John Addyman

The Alnwick & Cornhill Railway. with John Mallon. North Eastern Railway Association, .
Reviewed in Backtrack, 2008, 22, 382 by Geoffrey Skelsey: "evocative and somewhat sad account of high hopes and bitter reality"
The High Level Bridge and Newcastle Central Station
with Bill Fawcett. North Eastern Railway Association, 1999.
Reviewed in Backtrack, 2001, 15, page 114. Later in same journal described as as seminal Backtrack, 2018, 32, page 522.
A history of the Hull and Scarborough Railway; with Bill Fawcett for the North Eastern Railway Association. Kestrel Books, 152pp.
Reviewed in Backtrack, 2015, 29, 62.: "Presented with a book of this length on a line of some 54 miles you know you're going to get an intimate study, though not quite as much so as for some GWR branch lines a fraction as long! The Hull—Scarborough line in recent times has lived precariously: threatened with closure, 'rationalised' with track singling, station closures and general cuts in services and facilities, reduced track maintenance and so on".
A history of the Newcastle & Berwick Railway. John F. Addyman (editor), North Eastern Railway Association,
Produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the North Eastern Railway Association and called "an outstanding volume, a worthy and reasonably-priced tribute".  The review could almost serve as a model entry for a concise railway encyclopaedia Reviewed in Backtrack, 2012, 26, 318 by Geoffrey Skelsey.
Robert Stephenson: Railway Engineer. with Victoria Haworth. North Eastern Railway Association & The Robert Stephenson Trust. 172pp.
Reviewed by Gordon Biddle in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2006, 35, 377. and in Backtrack. 2007, 21, 448: "really essential reading and reference for any student of railway history"
Thomas Elliot Harrison (1808-1880): founder and engineer of the North Eastern Railway. with Bill Fawcett. Rocket Press.
"Small but perfectly formed"Backtrack, 2010, 24, 445