Kevin actually reviewed No. 7 in this series and this was published in the Journal of the Railway & Canal Historical Society. He now observes that the published review failed to record that it is Railways in Retrospect 7. Furthermore the Author (Mullay) had contributed Number 4 Railways for the people: the Nationalisation of Britain's Railways in 1948 for which no review can be traced at present.

Starting with a clear amount of disc space should steamindex have had a series directory or page? Kevin has spent a lifetime of frustration with series. It possibly began with the Puffin Picture Books, moved on to Trains Annual, then the New Naturalist series and the Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain. One would obtain one volume and then think "how pleasant ít would be to acquire the whole lot. Shortage of funds and storage space always brought such dreams to a halt, but clearly publishers are aware of these cleptomanics and pander to them. In former times libraries could be relied upon to acquire full sets and on arrival in Norfolk Kevin was pleased to note that the County Library had a complete set of the New Naturalist, but this pattern was soon broken and the Regional Histories were never complete presumably due to the proximity of Norfolk to nowhere.

John Macnab's letter about the horrors of rail travel without bogies allerted KPJ to the lack of a series entry for Railways in Retrospect in spite of Kevin's alleged passiion for such. This is now corrected.