It is impossible to renew one's railcard online and as the Bittern Line lacks a station or any way to renew my card online I had to take the disgusting Sanders bus to Norwich after my card had expired. Ttravel up was free but the bus vibrates like a fairground ride: this may be partly due to Norfolk's roads (where a fortune has been wasted on an incomplete bypass for Norwich) which is not usable by the Sanders services. Norwich is a dismal town which claims city status and lacks signage (which ends at Cockfosters) and easy access for pedestrians to its "train" or "rail" station.

The useless Railcard website demands either a European identity card, a passport or a driving licence: none of which I now possess, albeit Railcard already has all my crucial deatils: date of birth, address, landline telephone and presumably my e-mail address (capable of giving me an automated reply).

The return journey was made in Gerard Fienes a single unit of even greater antiquity than the Sanders bus, but it was far more comfortable and the Swiss replacement with its excellent boarding fascility was going off to Yarmouth from the next platform and may be adding Sheringham to its wanderings next week. The weed killer train was standing in an adjacent weed-infested road.