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This page previously contained two major errors, and two major omissions: the paper with Adams was presented to the Institution of Civil Engineers; most of the patents previously listed were invented by John Pettigrew (was he a relative?) and the paper presented to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Pettigrew's extensive book were missing. 

Adams, William and William Frank Pettigrew. (Paper 2755)
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Trials on LSWR between Waterloo and Bournemouth and beteen Waterloo and Exeter: extensive data
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Contributed to Proc. Instn mech. Engrs, 1904, 945-6 following Churchward's description of the stationary testing plant at Swindon to note that on the FR performance was measured through tests in service.

Manual of locomotive engineering. 3rd edition. London: Griffin. 1909. 356pp.
Ottley 2994. Many illustrations. 2nd edition reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1901, 6, 202. First edition reviewd by Sekon in Rly Mag., 1899, 4, 319-20,. Available as e-book from Transport Treasures

. Improvements in and connected with the latches of railway carriage doors, with Walter Reuben Preston. Applied 3 July 1907. Published 2 July 1908.

Marshall notes that Pettigrew was born in Glasgow on 24 January 1858 and died in Redhill (Surrey) on 22 January 1941. He was educated at Wolvesey Palace School in Winchester, Finsbury Technical College and University College, London. In 1874 he began a five-year pupilage under Adams and subsequently under Massey Bromley at Stratford Works. From 1879 he worked on hydraulic cranes at Millwall and (for his father) on marine engine on the Clyde before returning to Stratford where he became a draughtsman and eventually an assistant works manager under Worsdell and then under Holden. In March 1886 he was appointed works manager at Nine Elms on the LSWR under his old chief Adams. In 1896 Pettigrew became Locomotive, Carriage & Wagon superintendent of Furness Railway where he initiated locomotive design for the company. He retired on 31 March 1918. For (later) retirement presentation see Loco. Mag...1918, 24, 156. His work for the FR included the construction of at least two boats: a chain ferry for the service to Walney Island (Rly Mag., 10, 550) and a vessel for Lake Coniston (Rly Mag., 23, 83).Robinson, Peter. The Wartime crisis on the Furness Railway. Part Two. Backtrack, 2005, 19, 758-63 notes that there was considerable friction between Pettigrew and Rutherford and that this led to Pettigrew's early retirement.

He is mentioned in Rly Mag (1898, 3, 121) Illustrated Interview of Alfred Alslett
Had his own Illustrated Interview in Rly Mag., 1901, 8, 1.
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