David Maidment

Great Western eight coupled heavy freight locomotives. Barnsley: Pen and Sword Transport, 2015. 192pp.
From Dean To Hawksworth
The Great Western heavy freight 2-8-0s
The Great Western heavy freight tank locomotives
The Churchward 4700 class 2-8-0s;  
The GWR ROD 2-8-0s
The Swindon-built Stanier 8F 2-8-0s
The American S160 2-8-0s on loan to the GWR;
The WD Austerity 2-8-0s;
The Port Talbot Railway 0-8-2 tanks and the Barry Railway 0-8-0s and 0-8-2 tanks;
Locomotives proposed for GWR heavy freight but not built

Great Western large wheeled outside framed 4-4-0 tender locomotives 'Atbara', 'Badminton', 'City' and 'Flower' Classes. Barnsley: Pen and Sword Transport, 212 pp.
Reviewed by SDW in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 637:
"To match the splendid pictorial aspect of the book the author tells a comprehensive story. The legacy of Joseph Armstrong is considered, Dean's magnificent 'singles' take their place and then the majority of the book is devoted to the influence and work of G.J. Churchward. For each of the four principal classes the author backs up the superb illustrations with consideration of the design, construction and operation of the locomotives...The book boasts a splendid appendix of dimensions, weight diagrams and miscellaneous statistics, a pertinent bibliography and a comprehensive index."

Southern Railway Maunsell moguls & tank locomotive classes. Pen & Sword Books l.td., 235pp
Reviewed in Backtrack by JC