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The bulk of railway photographers were content to concentrate on photography, but many also assembled collections of their own work (or as in the case of Fenman published as a group) and a few contributed to railway literature in general, some (notably Casserley on a substantial scale).

Alexander, Philip M.
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain: Practicing architect based in Chippenham. Pictures date back to 1920s. Took still pictures during making of The Titfield Thunderbolt.

Allen, Ian Cameron
Educated Westminster School: friend of Hamilton Ellis. Qualified as a medical practitioner at St. Thomas' Hospital. Spent most of WW2 as army medical officer working on troopships. .Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain. Author of several compilations including 55 years of East Anglian steam (dedicated to Driver Bill Last).

Anderson, William (Bill) J.Verdun
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain: born Edinburgh on 28 March 1932. Educated at Rugby. Family paper mill business at Leslie in Fife. Marvellous pictures of Scottish trains. Died 23 September 1989. see also W.J.V. Anderson. Take four. in Rly Wld, 1967, 30, 162: Brief biograpphical note; cameras used and photographs taken in Britain, Spain, Switzerland and Finland and portrait of photographer..

Ashman, H. John
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Ballantyne, Hugh
Born 1934: died 29 March 2013 at Cannock Hospital, following a stroke. Lawyer who was Company Solicitor to the ATS tyre shop business. Lived in Eccleshall, Staffordshire. Excellent photographer and compiler of Steam in Colour series published by Jane's Transport Press with outstanding picture quality. Backtrack, 2013, 27, 381.
Eastern steam in colour. 1986
London Midland steam in colour. 1984
Scottish steam in colour. 1987
Southern steam in colour. 1985

Barrett, Richard Henry
Very early railway photographer whose premises adjoined the Gloucester railway viaduct. Photographs of broad gauge locomotives. Previously considered to be work of R.E. Bleasdale, but he merely saved the collection. Parkhouse, Ian.The braod gauge at Gloucester, Rly Arch., 2010 (27), 2.

Bassingdale, J.T.
Colour transparencies taken in July 1956 at Gloucester (Backtrack, 2013, 27, 224) and at Grantham (Backtrack, 2014, 28, 155)

Bruton, Eric Duncan
Autobiographical material (he was born in 1917 and died on 15 May 2002). His negatives are held at NRM.  Included in: Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain. Also an appreciation by Bob Essery in LMS Journal, (2), 26.

Budden, T.F.
Minnis, John. Dr T.F. Budden in Cambridge, 1889: steam locomotive studies from the dawn of snapshot photography. Br. Rly J., 1990, 4, 108-9.
Tice Budden acquired a Kodak camera which took 100 2½in diameter circular photographs and was then returned to the company for processing. Four of these early snaps are reproduced and show a Stirling 2-2-2 No. 229 on a service to King's Cross, a LNWR Special DX 0-6-0 No. 1742 on a train for Bletchley. and two GER Sinclair Class Y 2-4-0s Nos. 361 and 372. The short article also notes Budden's contribution to the photography of moving trains and the significance of T.F. Budden and R. Bucknall's Railway Memories (1947): Ottley 7866 which cites the authors in the reverse order and notes that 204 of Budden's photographs were included in the book published by the Authors. A fuirther illustration of GNR 2-4-0 No, 206 probably shows the photographer looking at the locomotive in Cambridge Station (information from Walter Bell of the Locomotive Publishing Co.)

Carrier, Frank
Frank Carrier was born in 1900 and died in 1952. Following military service in WW1 he joined the Midland Railway at Derby Works, and eventually worked in the locomotive drawing office. The picture of the Beyer Garratt with dynamometer car and passenger rolling stock demonstrates his priviledged position. His son Michael shown in photograph of Coronation died in 2006. Collection housed Kidderminster Railway Museum.
Postle, David  and Kidderminster Railway Museum. The Frank Carrier Photograph Collectlon. Rly Arch., 2009 (23) 25-34.

Casserley, Henry C.
Important record photographer both of locomotives and of branch lines. Much of his travel was by car (which features in many of his photographs). His wife also features in many of the earlier pictures, including many taken on their honeymoon, including ones taken in the Pullman observation car Maid of Morvern on the Oban line. . See: Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain. Much of his output was recorded both in articles and in books Tribute from R.C. Riley (Br. Rly. J., 1992, (40), 11.).
Locomotive cavalcade. Berkhamsted: Author, 1952. 216pp. col. front. 2 col. plates.
The fronispiece is based on eight colour/coloured photographs. One of the plates of a former HR Ben in LMS crimson must be a coloured photograph. The other may be an early colour photgraph, an SECR 4-4-0 taken in 1938, but is more probably hand-coloured. Each year between 1920 and 1951 is allocated a Chapter. All the photographs were by the author. Sadly his descriptive skills were not great: he merely described the MGNJR livery as yellow..

Coles, C. R. Lewis
Joined Kodak in 1927. Admmitted to Railway Photographic Society in 1930s. .Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Coltas, Gordon
Explained his working methods in Br. Rly J. LMS Special Ed., 1988, p. 19 et seq

Cowan, S. T.
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Cross, Derek
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain. KPJ: Father (who supplied him with lineside permits) had a very high opinion of Derek Cross for his charm and courtesy.

Davenport, Jim
First encountered his photographs through Bill Hobson at Delph Junction signal box. Jeffrey Wells (Backtrack, 2011, 25, 314) notes that worked at Lees shed which accounts for many photographs of Delph Donkey.

Dodds, William Harvey
Born in Nottingham in about 1830; he had a business in Wolverhampton in 1862 where he photographed a boiler explosion at Millfield Ironworks, Bilston; in 1868 he had a business in Banbury (where he photographed LNWR 2-2-2 and 2-4-0 locomotives); in 1879 he was declared bankrupt; but must have recovered as he was subsequently in business in Sheffield. The photographs are of London & North Western Railway (LNWR) locomotives and the first and third were probably taken at Banbury and consist solely of the locomotive: See Rly Archive, 2012, (35), 56.

Earley, Maurice W.
Born in Reading. Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Edgington, T. John
Former railwayman who took many record photographs in colour and appears to have a highly organized collection.

Gifford, Colin
Excellent series in Steam World: see also letter from XXX

Gilks, John Spencer
Mainly associated with record photgraphs in Backtrack: see autobiographical article therein: 2010, 24, 284.

Groom, Bernard Wren
Born in June 1791 and based in Cambridge: see Rly Arch., 2012 (76), 71.

Hebron, F.R.
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Heiron, George F.
Photographer and artist. Born in Bristol in 1929. Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain. See also Rly Wld, 1967, 28, 292.

Hepburn, T. Gordon
Born 11 February 1905. worked in coal trading in Nottingham. .Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Hepburne-Scott, D.M.C.
One of the Fenman group of photographers: public school teacher: sadly his death in June 1992 was due to being murdered. . Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain
David Hepburne-Scott appreciation
. Richard Ray. John Coiley. Steam Wld, 1992 (62) 34-8.
Obituary notice: subject was a superb photographer and physics teacher and housemaster at Westminster School. Portrait and illus. both colour and b&w. He was a perfectionist who demanded sunshine, and tended not to take pictures in winer. Neither writer nots that subject was murdered.

Herbert, C.C.B. [Cyril]
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain. Joined LNER in 1925: favoured the Leica..

Hopwood, Harold L.
See Rly Archive Number Issue 18 page 31: Harold Hopwood was born in 1881 and joined the Great Northern Railway in January 1897, becoming a clerk in the Locomotive Department in 1902. In July 1907 he was moved to the Train Running Section at King's Cross and following the Grouping he was moved to Liverpool Street before returning to King's Cross. He was a founder member of the Railway Club. He died in 1927: obituary Rly Mag., 1927 June. Arman also relates how he obtained the collection of prints and it is noted that the glass photographic plates are held by the Locomotive Club of Great Britain as part of the Ken Nunn Collection. Michael Hardy (letter Issue 19 p. 70) states that death was on 23 April 1927, citing Locomotive Magazine for 14 May 1927). Also notes that Hopwood advertised his prints for sale in Locomotive Magazine in 1904. Also records that Steam in camera 1898-1959 (Ottley 10465) records the movement of the Hopwood collection by Ken Nunn and Bernard Maycoack..

Hocquard, Paul
In 1961 purchased a pre-1939 Leica and took about 8000 negatives leading to 500 acceptable pictures: some reproduced with a portrait of photographer in Rly Wld, 1967, 28, 198.

Kennedy, John
Mainly recorded Irish railways and locomotives. Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

McFall, Clifford
LNER employee probably based in Newcastle: see Backtrack, 1999, 11, 102.

Malan, A.H.
Recorder of the broad gauge on the GWR. See: Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Mensing, Michael
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Moore, F.

Morris, O.J.
Baker states that he was a devout Roman Catholic who specialised in photographing Southern locomotives. Lived in a state of chaos, and greatly assisted Ian Allan in starting his railway publishing business.
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain
O.J. Morris's Southern Railways 1919-1959. Lawrence Marshall, Middleton. Reviewed Neil Parkhouse in Archive, 1997 (16).
Includes a six page introduction to this photographer's work, mainly in recording locomotives.

Morrison, Brian
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Mowat, Charles

Murphy, Rex
Irish: recorded Cork area in 1920s and 30s. Work appeared in Rly Mag. IRRS. .Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Murray, David
Ireland: first photographs 1946. Active member IRRS. .Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Norton, D.J.
Born in Birmingham in 1930. Started photography in 1947. Married in 1959. Moved to Ledbury in 1963. Died in August 1965. See LMS J., 2008, 85th Anniversary Issue, 2 (page 7: see box for appreciation by his son). Major collection of his work compiled by Bob Essery reviewed MJS in Backtrack, 2010, 24, 126.

Nunn, Ken (Kenneth Adrian Clement Roper)
Ken Nunn was born in Broadstairs on 3 September 1891, but his family moved to Brentwood. He was educated at St. John's School in Leatherhead and in 1910 joined the accounts section of the GER at Liverpool Street. He was badly gassed at the second battle of Mons and was invalided out in 1916. He took a long time to recover, but was eventually able to rejoin the GER and following the grouping moved to King's Cross. He married in 1931 and moved to Wembley. Before his retirement in 1952 he worked for George Dow at Marylebone in the PR Department. He took both official and his own photographs using a heavy reflex camera with glass plates. He was a great believer in recording his photographic work, and that of his brother Cyril D.E. Roper-Nunn. He used Cayenne as a pseudonym. He was active in most of the major railway societies and was a founder member of the Locomotive Club of Great Britain. Died 8 April 1965.. Obituary Rly Wld, 1965, 26, 242.

Pearsall, Alan and Ian

Peters, Ivo
Best known for his photographic and cinematic studies of the Somerset & Dorset line. The significance of Peters' photographs. including moving images, is intelligently observed by noted by Neil Burgess in the defunct LMS Journal No. 38 p. 42 et seq,who also notes that Peters livded in Royal Crescent in Bath, had the means to use high quality equipment and has a road named after him in Bath. ,See Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain. Obituary by R.C. Riley in Br. Rly J., 1989, 3, (27) 352. Friends included Dick Riley and Norman Lockett

Pigg, J.I.
Author of book on photography reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1907, 13, 74.
Pilcher, Percy William
Born in 1866. Many photographs taken from 1892 when he was a teacher at Shrewsbury School. See warm review by Michael Blakemore (Backtrack, 2008, 22, 638) of collection compiled by LNWR Society

Pouteau, Ernest
Born in Alderney with name Pouteaux, but dropped the "x". Died 14 November 1932 aged 70.  Vendor of photogarphs ratther than a photographer
The Railway Photographs of E. Pouteau. Part 1.
John Alsop. Rly Arch., 2004, (1) 26-46.
Biography of Pouteau and account of his postcard retailing operation, with lists. Railways South East The Album page 67 has photograph by "A. Pouteau of London & Blackwall Railway locomotive at North Greenwich. Pouteau's work was described by Kite in British Railways Journal, Number 52 page 110. In addition to the tabulated ilustrations there were reproductions of advertising material. Part 2 Issue 2 page 73

Ransome-Wallis, Patrick
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Reynolds, W.J.
An appreciation by  Kenneth H. Leech. Railway Wld, 1958, 19, 24. Never happier than when photographing locomotives.Everyone called him "Josh," and always in friendship. He was, indeed, a most lovable. person, with his cheery smile and eager enthusiasm, and his ready sense of delight. Railways, and especially steam locomotives, were the. objects of his greatest interest, but his frequent attendance at classical concerts at the Festival Hall, and at rugger matches at Twickenham gave evidence of other interests near to his heart. His professional career was spent with Longmans, Green and Co., Ltd., the well-known publishers, where. he was production manager for many years; and in this field his profound knowledge and artistic acumen made him a very highly regarded authority.
No one would ever have taken him for a veteran of 74 years of age, Slight in build, active in body and bubbling over with the enthusiasm of youth, he looked, indeed, far younger; and until a year or so ago he used certainly to tire out at least one, of his friends, many years younger than he, with his eager energy, still there to .be called on even after a long day. He was the son of a farmer, whose farm at Potters Bar now lies submerged beneath the advance of London suburbia. The circumstances of his childhood undoubtedly evoked in him the great love of animals which remained with him through life: and the Great Northern main line, running alongside the farm, was his first, and greatest, love, though his school years at Brighton brought a strong rival into being, the L.B. & S.C.R., with its Stroudley and early Billinton locomotives.
As time. went on, his railway interest expanded to cover;all Britain, and he ranged far and wide in building up the wonderful and unique collection of locomotive portraits, of which a selection has appeared in the Railway World during the past months. These have formed .for many years probably the main source of photographs of British locomotives, and the fact that only rarely were they credited to him used sometimes to ruffle him the least bit.
Over his lifetime, Josh enjoyed the friendship of several generations of enginemen, starting with Sam Watson, who drove the G.N.R. 8 foot single, No. 774 for 16 years, and there are not a few top-link drivers, still at work or just retired, who will feel with his many other friends a deep sense of loss in his death. His photographs were reproduced in Rly Wld:
Part 4 (1956, 17, 231)
Part 9: 1957, 18, 69
Part 11: 1957, 18, 147

Riley, Richard C. [Dick]
Author of the section on photography in the Oxford Companion. Marvellous collection of colour photographs by him, taken earlier than by most, other than by Eric Bruton. Highly articulate: frequent writer of letters and contributor of short articles. Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain
Steam in England: the classic colour photography of R.C. Riley by Rodney Lissenden with contributions by Dick Hardy, Nicholas Owen and Christine Riley. Hersham: Ian Allan, 2009.
Christine, the photographer's widow provides a short memoir which notes the year of his death (2009), his employer (Glyn, Mills & Co., bankers), their two sons, grandchildren and Army service during WW2

Rixon, Geoffrey
Died 18 December 2013. Geoff's railway photography had been a splendid resource for magazine and book illustrations for as long as Chris Leigh could remember. He was always willing to look out material on request and was a great person to deal with. He was apprenticed as a cabinet maker at Associated Commercial Cars Ltd (AC Cars) at Thames Ditton and did much of the woodwork inside the five diesel railbuses which the company built at its Taggs Island factory. During the time that Leigh owned W79976, Geoff sent him copies of his photographs showing how the railbus bodies were extricated from the tiny factory. He will be best known and remembered for his colour photos of the Southern Region - Bulleid 'Pacifics' in the SW London suburbs and out into Surrey.

Russell, Patrick. Steam in camera, 1898-1959. London: Ian Allan, 1972. 128pp.
Includes plates from his brother and photographs by Harold Hopwood and R.P. Angus Lewis. Portrait of Ken Nunn. Some of the photographs are exceedingly interesting: e.g. Stumpf Uniflow S2 4-6-0 on Heaton shed on 14 May 1920
Russell, Patrick. Steam in camera, 1898-1960. London: Ian Allan, 1981. 112pp.
Again some of the photographs are exceedingly interesting: on pp. 70-1 one has Llanelly & Myndd Mawr 0-6-0T Hudsweell Clarke 0-6-0T Merkland, Taff Vale Railway 0-6-0 No. 359, Brecon & Merthyr 0-6-0ST No. 8 and Cardiff Railway 0-6-0T No. 7 with a push & pull set. Neither book is indexed.

Shoesmith, Peter
Born in Cippenham, 1930. Mainly LMS/LMR in Midlands. Suffered a stroke in 1990..Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Smith, George W.
Pre-WW1 photographer who continued after; used heavy plate camera recording L&YR and early LMS from his home near Moston: see Backtrack, 2014, 28, 163 (one of pictures contains photographer)

Soole, G.H.
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Stephen, Ranald D.
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain was unaware that Stephen had published autobiographical material about himself in books publshed by Bradford Barton. See review of Steam supreme in Rly Wld, 1980, 41, 491.

Stephenson, Brian
Brief biograpphical note and portrait; camera used and photographs taken in Britain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Germany.Brian Stephenson. Take four. Rly Wld, 1969, 30, 72-5.

Stretton-Ward, H.J.
See Hendry, especially pp. 136-9 for this photographer's work in recording the Talyllyn Railway: died on 28 May 1958 (long association with RCTS) see Rly Wld, 1958, 19, 224. Also took cine film see Loco. Mag., 1932, 38, 446

Tidey, H. Gordon
Wonderful photographs of old LNWR trains, but none included in Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain.KPJ's favourites are those taken of trains leaving Oxenholme on the climb to Grayrigg.  Born in 1879: from 1900 devoted one week per annum to railway photography..

Treacy, Eric
He was born in Willesden on 2 June 1907 and died on 13 May 1978 at Appleby station whilst photography a steam special. He was educated at Haberdashers' Aske's and excelled at sport, including boxing. He became a committed Christian following holidays in Norfolk. He worked for Toc H teaching boxing to boys from poverty-stricken backgrounds. He became an Anglican cleric who eventually became Bishop of Wakefield. Mainly interested in the scenic aspect of railway photography and David Jenkinson published several articles in Backtrack which sought to extend the captions for much of the best of Treacy's work which frequently suffers from a lack of this crucial information. Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain. Several compilations available. Being a bishop ensured an ODNB entry (by John A. Hargreaves). One of the best collections is The best of Eric Treacy. Nairn: David & Charles, 1994. (compiled by David St John Thomas and Patrick Whitehouse (who died before the work was completed and aided by John Edgington and David Johnson)).

Vincent, Roy E.
Staff photographer on the LNER/Eastern Region: took some magnificent photographs on the Great Eastern section, notably on Brentwood Bank. Not in Baker's Taking the strain. Early colour photograph taken in September 1948 reproduced in Steam World, 2006 (234) pp. 62-3.

Walker, Colin
See letters from his son, Martin Walker and John Massey in Steam World, 2006 (227) p. 28: former gives much personal information. Latter records his bibliography.

Walwyn, Gordon
Photographer of former North Staffordshire Railway area from 1920s: see Rly Arch., 2009 (25) 49.

Wethersett, E.R.
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

White, Ron
At last the man behind Colour-Rail has come to the surface with the appearance of a book under his name (LNER locomotives in colour). He has done more than anyone else to ensure the preservation of colour images from the early days of railway colour photography. His book contains a colour portrait of the wonderful chap.

Whitehouse, P.B.
Baker, Michael H.C. Taking the strain

Whitworth, W.H.
Photographer: sometimes difficult to find photographs of photographers: see Talbot's Illustrated history of LNWR engines Plate 375. Obituary by W.J. Reynolds and photograph of him: see Rly Wld, 1957, 18, 189..