J.M. Dunn

Dunn was a fitter with an LNWR background and was noteworthy for his blunt comments about working conditions in South Wales, and in particular the problems of keeping the Beames' 0-8-4Ts on the road and on problems with the early far from standard standard class 5 4-6-0s. He was a dedicated member of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers. He also encounted obstructive behaviour from his "superiors", notably from "P" at Llandudno Junction who ensured that he was unable to attend a meeting of the Institution in Manchester where Stanier was due to be present. KPJ's father encountered similar disruptive behaviour. Perhaps the worst case of this reported by Dunn is where the shed staff ensured that a dirty pair of tank engines took over the Royal Train from the GWR spotless locomotive at Afon Wen. The train then overshot the meeting point.

Perhaps surprisingly, Dunn is highly critical of Freemasons whom he stated received a great deal of preference, and by implication ensured that the author was mistreated. The "surprise" is due to the choice of publisher who is open in his Masonic affiliation. Nevertheless, this is one of the very few publications to recognize that the movement did affect staff relationships. Dunn was like Holcroft, Burtt and Cox in being a professional railway enthusiast.

Comments on non-standard class 5 4-6-0s

Reflections on a railway career from LNWR to BR. London: Ian Allan, 1966. 184pp.