Geoffrey Freeman Allen

Born 16 March 16 1922, the son of Cecil J. Allen; died in the North Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, on 7 July 1995. Like his father, Allen became a noted writer about trains and railway systems. His first books on the subject appeared in 1947, published by Ian Allan, for whom his father was editing Trains Illustrated and Trains Annual. G. Freeman Allen edited Locospotters Annual and Jane’s World Railways as well as writing several dozen books covering the history of British locomotives from steam to the latest innovations. Many of his books went through several editions.

Ian Allan, his employer, had a somewhat equivocal viiew of someone who became Managing Director of one his companies: GFA and I had a love/hate relationship for 25 years during which time he ascended from new boy to MD of our publishing company via various editorships. Perhaps we were a little jealous of each other, he was and is an intellectual, a brilliant writer, musician, artist, in fact all the things I am not and instead of my swashbuckling commercial bent melding with his to make a solid team, the magnetic forces often repelled rather than attracted each other, which was a pity. GFA did so much for the embryonic company and he eventually decided to go it alone and become a freelance. He has done extremely well and his name is often seen not only in Modern Railways but in the Daily Telegraph and other distinguished places and he is, of course, editor of Jane's All the World's Railways

Contributor to Ransome-Wallis Concise encyclopaedia of world railway locomotives. Chapter 8. The organization of a steam motive power depot.