Bryan Morgan

Railways: civil engineering. London: Longman, 1971.
A very serviceable book with quite a good bibliography (now very dated) which must be castigated for directing the user away from Ottley in favour of Bryant. Widely available secondhand as Arrow Book (paperpack edition: 1973)..

The railway-lover's companion. London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1963. 555pp.
Compared with Simmons' Railways: an anthology.

Bryan Morgan was educated at Whitgift School and St Catharine's College, Cambridge, where he graduated in the natural sciences honours tripos. He spent the later years of the war working in industry as a research metallurgist and filled in the long evenings of blackout by writing his first novel. After this had received various literary prizes he became (as he has remained) a full-time writer.
His work covers a wide field, ranging from verse through travel books to the editing of house magazines. In particular he has specialised in compiling industrial histories, in presenting scientific and technical topics to children, and in railway matters. Three earlier books of his deal with varied aspects of this scene: The End of the Line was an evocative glance at Europe's vanishing narrow-gauge lines, The Railway-Lover's Companion (which Bryan Morgan edited) remains a best-selling anthology of railway literature, and Railway Relics includes a survey of Britains outstanding railway antiquities. Prefatory pages in Railways: civil engineering. He was also a co-author of The golden milestone: a history of the AA (1955)