W.O. Skeat: locomotive historian
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Educated at Whitgift Grammer School, Croydon and apprenticed under Gresley on GNR at Doncaster Works. Experience in running department at Peterborough, then moved to Stratford Works which eventually led to classic Newcomen Society papers on GER 4-6-0 and Decapod locomotives. Joined staff of Institution of Mechanical Engineers in 1933, and edited the Procedddings from 1939. Between 1947 and 1950 worked for British Council. From 1950 was Secretary of the Institution of Water Engineers.

Landmarks in steam locomotive design. Chartered Mech. Engr., 1961, 8 (2), 84-92.
Important paper which began The Evolution of Engineering series: will form part of basis for planned outline history page.
The Decapod locomotive of the Great Eastern Railway. Trans. Newcomen Soc., 1951, 28, 169-84. Disc. 184-5; 29, 263.
Includes a folding general arrangement drawing. This is a highly detailed examination of a very unusual design and its performance under test. It was developed by J. Holden and the great draughtsman V.R. Russell. Includes notes of the patents involved
The Great Eastern Railways "1500 Class" locomotives. Trans. Newcomen Soc.,1969, 42, 75-97. Disc.: 97-106.
Extremely detailed history which includes the B12/3; experiments with ACFI feed-water heating, superheating, compressed air operated reversing gear, performance and liveries. Also contributes to information about Claud Hamilton 4-4-0s. . In the discussion D.R. Carling noted the comfort of the ride.