Ridler & Weedon [later Weedon & Co.] [Lydney, Gloucs] IP1/145*
Herbert Rigler [Bournemouth]
– see also Bradford & Sons Ltd KT8/158
John Riley & Sons [Hapton nr Burnley, Lancs] AW/104
Rimer Bros [Newcastle on Tyne] [rectangular tanker] BH5/68
Richard Charles Ring [Bristol] IP3/75*
Ringwood Coal Co. [Thomas Bailey] [Ringwood, Hants] KM/139
Rix & Broome Ltd [King’s Lynn] AT3
R J – see Richard Jolley
The Road Supplies & Construction Co. Ltd [W. Bromwich] BH3/87
Roads Reconstruction Ltd [Bristol] IP2/224
T. J. Robbins [Wheatley, Oxon] KM/140
Roberts & Co. Ltd [Llanelly] AT1
Roberts Davy [Westmorland] BH1/58
Roberts, Jenks & Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KT7/93
Roberts' Tarmacadam [London] BH1/10 KT7/92
Charles Roberts & Co. Ltd [Wakefield] BH1/ front & back covers
BH1/42 BH3/19 [photo inside works] LT51
[Tankers] AC70 RT11 RT224
[Early ‘D’ shaped tanker] RT2/3 RT2/17
Graham Roberts & Co. [Wales, where unknown at present] IP1/125
H. Roberts [Cinderford, Gloucs] IP2/233*
Isaac Roberts [Haverfordwest] KM/140
John Roberts [Penrhyndeudraeth] ML26*
William Roberts & Son [Bury Manchester] AT3 CS/107
F. Robins & Co. [Bristol] IP3/75*
E.A. Robinson [Bognor Regis] BH4/10
John Robinson & Co. Ltd [Bristol] [Tankers] IP3/77 RT225
J. E. Robinson [Manchester] AW/103
W. Robinson & Co. [Kenilworth & Leamington, Warks] KM/140
The Robinswood Hill Brick & Tiles Works [Gloucester] IP2/55
W.J. Robson & Co. Ltd [Pontefract] BH4/68
Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Ltd [Lancs] BH4/82
Rochdale Pioneers Society – see Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Ltd
Rock Colliery Ltd [Swansea] BH2/131 KT4/85
Rock Veins [Machen, Caerphilly] KM/141
Rockwood Colliery Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KM/141 KT3/81
Rogers & Dennis Ltd [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/195*
C. R. Rogers [Wealdstone, Gt. London] KM/141
George Rogers [Oswestry] ML24*
John Rogers & Son [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/195
John Davies Rogers [Four Crosses, Wales] ML8*
Ronuk Ltd [‘RONUK’] [Brighton] [Tanker] RT225 RT2/55
James Roscoe & Sons [Little Hulton, Manchester] AT1
Rose Bridge Colliery [Wigan] AT1
Rose, Smith & Co. Ltd [London] AT3 KT7/95 PM/33
T. P. Rose Richards Ltd [Swansea] KT4/171 KT7/151*
Thomas Rose & Partners Ltd [Hull] AW/135
James Ross & Co [Philipstoun] [Two early wagons and a
tanker, no more details] AC12
Rossington Main Colliery Co. Ltd [‘ROSSINGTON’]
[Doncaster] AT2 BH2/71 KT5/127
Rothervale Collieries Ltd [‘ROTHERVALE’] [nr Rotherham]
– see also United Steel Companies Ltd AT3 AW/133 BH3/5 KT3/100 KT9/6
Rothwell Co-operative Society Ltd [Rothwell nr Leeds (?)] AT2
Round & Downs Ltd [Birmingham] KT8/131
Frederick Round & Co. [West Bromwich] KT8/131
Rowe [Camborne, Cornwall] AT3
Rowland Manthorpe & Co. Ltd [Ipswich] AT2 KT3/54
James Rowlands [Haverfordwest] KM/141
Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society Ltd [Woolwich] AT1
Royal Daylight – see also Anglo American Oil Co. Ltd
[London] [Tankers] AC60 RT133&c RT2/4
Royal Dockyard [Chatham] [van & wagon] KM/141
Ruabon Coal & Coke Co. [‘RUABON’] ML42
Rudge Brown & Co. [Birmingham] KT2/96
Ruegg & Son [Stroud, Gloucs] IP2/168*
W.J. Rumbelow [Cambridge] BH3/102
Russell Street Marine Stores [Sheffield] KT9/120
Archibald Russell Ltd [[‘A R’] [Hamilton] AT3 [under ‘A’]
Edward Russell [Netherton & Kidderminster] KM/142
Russian Oil Products Ltd [London] [Tankers] AC15 RT227 RT2/13
R W [Southport] – see Richard Wright Ltd
R. Ryman [Didcot] KM/142

Sadler & Co. Ltd [Middlesborough]
   Tankers BH2/16 BH5/70
   Wagon BH2/17 KM/142
F. Sage [Bristol] IP3/77*
Salmon & Young [Greenock] AT1
Salt Union Ltd [Cheshire & elsewhere] KT2/96 KT5/175 KT7/146 KT8/101 KT8/153* ML44*
Stoke [Prior] Works, Bromsgrove [Salt wagon] BH4/34
A. J. Salter & Co. Ltd [‘SALTER’] [London] AT2
Salters Wagons Ltd [London] KM/142
Sandeman Bros. [Caledonian Railway area] [Tanker] RT2/39
W. Sanders & Son [South Molton, Devon] KM/142
Sandwell Coal Co. [Ashley Hill, Bristol] IP3/79 KM/142
Sargeant, Longstaff & Co. [London]
- see also John Hudson & Co. AT3 KT5/101
Savin & Co. [Llynclys] – see also Porthywaen Lime Co., &
Steetley Co. Ltd ML12 - 19
W. Sawyer & Co [Cheltenham] IP1/114 IP2/96
S.C. [Stephenson Clark & Associated Companies Ltd] [London, but all over England & Wales] BH1/88 LT80-83 PM/32
   20T Hopper Wagon BH1/90
Scarwood Coal Society Ltd [nr Huddersfield] BH1/45
Scatter Rock Macadams Ltd [Christow, Devon] KT7/99
Emily Catherine Schofield [Newtown, Powys] ML23*
James Schofield [Royten nr Oldham] [tiny photo only] KT9/75
Scholefield Mill Co. Ltd [Nelson, Lancs] BH4/83
J. B. Scholes & Sons Ltd [Bolton, Lancs] AT3 KT7/100
John Scholes & Co. [Blackburn, Lancs] KT7/100
Scientific Roads Ltd [‘BITRIN’] [Shipley] [Tankers] BH3/24 RT227
John F. Scott [Womersley] BH2/72
Walter Scott & Middleton Ltd [Westminster] KT9/121
Scottish Cables Ltd [Renfrew] [6 wheeled tanker] RT95
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society [‘SCWS’] LT55
Scottish Fish Oil & Guano Co. Ltd [Rough Castle nr Falkirk] [Unique rectangular tanker] RT227
The Scottish Oil Agency Ltd [Unknown] [Tanker] RT228
Scottish Oils Ltd [Unknown] [Tankers] AC87 RT228
Scottish Tar Distillers [Falkirk] [rectangular tanker] AC74 RT229
John Scowcroft & Co. Ltd [Hindley Green Collieries] [nr Wigan] AW/106
T. & C. Scowcroft & Son Ltd [Farnworth nr Bolton] KT8/133
[Joseph] Scudamore & Co. [Gloucester] IP2/56* IP3/125*
Sealand Petroleum Co. Ltd [‘ACME’ & ‘DOMINIUM’]
[London] [Tanker] RT229
John L. Seaton & Co. Ltd [Hull] [rectangular tanker] RT230
Henry Seddon Ltd [‘Seddon’s Salt’] [Middlewich] KT8/134
John Senior [Huddersfield] KT9/6
Settle Limes Ltd [Horton-in-Ribblesdale]
– see also John Delaney KT9/121
Settle Speakman – see also
Glebe, & Bignall Hall collieries ML44*
Severn Ports Warehousing Co. Ltd [Sharpness, Gloucs] IP1/169 IP2/215 KM/143
Severn Valley Gas Corporation Ltd [Cheltenham]
- see also Cheltenham Gas Light & Coke Co. IP2/70
Fitz. H. Severn [Nottingham] KT7/103
Lemuel Seyers [Gloucester] IP2/56* IP3/125*
E & A Shadrack [London] AT1
Shap Blue Macadam – see Shap Granite Co.
Shap Granite Co. Ltd [Shap Tarred Granite] [Cumbria] BH2/45 KT9/123
Shap Tarred Granite – see Shap Granite Co.
Sharlston [New Sharlston Collieries] KT9/125
Wallsend Colliery [Wakefield] KT9/6
West Colliery [nr Wakefield] BH1/46 KT9/125
R. H. Sharp & Son [Conisboro’] KT6/135
W. H. Sharp & Sons Ltd [Cleckheaton] KT6/136
Thomas Sharpe [Shirehampton, Bristol] IP3/113*
Sharpness Chemical Co. [Gloucs] [Tankers] IP1/168 IP2/212
Shaw Cross – see Crawshaw & Warburton Ltd
Wm Shaw & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd BH2/73
W.H. Shaw [Haslingden nr Huddersfield] [tiny photo only] KT9/75
Shaws Glazed Brick Co. Ltd [Darwen, Lancs] BH5/66
S H C – see Sutton Heath & Lea Green Collieries Ltd
Matthew Sheard [Hebden Bridge, Yorks] AT1
Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Co. [Mansfield] AT1 BH1/11
Sheffield & Eccleshall Co-operative Society Ltd – see
Eccleshall Industrial & Provident Society Ltd
Sheffield Chemical Co. Ltd [Attercliffe] [Tanker] KT6/137
Sheffield Coal Co. AT2 BH1/26 KT1/95 KT2/119 KT7/144
Edward C. Sheldon [Wheatley, Oxon] KM/143
The Shell Transport & Trading Co. [London?] [Tankers] AC82 RT230 [same photo] RT2/50
   RT230&c RT2/52
Shell Mex & B.P. Ltd [London] [Tankers] AC22[tiny photo]
AC75 AC83 AC90 AC94[1970s] AC100 BH2/116 JH/36 RT12 RT234 – 263 RT2/7 RT2/12 RT2/14 RT2/17 RT2/21 RT2/24 RT2/50
   1962 40 ton tanker RT34
    100 ton bogie tanker [modern] AC95
Shell (UK) Oil Co [Various] [Tankers from 1976] AC103
RT263&c RT2/40[from 1965 on] RT2/60
Harry T. Shellswell & Co [Gloucester] IP2/56
Shelton Iron, Steel & Coal Co. Ltd [‘SHELTON’] [Stoke] AT2
AW/55 BH2/102 CS/154 KT7/104 LT54 ML44*
Alfred Shepherd [Hull] BH4/69
Ernest Shepherd [Oswestry] ML24
James Shepherd [Southport & Birkdale] KT9/126
E.H. Sheppard & Son [Cheltenham] IP2/97
[Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]
George Sheppard [Portskewet, Monmouthshire] KM/143
J. Sheppard & Son [Salisbury] KM/143
Walter Sheppard [Warmley, nr Bristol] IP3/121*
Sheppards (Coal & Metals) Ltd [Coventry] KT1/119
Sherwood Colliery Co. Ltd [Mansfield] AT3 BH1/vi BH2/82 KT2/98
Shields & Brown [Glasgow] [8 wheeled tanker] CS/100[tiny photo] [8 wheeled and 4 wheeled tankers] RT268
Shields & Ramsay Ltd [Glasgow] [Tanker] RT268 RT2/46
Shillito & Burnley [Huddersfield] BH5/83*
John Shingles [Bream, Gloucs] IP2/233*
Shipley Colliery Co. [nr Ilkeston] BH1/vi KT3/82
E. K. Shipp [Wigston, nr Leicester] KM/143
Shipping & Coal Co. [Hull & Newcastle on Tyne] AW/134
Shirebrook Colliery Ltd Mansfield] AT2 BH1/16 KM/143 RE/front of dust jacket
Shireoaks Colliery Co. [‘SHIREOAKS’] [Worksop, Notts] AT1 AW/138 BH4/58 CS/23 [tiny photo] KT1/97 KT8/152* LT11
Charles E. Shirley [Bristol] IP3/79*
Edward Shirley & Sons [Stockport] AT2
Charles William Shorey [later C.W. Shorey & Sons] [Honeybourne, Gloucs] IP2/119*
Shortwood Brick & Tile Co. [nr Bristol] IP3/121*
Shotts Iron & Coal Co. Ltd [‘Shotts’]
[Lanarkshire & Mid-Lothian] BH4/105
Shrewsbury Co-operative Society Ltd AT2
R. Silcock & Sons Ltd [Liverpool, London, Bristol] [Tanker] KT5/130
Silver Spirit Ltd [‘SILVER MOTOR SPIRIT’][London] [Tanker] CS/54 RT268
Silverton Oil Storage Co. [possibly Devon?] [Tanker] RT2/38
Silvertown Lubricants Ltd [London] [Tanker] JH/25 KT5/131 RT268
F. H. Silvey & Co. [Son] [Bristol] IP1/98 IP3/91
Thomas Silvey & Co. [Father] [Bristol] AT3 IP1/96 IP3/81 KM/144
G. Simmons [Hoe Street, GER] BH1/72
T. Simmons & son [Reading] AT2/front cover
W. Simmonds & Son [Oxford] BH5/37[part view] KM/144
Simpson & Co. [Boston] BH5/81
Simpson, Davies & Sons Ltd [Runcorn] AT3
L. A. Simpson & Co. Ltd [Nottingham & Middlewich] KT7/109
Sinclair Union Petroleum Co. Ltd [London] [Tankers] RT269
S. J. – see Southwood, Jones & Co. Ltd
Skidmore & Dallen [Gloucester] IP2/56*
Jabez Skidmore [Gloucester] IP2/56*
J. Skinner [Melksham, Wilts] KM/144 KT8/136
S. Skinner [Melksham, Wilts] KT8/137
Slade & Baker [Bristol] IP3/93*
‘SLB’ – see Steetley Lime & Basics Limited
Slough Estates Ltd [rectangular tanker] RT270
G. [George] Small & Son[s] [Taunton, Thorne etc, Somerset] IP1/116 KM/3 KM/144
James H. Smart & Sons [Chalford, Gloucs] BH5/36 IP2/149
S. W. Smedley & Co. Ltd [Evesham] KT1/98
Smith & Forrest (Oils)Ltd [Manchester]
[rectangular Tanker] BH2/46 RT270
Smith & Knight [‘S & K’] [possibly London]
[Broad Gauge wagon c1862] LT7
Smith Brothers [Cheltenham] IP2/97*
Smith, Parkinson & Cole Ltd [SPC] [Bradford] AT2 KT3/84 KT5/179*
Smith, Wood & Co. Ltd [Sowerby Bridge, nr Halifax] AT3
A. H. Smith [‘SMITH’] [Morley, Leeds] BH5/28
Alfred J. Smith Ltd [Bristol] IP1/94 IP3/95 KM/145
F. J. Smith [unknown] IP1/147*
H. G. Smith & Co. [Hastings] AT1
H. H. Smith [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/196
The Executors of J. Smith [Cirencester] IP2/139*
James Smith [Stroud, Gloucs – but based in Brinscombe] IP1/88 IP2/152
John Smith & Co. Ltd [Ardwick, Manchester] BH3/13
Joseph Smith (Battersea) Ltd [London] AT1
Joseph Smith Reeves [Bilston] KM/136 KT8/130
L. Smith & Son [Tetbury Rd Station, Coates, Gloucs] IP2/147 KM/145
Montague Smith & Co. Ltd [London] KT9/127
T. E. Smith & Son [Louth, Lincs] BH5/82
Thomas Smith [Garston, Lancs] AW/106
Thomas Smith [Gloucester] [wagon ownership unknown] IP2/61*
W. J. Smith [Camberwell Station] BH2/117
H. J. Snelling [Crystal Palace & Honor Oak, London] AT3
Sneyd Colliery Co. [‘SNEYD’] [Burslem, Staffs] AT2 BH3/88 ML44*
Snibston [nr Coalville, Leics] KT1/100
Snow & Sons [Reading] KT1/117 KT8/152*
H. W. Snow & Sons [Wallingford, Oxon] KM/145
John Snow & Co. [Bristol] IP3/98
Snowdrift Salt – see Stafford Salt & Alkali Co. Ltd
P. Softley [Massingham, Norfolk] AT3
Edwin E. Sohier [Bristol] IP3/100*
Somerset Collieries Ltd [Radstock] AT3
Somerset Trading Co. [Yeovil] IP1/117 KM/145
South & Gasson [Brighton] KM/145
South Durham Steel & Iron Co. Ltd [Unknown] [Tanker] RT271 RT2/8
South Eastern Tar Distillers [Tonbridge, Kent] [rectangular tanker] RT271
South Herefordshire Agricultural Co-op Society Ltd [Ross, Monmouth & Coleford] IP1/130
South Hetton Colliery [Durham] [early chauldron wagons] RE/17
South Kirkby Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Wakefield] AT1 KT9/79[part views only]
South Kirkby, Featherstone & Hemsworth Collieries Ltd [nr Wakefield] AT2 BH5/18
‘SOUTH KIRKBY’ 20T steel wagon BH5/55
South Leicestershire Colliery Co. Ltd [‘SOUTH LEICESTER’]
[Hugglescote] AT1 KT1/99 KT8/152* KT9/152
South Metropolitan Gas Co. [London] [Tankers] RT271 RT2/35
South Wales & Cannock Chase Coal & Coke Co. Ltd
[Worcester] AT1 BH4/35 IP2/126 KM/146
KT3/85 KT5/179*
South Wales Anthracite Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Pontardawe]
- see also Yniscedwyn, & Ystradgynlais Collieries KM/146 KT4/15 KT5/181*
South Wales Coal Co. [Hereford] IP1/133 KM/146
South Wales Primrose Coal Co. [Pontardawe] BH1/112 KT4/137 KT7/151*
South Western Employees’ Coal Fund
[Nine Elms, Swindon] AT3
The South Western Tar Distilleries Ltd [Totton nr Southampton] [Tankers] RT273
The South Yorkshire Chemical Works Ltd [Parkgate, Rotherham] AT3 LT54
Southern Oil Co. Ltd [Manchester] [Tanker] AC98 RT271 [same photo]
Southwood, Jones & Co. Ltd [‘S. J.’] [[Pontnewynydd] BH5/66
Sowerby Bridge Industrial Society Ltd [nr Halifax] BH4/70
Henry Sowter [Newcastle, Staffs] ML44*
Spalding & Bourne Railway [c1868, not private owner] LT14
J. Speakman & Sons Ltd [Leigh & Bedford, both Lancs] AW/107
Philip Speakman & Sons [Liverpool] AW/177*
Speech House Hill Collieries Co. Ltd [Lydney, Forest of Dean] IP1/25 KM/147
Speedwell Newbridge Colliery [Nailbridge, Gloucs] IP1/144*
Spencer [Halifax] KM/147
Spencer, Abbott & Co. Ltd [Birmingham] IP1/121 KT1/101
P. W. Spencer Coal Merchants Ltd [Rylstone nr Skipton] AT3
Spenser Whatley Ltd [London] AT1 CS/22
M. Spiers & Sons [Defford & Eckington, Worcs] KM/147
Wallace Spiers & Co. Ltd [London] BH3/103 KT1/103
Spillers [Cardiff] [covered goods wagon] IP1/169
Spooner & Bailey Ltd [Eling, nr Southampton] [Tanker] KT6/138
T. W. Squire [Bristol] IP3/100*
St Helens Collieries AW/108
St Helens Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd AW/110
Stableford [‘STABLEFORD’] [Coalville, Leics] Cs/18
Arthur H. Stabler [Darlington] BH2/19 PM/12
Stafford Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [Stoke on Trent] KT1/105
Stafford Salt & Alkali Co. Ltd KT6/139
Stamford Gas Light & Coke Co. BH1/73
Standard Bitumen – see also Anglo American Oil Co. Ltd RT137
The Standard Coal Supply Co. Ltd [‘STANDARD’]
[Grimsby] AT1
‘Standard’ Merthyr Smokeless Steam Coal – see
United National Collieries Ltd
Standard Motor Spirit Co. Ltd [Unknown] [Tanker] RT273
Standard Railway Wagon Co. [Heywood, Lancs] [Tanker] RT273*
Stalybridge Corporation Gas Dept. [nr Manchester] AT3
Stanley & Armitage [Lockwood, nr Huddersfield] BH2/74 KT9/6
Stanton Iron [Works] Company [Ltd] [‘STANTON’] [Notts] BH1/17 BH5/19
J. C. Stanton [Brackley, N’hants] KM/147
Star Bleaching Co. [Horwich, Lancs] AW/105
Staunton Iron Co. [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/162* IP2/233*
Staveley Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [Derbys] BH1/back cover BH2/83 BH5/57
   ‘Bleaching Powder’ BH5/49
   ‘Caustic Soda’ BH5/49
   Staveley [Derbyshire]
      Metal Spun Pipes AT1
      Sand Spun Pipes LT54
Steam Coal Collieries [unknown] IP1/147*
Steam Trawlers Coal & Trading Co. Ltd [Grimsby] AT1
E.G. Steele & Co. Ltd [Hamilton] [Tankers 1958 on] RT273&c RT2/47
Steetley Co. Ltd [Llynclys, N. Wales] – see also
Porthywaen Lime Co., & Savin & Co. AT1 ML4 ML12 - 19
Steetley Lime & Basics Limited [‘SLB’] [Steetley, Notts] KT9/129
Stephens & Co. [Kidwelly, nr Swansea] AW/165 KT6/140
H. R. Stephens [Swansea] KT4/172
John Stephens, Son & Co. Ltd [Gloucester] IP1/129 IP2/58 KM/147
Thomas R. Stephens [Shrivenham, Oxon] KM/147
Stephenson Clark & Associated Companies Ltd – see S.C.
J. H. Stephenson & Co. [Bankhall, Waterloo, Liverpool] AW/110
Stevens & Co. [also ‘STEVCO’][Oxford] KM/148 KT2/101
[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]
[Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]
E. A. Stevenson [Sheffield] BH4/71
Peter Stewart & Co. [Southampton] KM/150 KT3/89 KT7/142
Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd (Bilston) KT7/121
Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd (Corby) [also ‘S and L’] BH3/89 KT7/111 KT8/156*
   Tube wagon BH3/90
Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd [Kilnhurst Collieries, nr Rotherham] AT2
F. D. Stigwood & Sons [Whittlesford, Cambs] KT5/132
Stirrup & Pye Ltd [Stoke on Trent] AT1
Stockingford Colliery Company [Atherstone, Warks] KM/148 KT1/105
Stockport Co-operative Society Ltd BH1/59
Stockport Industrial & Equitable Co-operative Society Ltd KT9/131
A. G. Stockwell [Cheltenham] IP2/98* IP3/126*
John & James Stoddard [Coed Talon, Flintshire] KT6/182
Albert Stokes [Gloucester] IP2/59
Stone & Tinson [Bristol] IP3/100*
George Stone Kitson – see Kitson
J & R Stone [The Park Collieries] [Garswood, Lancs] AW/109
S. Stone & Co. [Bristol] IP1/119 IP3/100
Stonehouse Brick & Tile Co. Ltd [Stonehouse, Gloucs] IP1/128 IP2/177
Storage & Transport Systems Ltd [London]
[Tankers 1950s on] RT276 RT2/61
H. Stothart & Co. [Cardiff] ML44*
Charles Stott [Halifax] BH2/75
Stourbridge Gas Dept AT2
William Stout & Co. [Gloucester] IP2/59
Stow Coal Co. [Stow on the Wold, Gloucs] IP2/122*
Strakers & Love [Brancepeth, Durham] KT9/130
Stratford & Tea [Notgrove, Gloucs] IP2/126*
Stratford upon Avon Corporation Gasworks KM/149
Streeter Bros [Croydon, Surrey] KM/150
Stringer & Jaggar Ltd [nr Barnsley] BH3/52
Stringers [Northwich, Cheshire] AT3
Stroud Co-operative Society Ltd IP2/169 KM/150 KT3/38
Stroud Gas Light & Coke Co. AT1 IP1/127 IP2/171 IP3/127*
Stuart Coal Co. [Cardiff Docks] KM/150
Stubbs & Co. [Stafford] [Salt wagon] BH3/91 JH/14
Thomas Styles [Long Ditton, & Surbiton, Surrey] KM/150
Suhren [‘SUHREN’] [Bremen [in Germany] & Hull] KT9/37
Sully & Co. [Lydney & Bridgwater] AT1/front cover KM/vi KM/151 BH3/108 IP1/85
John Summers [‘SUMMERS’] [Glasgow] AT2
John Summers & Sons Ltd [Chester area] [Tanker] KT6/142
Summerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co. Ltd
[Coatbridge] [Tanker] RT278
R. Summerson & Co. Ltd [Cockfield, Co. Durham] KT7/124
Suncole [Nottingham] BH3/65
Sunderland Gas Co. Ltd [Tanker] RT278
Edward Sutcliffe [Mirfield, nr Huddersfield] BH3/54
Sutton Heath & Lea Green Collieries Ltd [also ‘S H C’] [nr St Helens] AW/114
Sutton Heath Collieries [nr St Helens] AT3 BH3/14
Sutton Trading Co. Ltd [Cardiff] KT3/90
John Swain [Chalfont Road, Bucks] KT2/125
Swansea Anthracite Coal Co. KM/151 KT4/172
The Swansea & District Railway Men’s [sic]
Direct Coal Association KM/151
Swansea Oil & Grease Co. Ltd [Tanker] AC87 RT279[same photo]
Swansea Navigation Collieries Ltd [Swansea] AW/167
Swanwick Colliery [‘SWANWICK’] [Derbyshire] AT1 BH2/85 KT7/125
Swarthmoor & Ulverston Co-operative Society Ltd BH1/60
Eland Sweet [Fishponds, Bristol] IP3/100*
E. H. Swift [Dorking, Surrey] KM/151
Swindon United Gas Co. [Tanker] AC85 RT279[same photo]
Syenite Paving Setts Quarry Co. Ltd [Minffordd] ML22*
Sykes [Huddersfield] AT3
D. Symes [Oxford] KM/151
H. Syrus [Hastings] KM/152

Taff Vale Railway [c1865, not private owner] LT6
G. W. Talbot & Son, Ltd [Reading] AT3 KM/152 KT6/143
J. E. Talbot & Co. [Liverpool] AW/112
Talk-o’th’Hill Colliery Co. Ltd [Talke, Staffs] ML44*
Talybont Timber & Coal Co. [Talybont] KM/152
Tamworth Colliery Co. Ltd [Staffs] AT2
Tank Rentals Ltd [possibly Wakefield as it was part of Charles Roberts] [Tankers, 1960 on] RT279&c
Isaac James Tanner [Bristol] IP3/100*
William Tapscott [Charfield, Gloucs] IP2/217
Tar Distillers Ltd. [London, & Pinxton, Notts]
[Tanker] KT2/105 KT5/175 RT282*
Tar Residuals Ltd [London & Manchester] [Tankers] RT284
Tarbitumac Ltd [Chatterley, nr Stoke on Trent] KT6/145
The Tareni Colliery Co. Ltd [Godrergraig nr Pontardawe] KT9/153
Tarmac Limited [various locations] JH/27 KT5/132 KT9/4 KT9/150
   [Tankers] KT5/137 RT283
Tarslag (1923) Ltd [Stockton on Tees & W.Midlands] BH2/20 BH5/64 KT8/138
Arthur Tassell [A. L. Tassell & Sons Ltd] [‘TASSELL’]
[King’s Lynn] AT2 KT5/139
Taylor & Workman [Woolaston, Gloucs] IP2/234*
Taylor Brothers [Staines, Harrow & Wealdstone] KM/152
C. H. Taylor [KM says ‘G.H. Taylor’] [Penarth] KM/152
Henry E. Taylor [Aberystwyth] ML7*
James Taylor & Co. [Beckford, Gloucs] IP2/115 IP2/118 KM/152
R. Taylor & Sons Ltd [Dundee] AT3 BH4/106
S. Taylor, Frith & Co. Ltd
   [Peak Forest] BH1/19
   [Runcorn] AW/111
[Thomas] Terrett Taylor & Sons [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/110
Charles P. Teague [Barbers Bridge, Gloucs] IP2/235
Tebay Co-operative Society Ltd [Westmorland, now Cumbria] KT6/146
Tees Salt Company Limited [Stockton-on-Tees] [Salt Wagon] KT9/132
Teign Valley Granite Co. [Devon] BH1/100
A. Telling [Oxford] KM/153
Charles Tennant & Co. Ltd [Glasgow] [Tanker] RT284
Terrett, Taylor & Sons [Coleford, Gloucs] KM/153
Texaco Ltd [South Wales & Avonmouth]
[Tankers, 1967 on] RT285 RT2/58
Tharme & Co. [Liverpool] BH3/15
J. Tharme [Liverpool] PM/37
Thomas [Cam, Gloucs] KM/153
Thomas [Walthamstow, GER] BH4/11
Thomas, Riches & Co [Cardiff] – see Cambrian Collieries Co. Ltd
Thomas & Co. [Swansea – possibly the same as A. Thomas & Co., below] ML44*
Thomas & Green, Ltd [Wooburn, Bucks] BH5/80 KT6/147
Thomas & Jones [Aberystwyth] ML7
A. Thomas & Co. [Swansea] KT4/175
Alfred J. Thomas [Gloucester] IP2/60 KM/153
Benjamin Thomas [Swansea] KM/154 KT4/175
D. Thomas & Son [Aberthaw nr Cardiff] KM/154
David Thomas [Mountain Ash, Rhondda] KM/154
E. Thomas & Co. [Bryn Cottage, Rhyader] IP1/147*
Edmund Thomas [Llwyncelwn Colliery, Wales] KM/154
Ernest Thomas & Jenkins [Swansea] KT4/173 KT5/181*
G. V. Thomas [Pill, Wales or Bristol?] KM/155
Griffith Thomas [Onllwyn & Swansea] KM/154 KT4/139
Henry Thomas [Swansea] AT1
J. E. Thomas [Aberdare] KM/155
Oliver H. Thomas [Neath] KM/155
Philip Thomas & Co. [Cardiff] AT1/front cover BH3/108
R. E. Thomas [Cheltenham] IP2/98 KM/155
Richard Thomas [Lydney, Gloucs] IP1/162
Richard Thomas & Co. Ltd [Abertillery & elsewhere] – see also
Lancaster’s Steam Coal Collieries Ltd AT2 BH4/49
Sidney Thomas [Cam, nr Dursley, Gloucs] IP2/200
T. P. Thomas & Co [Cardiff] KM/155
Thomas Thomas [Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthen] KM/156
W. H. Thomas & Sons Ltd [Oswestry] ML24*
William Thomas [Aberystwyth] ML7*
William Thomas [Wellington, Somerset] IP1/117 KM/156
William Thomas [Whitland, Camarthen] KM/156
Thomlin & Co. [Truro] PM/38
Thompson, Newsome & Co. Ltd [Elland] BH3/55
C. Thompson [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/197
M. Thompson & Sons [Naworth Collieries, nr Carlisle] KM/156
LT8 [drawing of same wagon as KT156]
W. A. Thompson [Great Malvern] KM/156
Thornbury Coal Co. [Thornbury, Gloucs] IP2/225*
Thorncliffe Colliery – see also Newton Chambers & Co. Ltd
[nr Sheffield] AT1 AT3 BH1/47
Thorne [Colliery, nr Doncaster] – see Pease & Partners Ltd
R. M. Thornley & Son [Grimsby] KM/156
T. Threadgold [Woking, Surrey] BH4/12
Thrutchley & Co. Ltd [Manchester & other areas] AT1 BH3/16
Thurcroft Main Colliery – see Rothervale Collieries Ltd
Tiger Railcar Leasing (UK) Ltd [Unknown]
[Tankers, 1974 on] RT285&c RT2/36
Tildesley & Minter [Southall & London] KM/157
Tildesley & Son [Markfield nr Leicester] KM/157
Tiley Bros [Bristol] IP3/101*
The Time Coal Company [West Green, N. London GER] BH4/13
John J. Tims [Willesden Green, London] AT3 BH3/104 KM/157 KT2/125 KT6/148
Tinsley Park Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Sheffield] AT2 KT7/126
Tiphook Rail Leasing [Unknown] [Tankers, 1987 on] RT287
RT2/45 RT2/back cover
Tirdonkin Collieries Co. Ltd [‘TIRDONKIN’]
[Landore, Swansea] AW/164 KM/157 KT9/133
Tirpentwys Black Vein Steam Coal Co. Ltd
[‘TIRPENTWYS’ & ‘Tir Pentwys Pontypool’]
[Pontypool] AT2 KT9/135
Tirydail Colliery [Wales] KT4/24*
Titanic [Steel &] Iron Co. [Milkwall, Gloucs] IP3/123*
Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society Ltd BH2/76
Tollemache [H. Tollemache & Co. Ltd] [London] BH1/92
William Tombs [Gloucester] [wagon ownership unknown] IP2/61*
Ton Phillip [Swansea] KM/157
Ton Phillip Rhondda Colliery Co. Ltd [Cefn nr Bridgend] KM/157
Tonfanau Granite Quarries [Towyn] ML27
John Toole [Bilston] KT7/128
Toomer, R. & Co. Ltd [this is the correct layout] [Reading] KT1/107 KT8/152*
J. [John] Toomer & Sons [Swindon] AT2 IP1/147*
Topham, Jones & Railton [London] KT9/138
Torquay & South Devon Coal Co. (1923) Ltd KT6/151
Total Oil Great Britain Ltd [Lindsey refinery] [Tankers, 1968 on] RT288&c
Tottenham & District Gas Co. KT5/140
Tottenham District Light, Heat & Power Co. KT5/142
Townhill Colliery Co. Ltd [Dunfermline] CS/143
James Townsend [Cheltenham] IP2/98*
Trafalgar Colliery Co. [Drybrook Road, Gloucs] IP1/28
Traffic Services Ltd [London] [Tankers, 1951 on] RT290
Tredegar Iron & Coal Co. [‘TREDEGAR’] [S. Wales] AW/168 AT1/front cover BH4/50 BH3/108
Treffry Clunes & Co. [Par, Cornwall] BH5/82
Trent Oil Products Ltd [A.J. Flint] [London] [Tanker] RT291
Trimpell Ltd [Unknown, LMS region] [Tanker] RT292 RT2/14
Trimsaran Co. Ltd [nr Burry Port, S. Wales] KM/158 KT4/59 KT5/182
Trotter Thomas & Co. [nr Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/145* IP2/234*
Trowbridge Co-operative Society Ltd KT3/38
F. H. Tucker & Co.[Swansea] KM/158
Alexander Tudhope [‘TUDHOPE’] [Gravesend] KM/158 KT7/129
A.E. Tudor [Coaley Junction (& Slimbridge), Gloucs] IP2/198
B. Turner [Morris Cowley Station, Oxford] AT1 KM/158
C. R. Turner Ltd [Langley Mill, Notts] [wagon makers] CS/178
Charles Gething Turner [Bournemouth] KT9/140
E. Turner & Sons [Bixslade, Gloucs] IP1/152 KM/159
G. R. Turner Ltd [Langley Mill, Notts/Derbys] KT2/106
James Turner & Son [Kiveton Park nr Sheffield] KT9/141
W & J. Turner, Wigan Junction Colliery [Wigan] AT2 KT5/143
[NB KT5 has ‘W. J. Turner’ – photo shows ‘W & J ~’] LT28
James Turney [Cheddington, Bucks] KM/159 KT6/152 KT8/155*
T.W.B. – see T. Wilson Brewis
Tweedales & Smalley Ltd [Castleton nr Manchester] KT7/131
Twerton Co-operative Society Ltd [Bath] KT3/38
Lewellin Twining & Co. [‘TWINING’] [Bristol] IP1/118 IP3/101 KM/159
The Tyne Main Coal Co. Ltd [London] AT3 KT5/144
Tynygraig Colliery [nr Tondu, Wales] KT8/140
Tytherington Stone Co. [Tytherington, Gloucs] IP2/224* IP3/128

‘UG’ – see Edward Adlington
Underwood & Co. Ltd [Worcester] AT3 KM/159
Arthur Underwood [Hope Village, Derbys] PM/37
Unilever Ltd [Port Sunlight] [Tanker] RT291
Union Petroleum Products Co. Ltd
– see Redline Motor Spirit Co. Ltd
United [Swansea Valley] KM/159
United Alkali Ltd [Bristol] [Tankers & frames for them] IP3/104
United Alkali Co. Ltd [Fleetwood]
– see Imperial Chemical Industries
United Anthracite Collieries Ltd [1888 – c1902]
[Swansea Valley] KT4/141 KT8/153*
United Anthracite Collieries Ltd [1920s]
[S. Wales, various locations] KT4/58
The United Caucasian Oil Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT292
The United Collieries Ltd [Glasgow] BH4/107
United Collieries Ltd [Lanark] AT1
"K" United Collieries ‘["K" UNITED’] [Crossgates, Fife] AT3[under ‘U’]
United Dairies [Unknown LMS location] [Tanker] RT2/64
United National Collieries Ltd [Cardiff, London, Newport] KM/160 KT3/93
United Oil Importers Ltd [London]
[Tanker] AC89 RT292 [same photo]
United States Army Transportation Corps [various, WW2] [Tankers] AC54 RT293
United Steel Companies Ltd [Rotherham area] KT3/99 KT7/144 KT8/153*
United Stone Firms Ltd [Cannop nr Parkend, Gloucs] IP1/153
Universal Colliery [Senghenydd] KT3/101
Upper Graigola [Trebanos, Wales] KM/160
Upton Colliery [nr Pontefract] [‘UPTON’] AT2 BH1/back cover KT3/102 KT5/180
Usher & Sons [Lancing, West Sussex] AT2
Albert Usher & Co. [London] IP1/121 KT8/113
Usworth Colliery [nr Sunderland] [Hopper c1870] LT16

V & S [Morfa Colliery, Port Talbot] KM/161
Vacuum Oil Co. Ltd – see also Mobil Petroleum Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] JH/6 RT189
W. A. Vallis [Hackbridge, London] AT3
Van Den Burgh & Jurgens [Unknown] [Modern tankers] RT294*
Varteg Colliery Co. Ltd [Gurnos, Swansea Valley] KT4/142
Varwell, Guest & Co. Ltd [Exeter] KM/161
J. E. Vaughan [Llanrhaiadr] ML12*
Vauxhall Colliery [Ruabon] BH2/viii BH5/frontispiece ML45
Venus Colliery [nr Parkend, Gloucs] IP1/146*
Vereinigte Tanklager und Transport-mittel GmbH [‘VTG’]
[Various] [Modern tankers] RT295*
William Vernon [Chester] BH4/84
Viamuls Ltd [‘BITUMULS’] [London] [Tanker] RT296
Samuel Vickers [‘S. VICKERS’] [Scunthorpe] KT8/141
Victor Blagden & Co. Ltd [‘LIQUAPHALT’] [London] [Tanker] RT297
Victoria Coal & Coke Co. Ltd [Wakefield] KT7/132 KT9/6
Victoria Coal Co. [Cardiff] KM/161
Charles J. Vile [Winterbourne, South Gloucs] IP2/228*
William Vincent & Co. [Bristol Harbour] IP3/106 KM/162
Thomas Viney [Coaley Junction & Dursley, Gloucs] IP2/199
S.J. Vinson & Co. [Gloucester] IP2/60
J. O. Vinter & Son Ltd [Cambridge] AT3 LT19
VIP Petroleum Ltd [Unknown] [Tankers, 1966 – 76] RT297
John Vipond & Co. Ltd [nr Pontypool] AT3 IP2/39 KM/162 KT8/142
Vivian & Sons [Swansea] KM/162
T. Voile & Co. [Cheltenham] IP2/98*
Vron Colliery [‘VRON’] [nr Brymbo] – see Broughton & Plas Power Colliery Co.

F. W. Wacher [Herne Bay, Kent] KM/162
Charles Wade [Adderbury, Oxon] KM/frontispiece
Wadsworths [Wadsworth & Sons, Barnsley] BH1/50
John Wainwright & Co. [Shepton Mallet] AT3
W. H. Wakefield & Co. Ltd [Milnthorpe, Cumberland ] CS/98
Wales’ Best Productions’ – see Victoria Coal Co.
Waleswood [Colliery] [nr Rotherham] AT1
Walker, Nottingham [‘WALKER’] KT9/143
Walker & Rodgers [Warwick] KT3/103
J N Walker & Co. [Nottingham] BH1/20
John Walker [Warwick] KT3/103
Walkers (Century Oils) Ltd [Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent] [rectangular and round tankers] RT297
W. Walker & Sons [Hanley] [Tanker] RT298
Charles Wall [Chelsea] KM/162
Wallerscote Boilers – see Brunner Mond & Co.
G. T. Walley [Bournemouth] KM/162
Samuel Wallis [Bristol] IP3/107*
William Wallis [Bristol] IP3/107*
W. H. Wallis & Co. [Evesham] IP2/108 IP2/115*
   [Mention of Tewkesbury office IP2/113*]
Wallsend & Hebburn [NE England] PM/38
Wallsend Colliery [Howbeach, Forest of Dean] IP1/44
Walsall Coprporation Gas Works AT2
Walters & Hibbert [Gilfynod, Pontypridd] KM/163
N. A. Walton [Walsall] KM/163
War Department [WW2] [Tankers] RT2/15
War Office (A.6) [c1919 Tanker, London] KT5/115 RT2/55
Ward & Son [Tunbridge Wells] AT3
A. J. Ward [Richmond, Surrey] KM/164
Charles Ward [London] BH2/118
E.T. Ward & Son [Stroud, Gloucs] IP1/115 IP2/172 KM/164
Thos. W. Ward Ltd [also T W W] [Sheffield] AT1 BH2/77 KT7/134
A. Warren [Widmerpool, Notts] BH4/59
F. Warren & Co. Ltd [London]
– see also Coote & Warren Ltd KT5/49
Warrener [‘WARRENER’] [Lincoln] PM/38
Warrens [London] AT2
Warrington Co-operative Society Ltd AT2
Warwick Gas Light Co. KT6/152
The Warwickshire Coal Co. Ltd [‘COVENTRY’] [Coventry] AT2 BH4/28 KT1/109
S. Waterhouse [Sheffield] [Salt wagons] KT9/143
Waterloo Colliery [‘WATERLOO’] [Leeds] AT2 LT53
Watford Co-operative Society Ltd AT2
Wath Main Colliery Co. Ltd [nr Rotherham] AT1 KT2/107
William Watkeys Ltd [Llanelly] BH1/115
Watkins & Leonard [Bristol] IP3/107*
Fred Watkins [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/158
Richard Watkins [Bream, Gloucs] IP1/158*
G. Watkinson & Son [Southport] AT3
E. H. Watts & Co. [London, Cardiff & Newport] KM/164
Walter Waugh & Co. [London] [Tanker] RT298
War Department / War Office [WW1 tankers] RT298&c
W. B. & Co. Ltd [William Baird & Co. Ltd]
[Twechar, Kilsyth nr Glasgow] – see also Hopetoun Collieries CS/100[tiny photo] PM/40
W.D.R. – see W. D. Rees & Co.
Richard Weale [Swansea] KM/164
The Wear Fuel Works Co. Ltd [Sunderland] [rectangular tankers] RT300*
The Weardale Steel, Coke & Coal Co. Ltd [ ‘WEARDALE’] [Darlington] AT3 BH4/93
Webb Bros. Ltd [Cheltenham] BH4/36 IP2/99
Webb, Hall & Webb [Ross-on Wye] IP1/123
James Webb [Chalford, Gloucs] IP2/151*
Richard Frank Webb [Bristol] IP3/107*
Webbs’ Coals [Webb Bros, again] [Cheltenham] IP1/134 IP2/99
Webster [Miles Platting, Manchester] AT3
Richard Webster & Sons
[Maidenhead, Cookham & Wargrave] KM/164
Weedon Bros. [various, Oxfordshire] BH2/104 JH/10
Richard Weedon [Lydney, Gloucs] IP2/234*
A. G. Weeks & Sons
[Winscombe, Sandford & Banwell, Somerset] AW/169
E. H. Weeks [unknown] IP1/147*
Welbeck [‘WELBECK’]
– see New Hucknall and Blackwell Collieries Ltd
E. Welford & Son [Oxford] AT3 BH5/37 KM/165
Wellingborough Gas Light Co. Ltd AT1 KT2/109
Wellington [unknown] IP1/147*
J. & G. Wells Ltd, Eckington Collieries [‘ECKINGTON’]
[Derbys] AT2 KT5/146 KT6/173 KT8/154* LT20
Welsh Anthracite Collieries Ltd [Swansea] KT4/69
The Welsh Navigation Steam Coal Company Ltd [‘WELSH NAVIGATION’] [Cardiff] AT3 PM/41
Welsh Smithy Coal Co. [Cardiff] KM/166
The Welsh Tin Plate & Metal Stamping Co. Ltd [Llanelly] KM/166 RE/77
Wemyss Coal Co. [‘WEMYSS’] [Fife] AT1 BH4/108
The Werfa Dare Colliery Co. Ltd [Aberdare] KT2/111
J. Wescott & Son [Semley Station, Wilts] BH5/82
West Cannock Colliery Co. Ltd [Hednesford] AT2 BH3/92 KT5/147 KT8/154*
The West Cumberland By-products Co. Ltd
[Flimby nr Workington] [Acid Tanker] BH4/95 RT2/38
West Leigh Colliery Co. [‘W L C’] [Wigan area] AT3 AW/113
West Middlesex Coal Co. [West Ealing] AT2
The West Midland Sugar Co. Ltd [Kidderminster] [Tanker] KT6/175
West Midlands Joint Electricity Authority
[Wolverhampton] BH4/37
George West [Reading] AT2/front cover AT3
Westbury Brook Iron Mine
[Whimsey nr Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/163*
Westbury Iron Works [Westbury, Wilts] KM/167
Western Coal Co. [Bristol] IP3/108 KM/167
Western Counties Agricultural Association Ltd [Bristol] IP3/107*
Western Petroleum Co. [Bristol] [Tanker] AC62[poor view] IP3/108*
Western Refining & Marketing Co. Ltd [London] [Tanker] RT301
Western Tinplate Works Ltd [Llanelly] KM/167
Western Valleys Anthracite Co. [Swansea] AW/170
Western Wagon & Property Co. Ltd [Bristol] IP3/108*
Westminster Colliery Co. [‘WESTMINSTER’]
[nr Wrexham] LT13 ML45
Wetmore & Bird [Bristol] IP3/109*
Robert Wetmore [‘WETMORE’][Bristol] IP3/109 KM/167
Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery Co. Ltd [Barnsley area] KT1/112 KT8/152* KT9/6
Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery Co. Ltd [Barnsley] AT3 KT5/151
Arthur Wharton Ltd [Leeds] KT5/42
What???? Bros [Reading] AT2/front cover [NB – this wagon is in a photo with its door open so the whole owner’s name can’t be read]
W.H.B & Co. – see W.H. Brown & Co.
Wheldale Coal Co. Ltd [Castleford] BH3/56
Wherets, Hoyles & Smethurst [Blackrod, nr Wigan] LT28
B. Whitaker & Sons Ltd [Leeds] BH3/58
Michael Whitaker [Leeds] AW/179*
White & Beeny Ltd [Hailsham, Sussex] AT1 KT3/105 KT7/142
White Moss Colliery [‘W M’] [Skelmersdale] AW/116
H. O. White [Banbury, Oxon] AT1 KM/vii KT2/112
John S. White & Son [Winchester] BH5/39
Richard White [Widnes] KT6/182
Richard White & Sons [Evesham] KM/167 KT8/146
Whitecliffe Lime Co. [Coleford, Gloucs] IP1/155 KM/168
Harry Whitehouse [Stourport] BH4/38
William Whiteley Ltd [London] KT5/152
William Whiteley & Sons Ltd [same firm as above]
[‘WOOLLEN MACHINISTS’] [Huddersfield] KT9/6
Fred Whiteman [Montrose] AT2
F. Whiting & Sons [Chalford, Gloucs] IP2/152 KM/168
F. A. Whitmarsh [Exmouth] KM/169
Whitstable Shipping Co. Ltd [Kent] KM/169
Whitwick Colliery [Leics] AT3 KT1/112 KT8/152*
Whitwill, Cole & Co. Ltd [Bristol] KT1/113 IP3/110
Mark Whitwill & Son [Bristol] IP1/118 IP3/110
Whitwood Chemical Co. Ltd [Normanton, Yorks] BH4/72
Whitwood Colleries – see Henry Briggs, Sons & Co. Ltd
Joseph Whitworth [Manchester] AT3 BH1/61
W. I. & S. Co. Ltd – see Workington Iron & Steel Co. Ltd
Wickwar Quarries Ltd [Charfield, Gloucs] AT1 IP2/220 IP3/127*
J. A. Widdison [Newark, Notts] BH5/82
John Godfrey Wienholt Bowen [Llanidloes] ML12*
Wigan Coal & Iron Co. Ltd AW/118 KM/169 KT3/107
KT8/153* LT28 ML45* LT50
‘NEWCASTLE MAIN’ [Manton, nr Worksop] AW/136
Wigan Coal Corporation Ltd AT1 AW/119 LT52
[Manton Colliery] AT1[under ‘M’]
Wiggins & Co. Ltd [Northampton] AT3
Wigpool Coal & Iron Co. Ltd [Drybrook, Gloucs]
[Mention of Cheltenham depot IP2/107*]
Wigpool Iron Mine [nr Cinderford, Gloucs] IP1/163*
James Wilby Ltd [Pontefract] BH3/59
Wilderness Portland Cement Co. [Mitcheldean, Gloucs] IP3/123*
Isaac Wilkinson Ltd [Mytholmroyd, Yorks] KT1/113
Williams & Bird [Bristol] IP3/110*
Williams & Co. [Cheltenham] IP3/112*
Williams & Co. [Swansea] KM/169 KT4/176
WIlliams & Sons [Witton nr Birmingham] KT2/112
Williams & Stephens [Lydney, Gloucs] IP1/146*
Williams & Wilson [Oswestry] ML24
Williams Bros. [Hull] AW/137
Williams Foster & Co. and Pascoe Grenfell Ltd [Swansea] KT1/114
A. S. Williams Ltd [Liverpool] BH3/17
Clement Williams [Thornbury, Gloucs] IP2/225*
D. Williams [Llanelly] KM/169
E. Williams Cook & Co. [Swansea] KT4/150
E. D. Williams [Holly Bush Collieries nr Newport, Mon.] AT1/front cover AT3 BH1/116 BH3/108 KM/169 ML38
Ellis Williams [Portmadoc] ML27*
Evan Williams [Pwllheli] ML27*
Fred Williams & Son [Towcester] KT5/153
John Williams [Llanerch-Y-Medd] CS/126 KT8/frontispiece
John Williams & Co. (Cheltenham) Ltd BH5/39 IP2/103 IP3/126*
   [Mention of Gloucester office IP2/61*]
   [Mention of Tewkesbury office IP2/113*]
John Edward Williams [Penrhyndeudraeth] ML26
John Jay Williams [Llanmorlais] KT6/154
John Robert Williams [Porthywaen] ML26*
Joseph Williams & Son Ltd [Oswestry] ML24
L. Williams & Son [KM has it as ‘J’ Williams & Son’] [Aberthaw] KM/170
Mark Williams & Co. [Cheltenham] IP2/104 KM/170
Maurice Griffiths Williams [Duffryn] ML8*
R. Williams [Dudbridge, Gloucs] IP2/184* IP3/127*
Richard Williams [Cardiff] KM/170
Richard Williams & Sons Ltd [Liverpool] ML45*
Robert Williams & Sons Ltd [Hay [on Wye], Powys] KM/170
Samuel Williams & Sons Ltd [Dagenham Dock, Essex] KM/170
T. Williams [Brecon & Caradoc] KM/170
Thomas Williams & Sons [Llangennech] KT9/145
W. T. Williams [Hereford] KM/171
James Williamson & Son Ltd [Lancaster] [Tankers] BH2/47 KT6/157 RT301
Willingsworth Iron Co. Ltd [Wednesbury, W.Mids] AT1 KT2/113
H.D. Willis & Co. [Cheltenham]
[Wagon ownership unknown] IP2/107*
Willkin Coal Co. Ltd [Bournemouth]
– see also Bee, Bingham & Co. Ltd KT7/20
H. Wilmot [Nailsworth, Gloucs] IP2/197
Wilsden & Co. [‘WILSDEN’] [Kings Cross, London] BH4/14
Wilson, Carter & Pearson Ltd [Birmingham] KT5/155 KT8/154* KT8/156*
Charles Wilson [Bushey, Herts] KM/171
Foster Wilson [Goole, Yorks] KT9/147
Henry Wilson [Berkeley Road, Gloucs] IP2/210*
T. Wilson Brewis [T.W.B.] [London] BH4/3
Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co. Ltd [Fife & Lanark] AT3 BH4/109
Wimberry Colliery Co. Ltd [Forest of Dean] IP1/27
Wincanton Coal Gas Co. Ltd AT1
The Winchcombe Coal Co. [Gloucs] IP2/118 KM/171
Windsor Steam Coal Co. (1901) Ltd [‘WINDSOR’] [Aber Valley] KT6/158
Winsford Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd [Cheshire] AT1
Winstanley Colleries Co. Ltd [Wigan] AW/117
Winterbottom Bros & Co. [Leeds] KT9/6
H. Winterbottom & Sons [Lees nr Oldham] AT3
Wirksworth Quarries Ltd [Derbys] AT2 KT8/149
W. E. Wise [Mortimer, Berks] KM/171 KT6/160
Witt & Sons Ltd [London] AT1
W.K – see William Kippax Ltd
W L C – see West Leigh Colliery Co.
W M – see White Moss Colliery
Wolstanton "Cardox-Mined" Coals – see George Hale & Co.
Wolverhampton Corrugated Iron Co. Ltd [Ellesmere Port, Cheshire – this is correct] KT5/158
   Steel tipper wagons [two types] JH/37
Wonnacott Bros [Oxford] KM/171
Wood & Co. [Leicester] BH5/38
Wood & Rowe [Stroud] IP2/174 IP3/127
G. E. Wood & Sons [London] KM/171
Hugh Wood [Stockport] KM/172
J. R. Wood & Co. Ltd [London] AT1 KT1/115 KT7/141 LT49
W. M. Wood [[Pontefract]
–see also Glass Houghton & Castleford Collieries Ltd KT8/87
William Wood [Elephant & Castle, London] AT1
William Wood & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd BH3/19 KT6/163
S. Woodcock [Market Drayton, Shrops] RE/55
Woodfield Collieries Ltd [Blackwood, Monmouthshire] AW/171
W. Woodley [Oxford] KM/172
H. H. Woodruff [Barnsley] KT5/159
Walter Woodthorpe Ltd [Boston Dock, Lincs] AT3
Woolaton Collieries [Woolaton Colliery Co.] [Notts] BH3/66
Woolcombers Ltd [Reading] AT2
A. C. Woolway [Exeter] KM/172
F. T. Woolway [Exeter] KM/172
Woorgreens Colliery [nr Ruspidge, Gloucs] IP1/45
Worcester New Co-operative & Industrial Society Ltd BH4/39
Workington Beehive Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd [Workington, Cumberland] AW/115
Workington Iron & Steel Co. Ltd [brake van] PM/15
Henry Workman & Co. [Cheltenham] IP2/105 IP3/126* KM/173
W. H. Worth [Gloucester] IP2/61 IP3/125*
W. Wrathall [Cheltenham] IP2/104*
Francis T. Wright [Bagthorpe, Notts] [wagon maker] CS/195
George Wright [Thame] KM/173
Joseph Wright [wagon builder, London] [drawing of one of the wagons he built c1850] LT2
Richard Wright Ltd [‘R W’] [Southport] AW/100
Wrights (Colchester) Ltd [Colchester] AT1 AT3 KM/173
Thomas Wrigley [Ramsbottom] BH3/18
A. B. Wyatt [Worcester] KM/173
Wyken Colliery [‘WYKEN’] [nr Coventry] AT2/front cover KT1/117 KT8/152*
Wynnstay Colliery [nr Ruabon] ML45*

Yate Coal & Lime Co. [Yate, S. Gloucs] IP3/128*
John Yates [Monmouth] IP1/123 KM/174
W. E. Yates [Manchester] KM/174
Yeovil Gas Works BH5/44 KM/174
Ynisarwed Collieries Co. Ltd [‘YNISARWED’] [nr Swansea] AT3 KM/174 KT4/142 KT5/181
   – see also Cardiff Navigation Colliery
Yniscedwyn Colliery [nr Pontardawe] BH1/117 KT4/15
Ynisgynon Collieries Ltd [nr Pontardawe]
   – see also Cambrian Mercantile Syndicate Ltd KT4/63 KT4/66
Ynys Amman Anthracite Colliery Co. Ltd [Brynamman] KM/174 KT4/73
Young’s Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co. Ltd [West Calder, Scotland] [Private owner brake van] AC10
Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Tar Distillation Co. [Gunness nr Scunthorpe]
   Rectangular Tanker KT6/164
   Tanker BH2/105 RT301
Yorkshire Chemical & Coking Co. [Castleford, Yorks] – see Glass Houghton & Castleford Collieries Ltd
Yorkshire Main Colliery [‘YORKSHIRE’] [Edlington, nr Doncaster] KT5/160
Yorkshire Tar Distillers Ltd [Cleckheaton] RT301
Young’s Oil Co. Ltd [Addiewell, West Lothian] [Tankers] RT303
Ystalyfera Colliery [nr Pontardawe] KT4/67
Ystradgynlais Colliery [nr Pontardawe] BH1/117 KT4/16 KT8/153*
Ystradowen Colliery [nr Cowbridge, S. Wales]
   – see also Burgess & Co. KM/176 KT4/147

@ Joe Greaves 2010