Valve gears
Note excellent review paper by Shields
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Shields, T.H. The evolution of locomotive valve gears. J. Instn Loco. Engrs, 1943, 33, 368-448. Disc.: 448-60. 1944, 34, 260 2 illus., 100 diagrs., 2 tables. Bibliog. (Paper No. 443)

Britlsh-Caprotti Valve Gear:-Associated Locomotive Equipment Ltd. Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1950, 56, 110.

Lake, Charles S. and Reidinger, A.
Locomotive valves and valve gears. London: Percival Marshall, c1940. 142pp.
Copy seen NRM. Frontispiece Tishy Prince of Wales. Includes Trofinoff piston valves

Oliver, Alfred [Socrates, pseud]
Locomotive valve gears. Raynes Park: Author (Co-operative Printing Society), 1930.
Author was a driver on the Southern Railway and produced other titles aimed at serving mutual improvement classes. This title was seen at NRM (reserve). Acknowledges assistance from Gresley, Clayton, Maunsell and Hughes. Not in Ottley? although other titles by Oliver/Socrates are.

 The following diagrams are from Handbook for railway steam locomotive enginemen