John F. Clay

Amateur enthusiast and member of the Stephenson Locomotive Society. Frequently collaborated with J. Cliffe.

The British 4-6-0. London: New English Library, 1977. 96pp.
Essentially a picture book with a not very well printed colour section.
Essays in steam: an anthology of articles from the Journal of the Stephenson Locomotive Society. London: Ian Allan, 1970. 216pp.
The work of the LMS compounds in Scotland. David L. Smith
The Royal Scots. John F. Clay
The LMSR Pacific locomotives. T.G. Dentith
The performance of the Princess Royal class. Norman Harvey
The big red engines. John F. Clay
The 2-32. [02.32 Marylebone to Leicester newspaper train when hauled by ex-GCR 4-6-0s and 4-4-0s during the early 1930s]. "5267 "
Britain's most modern Atlantic [rebuilt four-cylinder locomotive No. 3279]. John F. Clay
Some thoughts on the K3s. W.A. Tuplin
An appreciation of the Gresley A3 Pacifics. P.J. Coster
Sir Nigel Gresley's class A4 Pacifics. P.J. Coster
The A4 revival. P.J. Coster
The V2s. John F. Clay
Bantam Cock, Gresley's last design J. Cliffe
From Cock O' the North to Saint Johnstoun. P. J. Coster
The rivals [Swindon versus Doncaster].  John F. Clay
The Castles of the Great Western Railway. Kenneth H. Leech,
The Kings of the Great Western Railway. Kenneth H. Leech
Note on Swindon after Churchward. W.A. Tuplin
The performance of some Southern 4-4-0s. Norman Harvey
The Maunsell L and Ll Classes. Norman Harvey
The Maunsell Dl and El Classes. Norman Harvey
Bulleid and after. Norman Harvey
Southern steam speed. Norman Harvey
Jubilees of the LMS. London: Ian Allan, 1971. 112pp.
Also includes Patriot class.
with J. Cliffe
The LNER 2-6-0 classes. London: Ian Allan, 1978. 80pp.
The LNER 2-8-2 and 2-6-2 classes. London: Ian Allan, 1973. 111pp.
The LNER 4-6-0 classes. London: Ian Allan, 1975.
The Gresley (B17) and Thompson (B1) designs and the inherited classes and what was done to them in the hope of improvement which was noteworthy in the case of the B12/3
The Stanier 'Black Fives'. London: Ian Allan, 1972. 96pp.
Usual mixture of description of design and its variants (including the British Railways 73XXX series), locomotive performance and overall assessemnt wherein it is questionned whether the tapered boiler and Belpaire firebox were justifiable when the cheaper Doncaster/Darlington type performed as well.
The West Coast Pacifics. London: Ian Allan, 1976. 208pp.
Includes not only the main Stanier designs, including an initial proposal for a three-cylinder type and the turbine locomotive, but also the later Duke of Gloucester and thother BR Standard Pacifics.


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