D.L. Bradley

Editorial obituary Br Rly J., 1986, 2, 89: died 18 June 1986 aged 63. Had a career in Royal Navy where he rose to rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was a mathematician of some repute and the authority on the history of the locomotives of the Southern Railway and its constituents. He always worked from primary material and this includes the more richly produced Wild Swan series which recovered some of the ground covered in the RCTS series.

D.L. Bradley was a major historian of the locomotives of the Southern Railway and its constituents. The bulk of his work is covered in a series of works published by the RCTS and these are cited throughout this website to the "RCTS page". In addition he produced a series of books for Wild Swan which recovered much of the same ground, but in greater depth. These are listed below.

An illustrated history of L.S.W.R. locomotives. Upper Bucklebury/Didcot: Wild Swan, 1985-9. 4 vols.
The Adams classes. 1985. pp. [vi), 184. Many illus.
The Drummond classes. 1986. pp. [vi], 234.
Many illns. See errata in British Railway Journal vol. 2 (1986-7) p. 308.
The Urie classes, including those modified and built by R.E.L. Maunsell. 1987. pp. [iv], 156. Many illus.
The early engines 1838-53 and the Beattie classes. 1989. pp. viii, 264. Many illus.
with D. Milton
Somerset & Dorset locomotive history. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1973. 218pp.

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