Ernest W.Twining

Born in Bristol on 29 March 1875; died 10 September 1956. Trained as a telephone engineer. He also took art lessons at night school. After working on the Glasgow telephone system for a while, he established a commercial art studio in London, where, as a side-line, he branched out into designing and making model aircraft for sale, in due course expanding to the manufacture of full size gliders. His model-making work brought him into contact with Bassett-Lowke, the Northampton model making firm, for whom he did sub-contract work. In 1920 he founded Twining Models at Northampton, which manufactured glass-case models of industrial, architectural, advertising and transport themes. Twining was polymathic in his interests, and was active in the worlds of model railways, art and design, aeronautics, astronomy and photography, ships and ship models, and stained glass. In Northampton, his windows can be found at Holy Trinity Church Hall, St Edmunds, Hardingstone, St Francis de Sales, Wolverton and the Northhampton Museum. Wikipedia 2014-09-29.

Plate 1
Broad gauge Great Western built 1848
Plate 2
LSWR 2-4-0 Milo
Plate 3
LBSCR No. 122
Plate 4
CR 8ft single No. 83
Plate 5
Bristol & Exeter Pearson 4-2-4T
Plate 6
NBR 4-4-0 No. 224
Plate 7
LBSCR 2-4-0 No. 111
Plate 8
LNWR 2-2-2 No. 291 Prince of Wales
Plate 9
SER Cramptons Nos. 85 and 92
Plate 10
SER Crampton No. 137