Casserley: father & son

H.C. Casserley was an exceptionally persistent photographer, especially during the period between 1920 and 1951, and he covered an extraordinary mileage initially by train (there are charming photographs of his honeymoon taken in some unlikely locations in the Scottish Highlands, including one in a Pullman observation car, and later by car which features in many of the photographs. There are few historical features on either locomotives or obscure branch lines which do not include a few of his photographs..

Britain's joint lines. London, Ian Allan, 1968. 224pp. 233 illus., 11 tables.
Includes detailed notes and tabulated data on the locomotive stocks.

The historic locomotive pocketbook: from the "Rocket" to the end of steam. London, Batsford, 1960.256 p. 202 illus.
A chronological selection.

LNER steam, 1923-1948. Truro: Bradford Barton.
Some of the individual pages are noteworthy. Thus page 13 features the fully streamlined W1 No. 10000 passing Potters Bar golf course, and below it streamlined B17 No. 2870 City of London climbing Brentwood bank overhauling a B12 (No. 8540) on a slow train on 15 July 1939. Another page features the U1 2-8-8-2 Garratt at Wentworth Junction on 18 April 1947 above Sentinel railcar No. 265 Neptune on Durham Viaduct in May 1935. The location for the picture of No. 10000 was selected again for a picture of the Royal Train en route to Sandringham hauled by Royal Claud Hamilton No. 8783. Some of the best photographs occupy two pages: this includes that of a GNR 4-4-0 No. 4348 at Kirkby Stephen en route towards Stainmore.

Locomotive cavalcade, 1920-1951: a comprehensive review, year by year, of the changes in steam locomotive development and design which have taken place on the railways of the British Isles between the years 1920 and 1951.. Berkhamsted: Author, 1952. 216pp. + col. front. + 2 col. plates. 294 iIIus.
Originally began as series of six articles in Railway Magazine Vol. 96. Confined to work of author/photographer and ordered on a year-by-year basis. Several of the pictures were taken from the gardens of author's homes in Beckenham and then Berkhamsted. Colour frontispiece and two colour plates. It is not clear which of the colour material is based on colour photography (if any) and which was prepared from coloured images.
The observer's book of railway locomotives of Britain. London, Warne, rev. ed. 1960. 282 p. + 8 col. plates 243 iIIus. (Observer's pocket series No. 23).

Casserley, H.C. and Asher, L.L. Locomotives of British Railways. London, Spring Books, rev. ed. 1965. 428 p. 710 illus.
Originally published in four sections: one for each prenationalization railway
Casserley, H.C. and Asher, L.L. Locomotives of British Railways; London, Midland & Scottish group: a pictorial record. London, Andrew Dakers, 1955.114 p. 172 illus.
Casserley, H.C.. and Johnston, S.W.
Locomotives at the grouping: London, Midland and Scottish Railway. London, Ian Allan, 1966. 192 p. + 32 plates. 126 illus., 299 tables.
A 1923 stock list.