David Henshaw

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The great railway conspiracy: the fall and rise of Britain's railways since the 1950s. Hawes: Leading Edge, 1991. 287pp.

An examination of the effect of politicians, and those who influence them on the state of the now partial railway network. and it will remain partial until it is possible to travel to places like Hawick, Tavistock again, and to the strategically unimportant Plymouth when the tide isn't right, and when it is no longer cheaper to fly or drive than to go by train.

In spite of now being ten years old much of what was written is still relevant. The index is poor and it has not been simple to find the reference to diesel traction cited by Edward Gibbins (Backtrack, 2012, 26, 539): the driving force for this particular web page. 

New edition reviewed (kindly) by GBS in Backtrack, 2014, 28, 126: KPJ suspects review is better than what is reviewed