Michael H.C. Baker

Irish railways since 1916. London: Ian Allan, 1972. 224pp.
Has a good index (a rarity for Ian Allan) and an attempt at a bibliography.

London Transport in the Blitz. London: Ian Allan, 2010. 144pp
The Introduction is autobiographical.

Taking the train - a tribute to Britain's greatest railway photographers. Sparkford: Patrick Stephens. 1993. 176pp.
A very important source of biographical information about some of the most significant photographers of the railway scene in Great Britain and Ireland. The samples of their art appear to have been chosen with care by the author/photographer. The following are included: P.M. Alexander, Dr Ian C. Allen, W.J.V. Anderson. H.J. Ashman, E.D. Bruton, H.C. Casserley, C.R.L. Coles, S.T. Cowan, Derek Cross, M.W. Earley, F.R. Hebron, George F. Heiron, T.G. Hepburn, D.M.C. Hepburne-Scott, C.C.B. Herbert, John Kennedy, Rev A.H. Malan, Michael Mensing, O.J. Morris, Brian Morrison, Rex Murphy, David Murray, Ivo Peters, P. Ransome-Wallis, R.C. Riley, Peter Shoesmith, G.H. Soole, R.D. Stephen, H. Gordon Tidey, Eric Treacy, E.R. Wethersett, and P.B. Whitehouse.