Asssociation of Railway Preservation Societies
See J.C. Locke (Publicity Officer) Railway Wld, 1975, 36, 33

Birmingham Locomotive Club
Founded 1949. Publications on Industriial railways of East Midlands and Industriial railways of West Midlands both noted in Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 64. Became Industrial Railway Society

Great Eastern Railway Society
Programme of digitizing literature associated with railway

Great Western Railway Trust
Centre at Didcot contains both realia (locomotives & rolling stock) & library & archive

Industrial Railway Society

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Trust

LNWR Society
London & North Western Railway Society

Midland Railway Society

North Eastern Railway Association
Founded 1961: major publisher on all aspects of once great railway

Scottish Railway Preservation Society

Transport Ticket Society.