Eustace Alfred Phillipson

Remarkably although Phillipson's books command huge prices on, and some of them were available at Hertfordshire's New Barnfield book-store, there are no copies in third-world Norfolk. Thus it is difficult to establish whom he was, although he was clearly associated with servicing locomotives at Stratford from at least 1916 when he joined the ILoco E until the 1930s, See J. Instn Loco. Engrs, 1926, 16 pp.332 et seq for free snippet of info. Patent.:
GB 234561 Improvements relating to steam superheaters Applied 1 March 1924. Published 2 June 1925

Essays of a locomotive man. London, Locomotive Publishing Co.,[19 ]. [viii], 143 p. + front. + folding plate. .11 illus., 12 diagrs., 5 tables.
A collection of varied material from the Locomotive
Steam locomotive design: data and formulae. London, Locomotive Publishing Co., 1936. 444 p. + front. + 31 plates (incl. 30 folding). illus., 88 diagrs., 67 tables.
A textbook. Originally published in the Locomotive between 1929 and 1935. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 131. Available in digital form from Camden Miniature Services
The steam locomotive in traffic. London, Locomotive Publishing Co., [1949]. [iv] ,252 p., + iv p. adverts. + front. + 25 plates (incl. 17 folding). 64 illus., 55 diagrs., 8 tables, 3 plans.
Short extract in Hardy