LMS Review

"...but it is the absence of freight traffic that means it is virtually impossible to recreate the steam railways of yesteryear. Therefore I believe the best way to recreate the steam railway in model form."

Bob Essery's observations to justify what is in effect a very expensive model railway magazine  are difficult to justify. The LMS as such had a very limited life span, yet parts of it rested upon structures in use since almost the beginning of railways and in many case are still in use; indeed many of these early "monuments" are being enhanced by making them essential elements of twenty-first century transport. Very recent (September 2014) travel over part of the Ediburgh & Glasgow Railway showed that the huge viaducts and deep cuttings hewn through dark basalt were still capable of intensive use and further service. KPJ is well aware that the LMS did not own this line, but that was an accident of history, and the service on which he was travelling could have been an LMS one as the Class 158 was heading  for Alloa from Edinburgh via Stirling: indeed KPJ is old enough to remember making such a journey in an LMS train. Models, no matter how well crafted, are a poor substitute for real rock, real steam, and hard sweat.

Chris Tumer and R.J. Essery. The Newport Pagnell branch. 2-17

David Hunt. Ex-LMS diesel-electrics 10000 and 10001 in 4mm. 18-23

David Hunt. A very fine 7mm scale model of ex-LMS No. 10000. 24-5

A road motor driver's daily round. 26
Six photographs taken from On Time December 1938 Issue

Mick Moore. Brake van variants in 4mm. 27-9

R.J. Essery. Colliery branches. 30-5.
To Bentinck, Donisthorpe, Mansfield Woodhouse, Arley and Kingsbury

Gerry Beale. Enhancing a Hornby Stanier 50ft 0in full brake. 36-7

LMS lineside. 37
Photograph of loading gauge

Shoscombe & Single Hill halt. 38

John Jennison. LMS tenders part I. The 'old standard' 3,500 gallon tenders. 39-62

Robin Whittle. The Bachmann Midland 4F. 64-70

LMS lineside. 71
Water crane at Wolverhampton High Level

Near Radlett No. 45612 Jamaica with 09.05 Sheffield to St. Pancras on 11 October 1952. E.D. Bruton. 72
Jubilee painted in mixed traffic livery: cf Marylebone to Sheffield trains hauled by A3 Pacifics

Keith Miles. Cummings 4-6-0s. Part I - The Superheated Goods. 73-7

Two years left. 78
Photographs of Rugby Midland on 15 August 1962 in its former squalour with D5079 performing capital intensive shunting with 1927-built corridor brake first M5014M

Cattle loading. 79
Into LMS cattle truck at Northampton in late 1930s (photograph)

Summer evening at Euston. 80
Down Travelling Post Office on 14 August 1946